$50 Ounces

Getting good and stoned can get kind of expensive. But it doesn’t have to be. You can get some good ganja for less than you might expect.

Typically, the cost of an ounce of weed tends to run $100 or more in most places. But decent deals do abound. Can you cut the price of an ounce in half? Sometimes you can.

Cannabis costs are going to depend on lots of factors. One thing that can affect what you spend is where you live. Another price point would be quality. A strain’s popularity likewise may increase the cost.

Competition can be a friend to your wallet. More and more places are legalizing pot. And the cannabis industry is booming. So, new dispensaries are opening all the time. That means more competition, which will tend to bring down the cost of consuming cannabis.

Savvy shoppers know how to find fantastic deals. These specials help them save their marijuana monies. That’s why Cannasaver exists on the Internet. So, we can lead you to the cannabis coupon with the deal that you want.

And that savings that you seek just might be a $50 ounce. Yet, you may ask yourself, “How good will this weed be?” Let’s take a look.

How Much Weed Can You Get for $50?

If regular ounces are $100 or more then what exactly is the quality of cheaper cannabis? Is it half as good? Are you paying less because it’s not the best bud?

That isn’t necessarily the case. Maybe it won’t be premium or top-shelf stuff. But no dispensary is going to ruin its reputation by selling you crappy grass. That’s simply not good business.

So what are they selling you so cheaply?

It could be shake. Shake is scraps left over from processing flower. When packing raw plant matter, there may be leftover bits of bud. Those remains are called shake.

Shake does contain stems and leaves, true. But there are also bits of bud and lots of kief. Kief is that powdery stuff coating nugs and filling the bottom of your grinder. It’s also where the most THC is.

Also, many provisioning places have two tiers of shake. There’s house shake, which is remnants from mid to lower-tier weed. But there’s also premium shake that often contains whole nugs as well as scraps.

And shake tends to sell for much less than regular flower. So, you could actually get an ounce for $50.

Another way you could get cheaper ounces is with ounce deals or promotions.

For example, a BOGO ounce promotion that is $100 would mean that you’re getting two ounces for $50 each. Or it could be a buy one and get a second one for a half-price deal. If the first one is $100, then the second would be $50.

So, do these shake or flower specials really exist?

Next, we’re going to examine ounce promotions from different places. That’ll show what savings might be out there.

How Do $50 Ounces Compare Around the Country?

Finding fabulous pricing on ounces of bud is entirely doable. Cannasaver has an entire category of leaf coupon discounts. So, we’re going to compare those to our $50 ounces. Some may be a bit more, some will be exactly fifty bucks, and some might even be less.

Here are a few discount discoveries from Colorado:

At Herbs4you in Denver, we found a weed coupon for a $44.30 top-shelf ounce. So, that shows that even the best buds can be found for under fifty sometimes.

Lucky Monkey Buds II in Las Animas, Colorado even had a $31.87 Big Bud oz at the time of writing.

There’s a $56 ‘O’ on select strains at Doctor’s Orders in Pueblo, Colorado.

What about other states?

Doobie Nights in San Diego, California recently had an ounce special for 25% off or $67.50. That’s pretty close to a $50 ‘O’.

Oz Cannabis in Ypsilanti, Michigan had a similar special for $59.

And LakeLife Farms in Cedar Springs, Michigan has $49 and $55 shake-ounce specials.

Now, promo prices often change regularly because they are limited-time offers. But sometimes promos are ongoing, like deals for first-time dispensary shoppers. Also, loyalty programs are a form of ongoing discount deals.

Okay, keep in mind that the prices we’ve quoted may be subject to change. However, you can use the information as a representation of the kinds of deals that could be out there.

So, how do you find current cannabis savings? That’s what we’re going to get into before we go.

Where Can You Find Discount Ounces?

Deep discounts are what our website is all about. That includes savings on ounces that can go as low as $50. Even some of the other price points aren’t too much more. So, yes, reasonably-priced pot is a thing.

And there are other options like picking up a preroll or a new vape cartridge. Both of those can be had for well under fifty bucks.

Edibles, too, are pretty cheap – yet they can get you buzzed good and for a while.

So, whatever kind of marijuana product you want, we have weed coupons galore.

To find the dankest deals you can use the search rectangle in the upper left corner of the page. Simply type in the description of the item you seek and scan the results.

Below the box is a map icon that allows you to narrow results to your own location.

There are also a series of drop-down menus to the right of the search box. These categories can also clue you into considerable savings. The options available include headings like ‘Ounce Deals’, ‘Rec Deals’, ‘Med Deals’, and more. There’s also a menu for ‘Featured Stores’ so that you can shop by dispensary if you choose.

As you can see, there are many ways to find the marijuana savings you seek. If it’s discounts on ounces or whatever, we have you covered.

To get you going, here are some links to savings on shake, weed leaf, and more:

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