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The way we conduct businesses has transformed from what it used to be 10 years ago. With the ever-changing customer needs and user behavior along with advancements in the landscape of communications driven by trends such as AI, ML, and NLP, 5G, and IoT, the need to continue innovating with cloud technologies to meet customer needs is just getting started and businesses are finding ways to keep their customers engaged in order to stay ahead of the curve.

StarStar Mobile is a leading cloud-based CPaaS Platform (Communication Platform as a Service) that provides technology solutions for enterprise and business partners to communicate with their end-users and enhance their experience.

We believe that technology doesn’t have to be a problem, but a solution. At StarStar Mobile, we put the end-users first, and think backward from their perspective, and needs to define a solution-driven by technology that best delivers end results. Our Smart Dial platform provides an omnichannel experience driven from a single call-to-action that enables your business to engage with your users through digital communication.

Our Smart Dial Platform provides customers with all the necessary tools that can enable them to deliver the best digital experience through communication channels like SMS and MMS, Programmable Voice and IVR (Customizable Interactive Voice Response), Email and Push Notifications, ** (Star Star), *(Star), #(Pound) and ##(Pound Pound) Numbers, 10DLC, Sip Trunking, Account Security (2-FA), Subscription Messaging and Internet of Things (IoT).

StarStar Mobile and Digital Engagement

Digital engagement refers to the moments and interactions that shape the entire customer journey online along with decision-making about doing business with an organization. These end-user interactions influence the user behavior of how they perceive a brand and brands need positive connections with their customers to ensure that they are providing the right digital experience.

StarStar Mobile’s underlying Smart Dial Platform can help businesses and brands tailor the end-user journey and contribute to this engagement by offering products and services to better serve their customers. We can help you achieve that digital transformation and bridge that gap between your business and your consumer by delivering a true omnichannel experience that can be tailored and personalized as per your needs. In addition to integrating omnichannel communications, StarStar Mobile’s Smart Dial Platform powered by AI and Machine Learning can help your business automate workflows into your business processes.

StarStar Mobile can also help you to better track customer engagement across different communications channels using analytics. Tracking customer sentiment, length of call times, when a customer drops off, agent productivity, and so on is crucial to consistently improve the customer experience. In short, whether your use cases are simple, like automating text message reminders or complex, building a fully seamless integration and compatibility with existing systems, StarStar Mobile becomes your one-stop shop for all.

One of the most popular use cases of the Smart Dial Platform includes enabling the ability to send and receive text messages. Businesses are getting on board with using text messaging to interact with customers. StarStar Mobile makes it easy to add SMS to applications and workflows so you can automate actions like appointment reminders, delivery confirmations, payment due dates, and customer surveys. StarStar Mobile can also help your organization improve internal processes and employee collaboration, along with enhancing your external communications

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