Integration – the beginning of a long novel

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Hi –

First, we are using a fresh install of 1.5.5 and there is considerable debate on the forum about whether the PSWebServiceLibrary.php is compatible with 1.5.5

I obtained my version of PSWebServiceLibrary.php file by going to this link and following the instructions:

As an organization based in the United States, we use only one carrier to ship our products: the US Postal Service.

However, we use to print our postage and forms since we get a reduced rate as compared to using the US Postal Service in person or online.

In our existing, pre-Prestashop setup, we receive a payment email confirmation from Paypal, and then we login to Paypal to verify the ordered item, print the paid invoice, and copy the shipper’s address.

We then open on our desktop, and paste the shipper’s address in the package screen, along with a copy and paste of the customer’s phone number.

Then we print the shipping label, and affix it to the package.

So … I called and asked if they had an integration package for Prestashop. They said yes and provided the general page:

PrestaShop USPS Shipping Integration

Then I downloaded the integration zip file, which is found after you login to and click on the batch link on the left, and then click on Manage Data Services and select Add Source. Once you select Prestashop from the popup window, and click next, a new popup appears that provides the download link for the file. I have attached that zip file here for any interested Prestashop developers who actually care if this might work ….

After unzipping the file, and reading both the .pdf file and the readme file, I generated the random password and also went into the Prestashop Back Office and went to Advanced Parameters -> Webservice, and created a new webservice key.

The Prestashop documentation in the .pdf file gives directions on enabling permissions for the Webservice key, and also enabling the shop associations found by enabling the Multi Store mode.

I also followed the directions to reset the .htaccess key by going to the SEO & URLs and hitting save.

I added all the information to the ShippingZSettings.php file, and uploaded all of the files to the root of the prestashop installation directory – as directed.

For good measure, I tried changing the file permission from 644 to 444, and in either scenario, I could not get the wizard to create the connection between the Prestashop installation and service.

An error code appeared in the wizard that basically said could not find the url or there was a problem with configuration.

The technical support folks took a look at the situation and we tried a number of approaches but each time, they boiled it down to a ‘time out’ that caused the error message. In a nutshell, they said that could not access or read the files that I had uploaded.

Whether this is an issue with and their current configurations, or whether it is an issue with a faulty PSWebservicelibrary.php file, or whether it is simply a problem with the Webservice token, I don’t know.

I realize the Prestashop developers may feel this is a low level issue and may get to it when they get to it, but the least the Prestashop developers could do would be to investigate, confirm, and remedy the PSWebservicelibrary.php file so that it is compatible with 1.5.5