How Much Is a Forever Stamp Worth in 2023?

The U.S. Postal Service sells Forever stamps to snail mailing patrons. But how exactly do Forever stamps work, and how much are they worth in 2022?

In this article, we’ll share everything you need to know about Forever stamps and explain how you can use them to your advantage.

Table of Contents

  1. How Much Is a Forever Stamp Worth in 2023?
  2. What Is a Forever Stamp?
  3. Is There a Price Listed on a Forever Stamp?
  4. A History of the Forever Stamp
    1. Should I Buy Forever Stamps?
    2. How Many Forever Stamps Should I Buy?
  5. Will the Price of a Forever Stamp Increase?
  6. Final Thoughts on Forever Stamps

How Much Is a Forever Stamp Worth in 2023?

A Forever Stamp is worth 66 cents in 2023.

It was last raised in July 2023 from 63 cents to 66 cents.

It doesn’t matter what you paid for it though, it’s worth 66 cents right now. If you need extra postage, you can stick on a forever stamp and you get 66 cents of postage value from it.

Forever stamps are meant to be worth whatever the current U.S. Postal Service’s first-class mailing rate is at the time of mailing.

What Is a Forever Stamp?

A Forever stamp is a first-class postage stamp you can purchase and use forever.

As you know, sending items in the mail costs money, and the prices vary based on what you are mailing. Typically, the weight of the envelope or box you are mailing is a factor in determining what your postage cost will be.

You can use a first-class postage stamp on any 1-ounce letter. People use first-class postage stamps to mail many basic envelopes containing cards and bills. And often, first-class postage stamps have an image of the cost printed on the stamp.

In the early 2000s, the United States Postal Service introduced a non-denominational stamp as it considered a price hike on first-class stamps. That stamp would eventually be named the Forever stamp.

Is There a Price Listed on a Forever Stamp?

Forever stamps don’t have a price listed on the stamp.

As a result, you won’t have to apply an additional 1-cent or 2-cent postage to your first-class letters if the post office implements another rate increase after you buy your stamps.

In other words, your Forever stamp is good to use, well, forever.

You could buy Forever stamps today at the current rate of $0.66 and use them forever, regardless of how much the first-class rate increases in the future.

A History of the Forever Stamp

The Forever Stamp was first unveiled on April 12, 2007, and at the time cost $0.41 each. The design on the first Forever Stamp was an image of the Liberty Bell.

It contained the words “USA FIRST-CLASS FOREVER” on the stamp. Today, most Forever stamps are simply printed with the words USA FOREVER.

Interestingly, the first coil roll of Forever stamps wasn’t issued until December 1, 2010.

There were several designs of Forever stamps in the years after its first unveiling. Since 2017, the United States Postal Service has issued new designs for Forever stamps yearly.

Should I Buy Forever Stamps?

So, should you buy Forever stamps? To call a Forever stamp an investment is a stretch, but if you ever mail first-class letters, you could save money by purchasing Forever stamps.

Think about how often you send mail on a weekly or yearly basis. And don’t forget about holiday cards, party invitations, and other mailings that could be very expensive simply due to the number of letters or cards you’re sending.

The more letters, cards, and invitations you mail, the more money you could save by purchasing Forever stamps.

How Many Forever Stamps Should I Buy?

When determining how many Forever stamps you should buy, there are a couple of questions you can ask yourself:

  1. How many first-class letters do I typically mail each year?
  2. How much money do I want to save?

You’ll spend more money upfront than you need when buying more Forever stamps. However, if you mail first-class letters regularly, you’ll save money in the long run. So as you determine how many Forever stamps to buy, keep the above questions in mind.

And be sure to consider your budget as well. Be sure that the number of Forever stamps you buy accommodates current and future needs, as well as your current budget.

Will the Price of a Forever Stamp Increase?

Based on historical data, it’s safe to say that the price of a Forever stamp will increase. At the current Forever stamp rate of $0.66 per stamp, you can get single stamps, books, or rolls of Forever stamps.

For instance, you can buy a book of 20 Forever stamps for $13.20. Or you can buy a roll of 100 Forever stamps for $66.00.

Postage rates, including the price of a Forever stamp, will increase in the future but there is is currently no scheduled increase in 2023 (after it was just increased in July 2023).

The likelihood of a future stamp price increase gives you another reason to consider purchasing Forever stamps now before another increase is implemented.

Buying Forever stamps now can be one of many ways you can save money and put more in your pocket.

Final Thoughts on Forever Stamps

U.S. Postal Service Forever stamps were designed to help consumers save money on postal stamps in an era of ever-rising prices. As of this writing, Forever stamps cost $0.66 each. However, it’s safe to assume the price of the Forever stamp will rise again.

Therefore, you may consider getting a good supply of Forever stamps to protect yourself from the next postage price increase.