What Kind Of Pretty You Are (And How To Use It To Your Advantage)

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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. It is totally subjective and what is breathtakingly gorgeous to some can be average to others. Still, there are some people who are considered “universally pretty,” meaning most people find them attractive.

Even then, there are considerations like Eurocentric beauty standards and colorism to consider when deciding what’s hot and what not.

But one TikToker who goes by the name Toxic Superhero believes that there are levels to “pretty.” She has it all figured out and can help you use your pretty privilege to your advantage.

What kind of pretty are you?

The TikToker starts by telling viewers, “Once you know what kind of pretty you are and how to play to those advantages, dealing with men becomes ten times easier as a woman.”

Toxic Superhero goes on to say that she thinks there are five levels of “pretty.” But she is quick to clarify that she is strictly referencing superficial beauty and doesn’t care how beautiful you are on the inside, since that is not readily visible.

Next, she dives into the 5 levels of prettiness.

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Level 1: Just Pretty

This level is described as “conventionally attractive,” a status where people matter-of-factly comment on how pretty you are but are not necessarily clamoring to shower you with praise.

Some examples the TikTok gives of being “just pretty” are people viewing your Instagram and acknowledging your beauty, or you walking into a room and people taking note of how attractive you are.

She adds that in order to ascend to the next 4 levels, you have to be “just pretty” to start. Conversely, in order to be “just pretty,” you don’t have to meet any other level requirements.

Level 2: Cute/Innocent

People who are labeled level 2 pretty give off “girl-next-door vibes.” Their face is round and innocent-looking and gives off an aura of youthfulness. The example given here is a graying 45-year-old who is constantly asked if she dyed her hair gray since it doesn’t match her childlike face.

The level two pretty of a “cute/innocent” girl is cute and giggly, apparently always brings good energy, and is nice to be around. Toxic Superhero explains that appearing to be innocent can carry an air of sexiness.

Level 3: Fine

At one point or another, we have all labeled someone “fine.” This is a person whose prettiness stands out and seems to be enhanced over and above the people who are conventionally beautiful. Their looks have a hint of sex appeal simmering just below the surface.

The level 3 prettiness of “fine” is described as a “sprinkle of something extra” on top of their pretty features. The TikToker says there are a few things that can enhance pretty: full-sized lips and a raspy voice.

But as we know, that varies from person to person, and what might be a preference to one could be a turn-off to another.

Level 4: Sexy/Beautiful

People who are the “sexy/beautiful” type of pretty have attractiveness that can be seen from a mile away. Their prettiness is undeniable.

Their sex appeal is obvious and even if you don’t like them, it’s easy to see why others might find them to be the epitome of beauty. Everyone agrees that they are sexy and beautiful and anyone who disagrees is likely a hater.

When comparing sexy/beautiful and fine, Toxic Superhero explains, “These are two technically separate levels but on the same floor. It’s like rooms 401 and 402. So, if you’re a combination, you’re a level 5, bad b****.”

That brings us to the final level in Toxic Superhero’s hierarchy of prettiness.

Level 5: Bad B***h

Right off the bat, the TikToker lets us know that bad b****es are not real and do not exist. Toxic Superhero shares a second video on the subject to explain why they are a figment of our imaginations:

Before delving into the reason level 5 women or “bad b****es” are fake, she explains that, in her opinion, “attractiveness and being ‘pretty’ are fluid.” She says that you can move through different levels of pretty throughout the day, explaining that her casual look might put her at a level 1 or 2, but dressing up could quickly elevate her status.

So, bad b****es don’t naturally exist. Women must make themselves out to be one, per the TikToker.

To prove that point, she asks people to reflect on the last time they felt level 5 pretty and guessed that they were dressed to the nines, makeup was perfectly applied, and they were camera ready. Being level 5 at all times is impossible as it is something that is created and does not naturally occur.

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How To Determine Your ‘Type’ of Pretty

Unfortunately, Toxic Superhero says that because the pretty scale is purely superficial, it can only be assessed by analyzing compliments given to us by men.

She claims that while women might tiptoe around the truth to spare your feelings, men give it to you straight every time. Men’s feedback can be harsh but will be honest.

The caveat to relying on the opinions of males to tell women how pretty they are is that the men themselves need to be scrutinized to decide how much weight to put on their thoughts about your looks. According to her, beta males should never be relied on for feedback.

The scale for how much credence to give men’s judgment is a cross reference between their looks (ugly, medium ugly, and fine) and how successful they are (bum, average guy, and real man). A “bum” who is considered ugly has less value than an ugly real man. As a matter of fact, the TikToker says that a bum should not be listened to under any circumstances, no matter how good they look.

The person Toxic Superhero advises women to listen to is that fine, average guy. She says that he attracts women off of his looks but is still responsible. He doesn’t feel the need to lie because if he loses one woman he’ll gain another, so he can be trusted to give you transparency when rating your looks.

Lastly, real men who are accustomed to having money and are anything above ugly can be trusted, but if they happen to be ugly, they may try to treat you the way they have been treated by women their whole lives, so beware.

She offers that knowing where you stand when it comes to prettiness can help you learn where to best apply pressure and get what you want out of men and out of life.

Ideally, we would all like to live in a world where pretty privilege didn’t exist and people were judged by the content of their character. But it’s just not so.

Regardless, there are many ways to be beautiful and the most important standard of beauty is the one you have for yourself.

“Tests” like this are fun, but gone are the days when women depended on men to tell us what we should and shouldn’t look like. Real “pretty” comes from within. It’s how you treat yourself and others, your passion for living, and the mark you leave on the world long after you leave it.

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