Stamping Boxes: How to Stamp Boxes | Video and Instructions

Stamping Boxes: How to Stamp Boxes | Video and Instructions

A popular use for a custom stamp is to stamp labels or logos on cardboard boxes for simple, inexpensive branding. Here are some tips on how you can make a clear stamp impression on different types of boxes.

Can You Stamp a Cardboard Box?

Yes, you can stamp a cardboard box. Cardboard is a porous surface, meaning the ink will absorb into the cardboard rather than sit on the surface. This makes it easier to stamp.

How to Stamp a Box

  1. To stamp a box, you will want to avoid stamping on the seams of the box. Stamping on the seam will create an uneven surface and the impression will not turn out entirely. Try to keep your stamping surface as flat and firm as possible for the best impression.
  2. If using a wood handle stamp, start by making a slight rocking motion across your ink pad to pick up the ink. You may need to do this more than once to make sure the stamp is thoroughly covered in ink.
  3. For successful stamping, line up your stamp where you want to make your impression, and press down evenly.
  4. Rocker stamps are popular for stamping boxes because they have a rounded bottom that allows for larger stamp impressions. For rocker stamps and other wood handle stamps, you will need a separate ink pad and to press down evenly with a rocking motion toward all corners.

How Do You Stamp Packaging?

In addition to boxes, you can also stamp other packaging for easy processing or branding.

For example, you can stamp a variety of bags — including paper bags, gift bags, and fabric bags — to hold your customer’s take out or shopping.

  • Stamping paper bags work the same as stamping a box. However, you may want to put a firm, flat piece into the bag before stamping to create an ideal stamping surface.
  • When stamping on fabric, you will need to use specialized fabric stamps and fabric inks. Tightly woven fabrics will give you the best stamp impression.
  • For non-porous surfaces like glossy paper or plastic, you will need a Quick Dry Stamp and totally dry surface free of dirt or residue.

You can also stamp envelopes and other paperwork with your logo or monogram. To make sure that you get the best impression, you will want to stamp on as flat a surface as possible. Stamping will work best on a desk or table with the envelope flat open.

How Do I Put My Logo on a Box?

You can easily put your logo on a box using a custom logo stamp. Our custom logo stamps are available in a variety of stamp bodies, including self-inking, pre-inked, and classic wood handle stamps. Wood handle stamps are also available in extra large sizes for easy branding and are popular for stamping boxes.

How to Order a Custom Rubber Stamp

You can easily create a custom logo stamp with our custom stamp designer tool. The tool gives you the option to upload your own design or signature, or to select from pre-designed clipart. You can also add text, choose the positioning of your design, and decide on whether or not you want a border. You’ll then be able to preview your design and select a stamp body.

Once you enter your desired dimensions, our stamp design tool will automatically select the correct size for your stamp design. Most stamps ship in one business day!