Hot Rolled Coil Prices, News and Analysis

Hot Rolled Coil

Iron is a material that has been used in many ways since the earliest ages of humanity. Because of its resistant and long lasting structure, iron has been used for tool making in the past. Such that, there is even a period in human history called the “iron age”. The use of iron has diversified over time and become a major material in all areas for daily life. With the growing population, construction of apartments and high buildings increased because of the need for housing. Steel is a material obtained as a mixture of iron and carbon. Because it’s durable, steel is mostly used in construction and various industrial sectors. Hot rolled coil is a type of steel which is mostly used in pipe-making, construction, machinery and some other consuming sectors. Production of hot rolled coils involves melting steel at 926° Celsius, casting the melted steel into slabs and rolling them into coils.

Features of Hot Rolled Coil

Hot rolled coils are preferably used in areas that do not require much shape change and force. This material is not just used in constructions; hot rolled coils are often preferable for pipes, vehicles, railways, ship building etc. While making hot rolled coils; firstly steel is milled at high temperature. Then melted steel casted into the steel slab which is afterwards rolled into the coil. After this process, hot rolled coils need to be cooled for using. Producers mainly use the modern technologies for the cooling process aiming to avoid the steel shrinkage, which might result in coil dimensional imperfections. Those imperfections affect hot rolled coil prices in a negative way and might create problems with the buyer, who has a right to file a claim. Hot rolled coils do not need to be visually faultless for using and while determining hr coil price this feature is taken into account.

Hot Rolled Coil Prices

In the hot-rolled coil consuming industries the prices of materials that are used change on a regular basis and depend on a number of factors such as the end-user demand, production costs, competition with local and foreign suppliers, financial situation in the country and globally. Various countries have different price policies but generally the offers are set in the local currencies and if the country is an importer then the values are also estimated in EUR or US dollars. Therefore it is important to keep track of prices on a daily basis. Like prices of other materials in the steel consuming industries, manufacturers set hrc price considering many factors. Hot rolled coils manufactured under strict quality control by using advanced techniques and equipment. Hot rolled coil’s prices are very variable depending on the width, thickness, weight, steel grade and the targeted usage. It is important to keep information updated while doing business. Those details affect hot rolled coil prices too. There are many charts online that can show hrc price today. Hot rolled coils should not be confused with cold rolled coils, which are actually being made out of hot-rolled coils. The production process for cold rolled coils is more complicated and the material application is different as it is being used in more sophisticated industries such as white goods, automotive sectors, etc.