Why we buy stamps and stamp collections

Selling stamps isn’t always easy.

It’s a highly-specialist area which is often confusing and complex to understand.

In our experience, this is especially true for novices who may have inherited a treasured collection.

At Warwick & Warwick, we fully appreciate these complexities and do everything possible to simplify the selling process.

Since our foundation in 1958, we’ve established ourselves as a leading international philatelic trader.

We buy stamps from across the UK and around the world – and use our expertise to help owners sell their items for the best possible price.

Our experts are known for their in-depth knowledge and we’re proud members of the Philatelic Traders Society of London and the American Stamp Dealers Association of New York.

Boasting a reputation that’s second to none on both sides of the globe, we always abide by the strict ethical codes laid down by these associations during the stamp buying process.

When we buy stamps, we use a technique known as a ‘Private Treaty Sale’, where items are sold to us outright for an offer based on a fair and accurate current market valuation.

Usually, this type of sale appeals more to novices and conservative collectors, who don’t want their cherished items to face the uncertainty of a stamp auction or online sale.

It’s also one of the best ways to get as close as possible to the ‘retail’ price. This is achievable because we have an extensive database of stamp collectors looking to acquire items from the UK, Europe and around the world.

Enlist our expertise and you can be confident your items will be meticulously researched so we can provide a valuation which is 100% accurate and in line with current market values.

We believe this approach is good for you as a seller because…

  • You know exactly how much you’ll receive
  • You won’t incur any commission charges or seller’s fees
  • You get excellent value for money
  • You get complete peace of mind

This approach is also good for us as a buyer because…

  • We acquire unique items of interest on a regular basis
  • We maintain and enhance our reputation as philatelic specialists
  • We keep pace with purchase requirements of our customer database

Whenever we buy stamps, we adopt an honest and professional approach. If your items are only worth very little, we won’t be afraid to tell you so.

Whilst some dealers charge for a detailed valuation, or will only provide one if they have first option to buy, we offer free stamp valuations with no obligation to sell.

We do this because our philatelic experts want to help people who own unique or rare items appreciate how important they are and how much they could be worth.

We’d also prefer to see beautiful stamps proudly displayed by an enthusiastic collector rather than locked away in a cupboard or loft.

If you’ve acquired or inherited a stamp or collection that you want to be appraised, we buy stamps of all shapes and sizes – and we’d love to take a look.

Please get in touch or call 01926 499031 for an informal discussion about the best way to receive a valuation.

We buy any stamps!

At Warwick & Warwick, we buy stamps and any historical postal-related items from around the world.

If you have a collection, any single philatelic items or accumulations, we’ll almost certainly be interested to take a look at them.

The list of philatelic items we buy includes:

  • 1920-1950 Great Britain Airmail flights
  • 1937 Coronation Commonwealth Covers
  • 1935 Silver Jubilee
  • 1948 Silver Wedding
  • Pre-1952 First Day Covers
  • Pre-1960 royalty covers
  • 1952-1970 Illustrated covers
  • 1953 Coronation or Railway Cover Collections
  • 1971-1977 Illustrated covers
  • Benham Covers – Early Woodcut or signed covers
  • Buckingham Covers.
  • Channel Islands World War II Collections
  • Chinese stamps – all types and ages
  • Cinderella material
  • Commonwealth Stamps – singles, covers, booklets and collections
  • Concorde covers
  • Errors – missing colours, colour shifts, imperfs etc
  • Foreign Stamps – collections, singles, covers, booklets, etc
  • Great Britain Stamps – collections, singles, covers, booklets, etc
  • Maritime stamps and covers
  • Imprimaturs – specimen and cancelled overprints
  • Old postal orders, postcards or postcard albums
  • Postal history – all grade and levels
  • Proofs, essays, trials
  • RAF collections or single items
  • Printers sample books
  • Single rare covers.
  • Telegraph stamps
  • Victoria Cross signature covers
  • Victorian era scrap books
  • Worldwide – Old envelopes, card, covers, collections, singles, booklets, etc

Even if your item is not mentioned on the list above, we can still provide a free valuation – please contact us for more details.

Or read our How to Sell Your Stamp Collection guide before making an informed decision.

How to get a stamp valuation

Whether your collection is worth a few pounds or many thousands, our in-house experts will give it their undivided professional attention.

We believe this is the best way to ensure you get a fair, honest and reliable valuation.

This service is provided free of charge, with no obligation to sell.

The 3 main ways to get a stamp valuation are:

  • Bring your item to an Advisory Day
  • Visit one of our offices in person
  • Arrange a home visit

Most valuations are carried out in our Warwick showrooms, where our experts can refer to a library of technical books, previous sale catalogues and a database of information concerning recent realisations and sale prices.

Visit our stamp valuations page for more details and information.

5 reasons to sell your stamps to us

1. Trusted for decades

Established in 1958, we offer friendly, professional and useful advice on the best way to achieve the maximum return possible.

2. Distinguished reputation

We are a member of the Philatelic Traders Society of London and the American Stamp Dealers Association of New York – meaning our reputation is second to none on each side of the globe.

3. Fair, accurate & expert valuations

As a major philatelic trader, we buy stamps from across the UK, Europe and around the world. To avoid wasting your time and ours’s, we always provide accurate valuations based on the latest market values.

4. Top prices paid

We are able to pay “top market prices” because we have a database of specialist buyers who are lined up waiting to acquire new and unique philatelic items.

5. Home visits available

Our experts travel extensively all over the UK and we can easily arrange for very bulky or valuable collections to be appraised and valued in your home – for free.

The buying process

At Warwick & Warwick, we make selling your stamps easy with a simple six-step buying process…

Step 1: Our experts will assess, analyse and research your item or collection.

Step 2: An accurate and fair current market value will be determined.

Step 3: The amount is guaranteed and any sale is underwritten by Warwick and Warwick.

Step 4: You can choose to accept or decline our valuation.

Step 5: Should you accept, the next step is to sign a pink instruction form so that a cheque can be sent out, normally as soon as this slip is received.

Step 6: The Private Treaty Sale is not subject to any deductions or commissions.

The benefits of selling your stamps to us

  • 100% independent company – no links to dealers
  • We buy stamps for the very best rates
  • Large cash reserves available
  • Bespoke service from friendly, reliable experts
  • No stamp collection is too large or small
  • Nocommissions, hidden charges or delays
  • Valuation price always honoured
  • Hassle-free way to sell your stamps
  • No uncertainty or risk of items not selling
  • Fast and efficient payment

Enlist our help & get a valuation

If you’ve inherited or acquired a stamp or collection, we’ll be happy to provide you a free and accurate valuation – please get in touch or call 01926 499031 to make an appointment.

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