2014 Stamp Yearbook and The Postal Service Guide to U.S. Stamps — 41st Edition

2014 Stamp Yearbook and The Postal Service Guide to U.S. Stamps — 41st Edition

The 2014 Stamp Yearbook and The Postal Service Guide to U.S. Stamps — 41st Edition will soon be available for sale as follows:

n In retail sections at designated Post Office™ locations.

n By mail via the USA Philatelic catalog.

n By telephone at 800-782-6724 (800-STAMP-24).

n Online via The Postal Store® at www.usps.com/shop.

n Online via eBay at www.ebay.com/stamps.

To ensure Christmas delivery, retail associates may wish to direct customers to place a pre-order through the online channels or by calling our toll-free phone number, 800-782-6724 (800-STAMP-24).

Celebrate the 2014 year in stamps with The 2014 Stamp Yearbook. Legendary entertainers, historic milestones, Americana, and many more exciting subjects make up the 2014 program reflecting moments that define American life.

The 72-page hardcover stamp yearbook includes:

n 90 stamps from the 2014 collectible program plus mounts.

n Lively stories and smart facts surrounding each stamp subject.

n Historic photographs and beautiful imagery related to each issue.

n Placeholders throughout the book to preserve the stamps.

Plus, the yearbook includes an exclusive Circus Souvenir Sheet, available individually in mint form only through the purchase of the 2014 Stamp Yearbook. This sheet features a $1.00 stamp, printed offset, showing an alternate version of the iconic clown poster featured on the 2014 Vintage Circus Posters pane; two 50-cent Circus Wagons 1900s stamps printed as intaglio; and a die-cut selvage with a decorative metallic gold foil border.

The 2014 Stamp Yearbook sells for $64.95 (Item #991400). Two optional stamp packets can be ordered online from The Postal Store® at www.usps.com or eBay at www.ebay.com/stamps, via the USA Philatelic catalog, or by calling 800-STAMP-24. They are the Mail-Use Stamp Packet (Item #991404), which contains 50 stamps plus mounts and sells for $27.95, and the High Value Stamp Packet (Item #991406), which contains 5 stamps and mounts and sells for $37.95. See the current USA Philatelic catalog for stamp yearbook/stamp packet bundled offerings.

In an easy-to-use oversize format, The Postal Service Guide to U.S. Stamps — 41st Edition (Item #891400), which sells for $29.95, is just the delivery you’ve been waiting for! The only fully illustrated, four-color guide to U.S. stamps, this official publication provides the most comprehensive information available about the U.S. stamp program. Beginning with the first stamps issued in 1847, The Postal Service Guide to U.S. Stamps covers more than 4,000 stamps issued up to the present, and also includes the following:

n An updated Stamp Series section that lists the stamps issued in each official series, such as American Treasures, Black Heritage, and Scenic American Landscapes.

n Every category of U.S. stamps: definitive, commemorative, airmail, duck stamps, stamped envelopes, and more are all organized into easy-to-use, color-coded sections for quick access.

n Detailed listings for each stamp, with color illustrations, Scott catalog numbers, dates of issue, used and unused prices, quantities (when known), and separate listings for design variations.

n The 2014 stamp program with first-day-of-issue details.

n Advice on how to start your own stamp collection.

n A resource section, a glossary of important terms, and much more.

Initial Supply to Designated Post Offices

Minnesota Diversified Industries (MDI) will begin shipping supplies of the 2014 Stamp Yearbook and The Postal Service Guide to U.S. Stamps — 41st Edition to designated Post Office locations by late November. Quantities sent to each unit are based upon past sales. The new stamp guide should be made available for sale upon receipt but the new stamp yearbook cannot be sold until December 10, 2014, which is the first-day-of-issue of the Circus Souvenir Sheet that is packaged with the other commemorative stamps with the actual book.

POS ONE offices must reflect stamp yearbooks and stamp guides along with all philatelic products in Retail Floor Stock to ensure inventory detection and accurate replenishment. Failure to do so will trigger additional shipments of unwanted products causing unnecessary accountability inflation.

Offices will receive hang tags for both the Yearbook and the Postal Guide with their initial shipment for placement on slat walls. The 2013 Stamp Yearbook can be removed from display once your new 2014 book arrives; however, the 2013 Yearbook may still be sold until officially withdrawn from sale.

Ordering Instructions for All Other Post Offices

Offices not receiving automatic shipments of the 2014 Stamp Yearbook (Item #991400) and The Postal Service Guide to U.S. Stamps — 41st Edition (Item #891400), can order the books from SFS Web at https://sfsweb.usps.gov. Sales of the stamp yearbook and stamp guide must be reported in AIC 092, Philatelic Product Sales.

The Postal Service Guide to U.S. Stamps — 40th Edition (Last Year’s Edition)

As the 41st edition of The Postal Service Guide to U.S. Stamps becomes available, Post Offices must withhold all remaining copies of the 40th edition (Item #891300) from sale. Actions should be taken as described below:

n Retail Outlets. Collect remaining copies of the 40th edition of the guide from stamp credits and immediately return them to main stock using PS Form 17, Stamp Requisition/Stamp Return.

n Post Offices. Consolidate all remaining copies of the 40th edition of the guide, if any, into the unit reserve stock. Prepare all 40th editions of the guide in accordance with procedures established for disposing of obsolete and redeemed stock, and submit according to local district quarterly stamp destruction or return schedules.

n Local Office Philatelic Programs. Submit PS Form 17 to Stamp Fulfillment Services for the number of 40th editions of the guide (Item #891300) needed for philatelic/promotional programs. One or more copies may be donated to local schools, libraries, student groups, stamp clubs, and retirement homes.

n Stamp Fulfilment Services. Stamp all copies of the guide used in promoting philatelic programs NOT FOR RESALE. The SFS custodian of accountable paper must verify that each item is stamped and prepared using PS Form 17, endorsed as PHILATELIC PRODUCTS GIVEN TO PHILATELIC PROGRAMS. Program coordinators must acknowledge receipt of Item #891300 and be responsible for its control.

Note: The instructions for providing obsolete editions of the guide for philatelic and promotional purposes are an exception to general guidelines for destruction of accountable items, especially regarding obsolete (withdrawn from sale) items. In this instance, it is Postal Service policy not to destroy copies of the previous year’s edition of the guide when they can be used for valid promotional and/or educational purposes.

Disposition of Excess Guides

Dispose of all remaining copies of the 40th edition of The Postal Service Guide to U.S. Stamps (Item #891300) in accordance with Handbook F-1, Accounting and Reporting Policy, part 4-11.6, Destruction of Stamps. Because disposition instructions are issued annually for past issues of the guide, your office should have only the new 41st edition in inventory after completing the above procedures. If previous editions are on hand, dispose of them immediately, in accordance with Handbook F-1, 4-11.6.

— Stamp Services, Marketing and Sales, 11-13-14