Pretty Stamps for Wedding Invitations

Stamps for wedding invitations are often overlooked, but it’s a little detail that pulls together the whole design. Let’s avoid any ugly stamps for your oh-so-pretty paper, ok?

At the time of this post, custom stamps have been discontinued. Fear not, future bride (or groom!) there are still tons of options for good looking wedding invitation stamps.

Buying Stamps for Wedding Invitations

Trust me on this: Ordering stamps in bulk from is the easiest way to buy stamps. Otherwise, you’re waiting in a post office line to sift through a binder of what’s available – often not 100 of the better looking stamps. When you buy stamps online, they usually arrive in 1-2 weeks and shipping is $1.85. Do it, you can thank me later.

Pro tip: If you’re using a traditional RSVP card with a reply envelope, you’ll need to buy enough stamps to cover that postage along with the mailing envelopes.

Pretty USPS Stamps

The selection of stamps you can buy through USPS is always changing, but here are some of the ones I’m loving right now for wedding invitations!

Floral Stamps

These are probably the most “traditional” stamps for wedding invitations. The two on bottom have been my go-to stamps for my full service invitation clients for the last couple of years. The top two came out recently and I like that they’re a little more modern!

The boutonniere versions are perfect for RSVP envelopes. You can also use them on your mailing envelopes if your entire invitation suite is under one ounce. If you have a heavier suite with double envelopes, multiple inserts, ribbon, wax seals, etc – opt for the two-ounce stamp which is currently 70 cents.

Other USPS Options

USPS just came out with a bunch of new options (yay!), but that also meant they discontinued some old favorites. Keep reading to see how to find the “retired” stamps online!

I’m digging these abstract art stamps for a couple reasons! I love that it’s highlighting a female artist. They have a modern feel and are somewhat neutral, so could be paired with a variety of invitation designs.

These outdoor-sy stamps are new and really cool if you’re a couple that loves to travel, having a destination wedding, or are just nature lovers. The scenes are colorful and peaceful; the canoe design truly sparks joy for me!

Retired Stamps

Like I mentioned above, with new stamps means USPS will discontinue, or retire, other designs.

BUT – you can buy USPS’s retired stamps on Amazon. Forever stamps are good, well forever. You can expect to pay a little more than face value, some are more expensive than others.

A few of my favorites:

  • These floral Love stamps are my favorite USPS has ever sold. I used them on every wedding invitation order I could and was super bummed when they discontinued them. They’re cheerful and the perfect way to add a fun detail to your invitation envelopes!
  • These Love stamps are a close second. Blue in color, fun font, and an airplane – these were made for wedding invitations!
  • I love the colors in the berry stamp collection. They’re also a bit smaller than the typical stamp, with a dainty feel. I still have a small secret stash of these I’m holding onto!
  • Tropical vibes or plant lovers – these fern stamps are made for you! So fun for a boho wedding.
  • Nothing says wedding like floral and these sets have such variety! Another I used frequently and was sad to see retired. These are pretty pricey through Amazon, but I wanted to share them just in case they’re available elsewhere!
  • These air mail stamps have such a vintage vibe and are perfect for an industrial wedding! I used them for my Christmas cards last year because I wanted red, but couldn’t bear the cheesy holiday stamps.

After looking at all of these, I’m really wanting to start a petition to bring the good ones back! I have no idea why USPS only keeps such a limited selection available at a time. #wewantprettystamps

Vintage Stamps for Wedding Invitations

If it’s in your budget and you want something really pretty, I recommend vintage stamps! These are old, unused stamps and Etsy is a great place to find them.

You’ll have to order in the increments that add up to the actual postage you need. For example, if your mailing envelope is under one ounce, you’ll need 55 cents worth of postage so you could use four stamps – 25 cents, 15 cents, 8 cents, 7 cents. Make sense? (Cracking myself up over here, sorry!)

One of my very favorite shops for vintage stamps is VerdeStudio on Etsy. She’ll even put together a curated collection for you in your color palette or theme! I’ve also ordered from Little Postage House and other Etsy shops!

Speciality Stamps

If you’re mailing anything over an ounce, you will need to add additional postage. I always recommend taking one, fully assembled invitation suite to the post office you’ll mail from and have them weigh it for you. It would be a less than awesome experience to have all your invitations returned for insufficient postage.

Square envelopes require this special stamp. Basically, a mail machine “reads” envelopes and knows which way is up by the length of the sides. Since a square’s sides are all the same size, it has to be sorted manually and that cost is passed on to the mailer.

Postcards require only 35 cents of postage to mail, a definite favorite for save the dates and RSVP cards. Currently USPS only has this design available and because it’s not very fitting with most wedding themes, often couples choose a prettier 55 cent stamp anyway.

Did you have any idea there were so many options for stamps for wedding invitations? If you’ve found another stamp you love, let me know in the comments below!

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