Best Free Places To Host A Baby Shower – Free Venues For Your Baby Shower

Best Free Places To Host A Baby Shower – Free Venues For Your Baby Shower

Hosting a baby shower is both an exciting task and also a little stressful. With all of the planning and the desire for it to go perfectly it can be hard to decide where to start. As with most parties, selecting the venue and the theme are the best places to begin for a cohesive celebration. And a free venue can alleviate some of the financial pressure of hosting such an important event. Read on for our best free places to host a baby shower.

Best budget friendly venues for a Baby Shower

Having a Baby Shower At Home

free places to have a baby shower

Having a baby shower at your home lets you control everything from set up and decorations to the background noise. You and your guests will be comfortable and the space is private. Plus it’s completely free to have as many people over as you want. A Welcome Home theme is ideal for an at home baby shower. This can be easily created with chalkboard signs, wooden crates for a country appeal, and balloons to liven the room.

Baby Shower in the Park

bridal shower in the park
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Spring and summer bring people outside to enjoy the sun. And what better way to do so then celebrate a new life than at your local park. The natural surroundings and the sights, sounds, and scents of the flowers, trees, and grass, create a soothing and relaxing environment for your gathering. You can often add your own decorations. And many parks offer free reservations of certain areas so you will have seating for all of your guests.

Botanical Garden Baby Shower

Add a touch of elegance and beauty by hosting a baby shower at a botanical garden. With a boho theme, flowers for decoration, and bright colours there is sure to be a sense of calm and welcoming. Babies grow much in the way that gardens do, and this laid back yet elegant background will impress any guest.

Baby Shower At A Museum

Many museums, both in a larger city or a small town, have intricate architecture and the sense of history is grounding and solid. With conference rooms often already set up for guests and gatherings, you can have everything from food and drinks to decorations, in a quiet space that ties the past together with the future. Add to the theme by asking people to bring wooden toys or cloth dolls, handmade blankets, and other gifts that would be traditional. These are both environmentally friendly and a popular trend at the moment.

Beach Baby Shower

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Anyone who lives near a beach knows how the sound of the water and the smell of the fresh air can bring joy. So bring your baby shower to the beach for a fresh and new approach to the celebration. Set up tents for shade and add beach themed decorations. Prepare for a day of fun in the sand with sandcastle building contests, scatter sand toys for a scavenger hunt, and bring everyone back to their own favourite beach memories.

Restaurants As A Baby Shower Venue

Restaurants often have a side room or can reserve a table for a smaller party. And while it isn’t free, people can choose their own meals and stick to their own budget. This takes the stress off of the host and the mom to be and offers a variety of refreshments to all of the guests.

With a city theme, cake, and decorations that are soft and delicate, you can create a beautiful baby shower at any café or even an ice cream shop. Some locations will be happy to have your celebration during off hours or slow periods as a way to bring people in and to help you plan a cute and modern baby shower.

Community Space

Another one of the best free places to host a baby shower is a community space. Community spaces can be found in a wide range of locations and styles, from meeting rooms at your condo or apartment building to green spaces and center parks. These are often free, or very affordable. And you can decorate with streamers and balloons, bring your own food and even a cake or cupcakes, and add your own theme to the event. Bring in flowers for a softer and calm reception or decorate with bright balloons and bold colours for a modern and energetic event. Plan games that are fun and will keep people laughing to make the most of your community space.

Woodland Baby Shower

baby shower in the woods

One of our favorite free places to host a baby shower is a local woodland. Fairy themes, sprites, and all things nature are all popular themes that are well suited to a woodland or wooded area. Often there will be clearings and tables for snacks and additional folding or camping chairs can be brought. Decorate with LED candles in mason jars for a whimsical feel of lightening bugs. Bring your own burlap or muslin for a tablecloth, and use natural themed decorations such as thin rope instead of ribbon or small paper bags for games and seating arrangements.

Library Baby Shower

For the book lover in your life check with your local library for availability of their meeting room. Or ask if you can use their open spaces for a book themed baby shower. People can recommend their favourite kids’ book, you can hold it in the children’s section where it’s already decorated. And gifts can include some that are book themed and include all of the childhood necessities. It is sure to be quiet! And libraries are traditionally a gathering place for the community that you are welcoming the child into, making this an ideal location for a low key baby shower.

Baby Shower Open House

If you want the comfort of an at home baby shower but you are worried about the space, host an open house baby shower. Decorate to match your chosen theme, perhaps welcome home, travel as people will be coming and going, or baby animals for a touch of childhood wonder. People can stop by at different times of the day, scheduled or not. They can stay for as long as suits them, then head on their way. This is ideal for hosts or guests who have social anxieties or small spaces. Or for those who like a small and intimate visit with their friends and loved ones over a large party with everyone at once.