Cute or Pretty? Analyzing the Contrast

Cute or Pretty? Analyzing the Contrast

You’re judged based on your age, body shape, facial aesthetics, and the way you dress up. There’s no denying that someone with an attractive personality and body is adored by everyone whether it’s their teachers, friends, or family.

Research also shows that babies are more likely to have a friendly attitude toward those having an attractive appearance.

There are different names, like cute, beautiful, and pretty, that we give to define the attractiveness and beauty of the other person. What is the difference between being cute and being pretty?

The thing that is common in cuteness and prettiness is that they come from the outside. A woman with a stern personality can be pretty but not cute. She may be attractive but not necessarily beautiful. While someone is cute when you get attracted to them due to their sweetness, actions, or their lively behavior. Cuteness isn’t bound to only humans, instead a cat, a puppy, or a nicely wrapped gift can also look cute.

If you want to see an in-depth comparison of both, I’d recommend you to keep reading the article.

So, let’s get into it…

How Do You Know You’re Cute?

The definition of cuteness varies from person to person. What you may find cute, other people may find ugly. So, it’s possible that you may not agree with the attributes of cuteness described here.

  • Wearing less makeup
  • Childish face
  • Short height
  • Adorable actions
  • Not so sexually attractive
  • You can older and be cute
  • Smiling face
  • Inner sweetness
  • Innocent

If you’ve some of these characteristics, you can consider yourself cute.

Another way to track down if you’re cute or not is to observe how long someone is looking at you. Research on cuteness shows that people will spend extra time looking at someone with a cute baby face.

Let’s take a look at few sentences that may elaborate the use of term “cute”

Sentences on Word Cute

  • Linda sounded really cute.
  • You look cute when you’re sleepy.
  • I sent her a cute mini cake.

Cute, Pretty, Or Hot – Who Do Guys Prefer?

Cute vs. Hot vs. Pretty
Cute vs. Pretty vs. Hot

This totally depends on guys’ inclination. And let me tell you that every guy isn’t the same, so are their preferences.

Men having ego problems may go for the women who lift their egos. Most of them find hot women demanding and entitled. Also, if they’re interested in short-term connections, they would choose hot women any day.

In case, guys are looking to make a relationship that goes a long way, they’re more likely to prefer women who boost their mood and make them feel good. It shouldn’t be a concern if she’s sexually attractive or not. In this scenario, the cute or pretty woman would be the more sane choice.

Their recent experience also counts. The guy who has been ditched by a hot girl, might choose a cute or pretty girl.

However, at the end of the day what makes women more attractive is their inner beauty that stays forever.

What Is The Difference Between Pretty And Beautiful?

The majority of people fail to differentiate between pretty and beautiful. Some believe being pretty and being cute is the same thing, which isn’t true.

Beautiful is a more whole term that includes that a woman is charming, fun, caring, and full of life. It’s your heart and loving personality that make you beautiful. While prettiness is how a woman is looking from the outside. It’s more general to be pretty than beautiful.

Pretty Vs. Beautiful

It’s somehow true that a beautiful person will automatically look pleasing to your eyes. It’s true that some women have both traits.

You can’t deny that whether a woman is pretty or beautiful, she must be attractive. Over time the definition of beauty has evolved. It’s to be believed that when it comes to women, having long hair and big eyes reflect beauty.

I believe Society has a major role in making us believe how to perceive beauty. In the present time, social media has introduced everyone to a new definition of beauty which is mostly based on reflecting fake perfectionism in your life that is almost impossible to achieve. However, you must believe that you’re beautiful in your own way with unique features.

What it means to be beautiful? The video tells everything.

Are you beautiful or pretty?

What Makes A Girl Hot Vs. What Makes A Girl Cute?

This table shows what makes a girl cute vs. hot.

Cute Vs. Hot

Pretty Vs. Cute

Both the words pretty and cute have the longest history in the English language. Let’s have a look at their origin and meaning:

WordsOrigin YearMeaning
Pretty vs. Cute


Lorenz (ethologist) believes that babies with big eyes, round faces, and large heads are cute. It applies to both human and non-human things. For instance, if a cat has all the characteristics that Lorenz defined, it’ll automatically become cute.

Interestingly, these claims are also research supported.

What does cute mean?
This definition of cuteness somehow stands true


There are no defined characteristics for someone to be called pretty. If a woman is attractive and knows how to carry herself, she’s pretty. Grooming is also what makes someone pretty.

Final Thoughts

The difference between cute and pretty is very evident. Prettiness and cuteness are more related to how you look. Sadly, none of them stick with you your whole life and will fade away over time.

Beauty, however, is something that comes from within and lasts no matter how old you become. The essence of beauty lies within you.

People shouldn’t categorize women based on their appearance. It’s really important for you to know that this is something that makes them feel insecure and less confident. Unfortunately, the media is making it worse.

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