Where To Buy Stamps (Complete Guide)

Where To Buy Stamps (Complete Guide)

Where to buy stamps?

If you need postage stamps to send greeting cards and other physical mail, you can buy them from your local post offices, grocery stores, pharmacies, and other retailers.

You can also purchase stamps online (e.g., Amazon, eBay, and Walmart.com) or get these from banks and credit unions.

You can get stamps from so many locations, so I’ll help you explore your options. Read this guide to find out where to buy Forever stamps and where to buy stamps in bulk aside from the post office.

Let’s begin.

Where To Get Stamps In-Store

Are you asking, “where can I buy a book of stamps?”

Fortunately, many retailers like grocery stores and pharmacies sell them. Some gas stations, banks, and department stores also sell booklets of stamps.

To find out where to buy postage stamps, you can Google “where to buy stamps near me” to find suggestions.

Alternatively, you can follow these steps to learn where to buy mailing stamps around you:

  1. Go to the USPS website and use its location tool.

  2. Simply enter your zip code and select National retailer from the drop-down location menu.

  3. Once you click the National retailer, you may see local retailers like Costco, Walgreens, Staples, or Target from the results, depending on where you live.

Usually, these retailers sell postage stamps in booklets, coils, and sheets rather than individually.

Additionally, many retailers only carry stamps at their physical locations. However, you can call a store to ask if they also sell postage stamps online.

Here’s how to buy stamps at post office and other places.

US Post Offices

Across the US, more than 31,000 post offices sell and print postage. So chances are, you won’t need to travel long distances just to find stamps.

Most post offices are open between 8:30 a.m. and 5 p.m. from Monday to Saturday. However, try to call ahead if you plan on visiting a postal outlet on Saturday because some offices have a half-working day on weekends.

Depending on the location, some postal outlets have a long queue during certain times of the day. For instance, many people stop by the post offices to buy stamps before going to work, resulting in a demand surge during the early morning hours.

Fortunately, some post offices offer self-service kiosks to prevent long queues.

Average price: Currently, USPS First-Class stamps cost 66 cents from 63 cents last year.


Does Target sell stamps?

Yes. The big box retailer carries a wide selection of postage stamps, including international, international, commemorative, and specialty stamps, which you can also find on its website.

If you order stamps from the Target website, you can pick them up as early as two hours of ordering or opt for same-day delivery.

Target locations are open between 8 a.m. and 10 p.m., seven days a week.

Target stores sell stamps in sheets, coils, rolls, and books.

Average price: Around $11 for a booklet of 15-20 stamps.


Costco sells USPS postage stamps, including the cheapest Forever stamps you could ever find.

Can you get a discount on postage stamps at Costco?

Yes, although don’t expect to enjoy significant savings. In short, it may not be worth the effort to travel long distances just to get your hands on the cheapest stamps.

Average price: $57.57 for a 100-count pack of First-Class Forever stamps


You can buy postage stamps from most Walmart stores. Simply go to the Money Center or cash register to purchase stamps here. In most cases, Walmart’s Money Center is only open between 6 a.m. and 11 p.m., even though some locations are operational 24/7.

A First-Class mail stamp costs $0.58 at Walmart, which is about the same price you’ll get at your local post office.

Average price: $0.58 for a First-Class mail stamp


Walgreens sells stamps, as well. This popular pharmaceutical chain has around 9,000 locations across 50 states.

Depending on the location, some Walgreens stores sell stamps in fewer volumes, while others only carry them in booklets and coils.

Average price: $0.63 for a First-Class USPS Forever stamp


CVS sells stamps, which makes it another popular pharmaceutical store with Forever stamps for sale. Most of their locations are open between 6-8 am and 10 pm.

Before you head to the nearest CVS location, you may want to call them in advance to check if they have stamps in stock. You can also visit its website to see its postage stamp selection.

CVS pharmacies offer a service that allows you to weigh your letters for free.

Average price: About $13.20 for a 20-count of booklet

Rite Aid

Most Rite Aid locations sell a variety of stamps, including international, first-class, commemorative, and postcard stamps. But before you head to your local store, it’s best to call them beforehand to ask the type and quantity of stamps they carry.

Rite Aid stores typically keep their stamps behind the checkout counter. If not, ask the staff at the customer service desk.

Note that you can only purchase stamps in-store at Rite Aid. Currently, its website does not carry stamps.

The retailer usually sells stamps for the same price as the post office, although some locations offer discounted postage stamps in bulk.

Average price: $0.60 for a First-Class Forever stamp


Most 7-Eleven locations sell stamps at the counter at the same prices as the post office.

On the flip side, they only have limited choices. For instance, some stores only carry First-Class stamps, while others only have Forever stamps.

To avoid hassle, visit their website to find the nearest location that carries postage stamps. It’s also best to call them beforehand because they may not always have them available.

Average price: About $0.58 for a single First-Class stamp

Specific Banks and ATMs

Wells Fargo

The bank does not sell stamps in books or sheets. Instead, you can purchase individual non-denominational US stamps.

To buy stamps from this bank, go to the staff desk or use the ATMs or self-service kiosks that dispense them.

The prices of the stamps from Wells Fargo branches and their ATMs are almost the same as those you’ll get from the US Postal Service.

Average price: $0.66 for a single letter stamp

Fifth Third Bank

Some Fifth Third Bank locations have ATMs that dispense stamps in bundles of 18, 20, 36, 54, and 72.

Not every branch has stamp-dispensing ATMS. So, ensure you do a quick internet search to find the nearest location selling stamps.

The bank accepts returns and refunds if you wish to return your stamps. Meanwhile, the price of their stamps is the same as the US Postal Service.

Average price: $11.34 for an 18-count booklet


Most KeyBank locations carry stamps, although it’s best to do some internet search to avoid the hassle.

The bank only carries two varieties of stamps, the First-Class and the Forever stamps, which they usually carry at the teller or register drawer. In addition, they only sell them in single sheets that contain 20 stamps.

The price of their stamps is the same as the US Postal Service.

Average price: $12.60 for a 20-count booklet

Where To Buy Stamps Online

Can you buy stamps online?

Yes. Some retailers like Walmart.com and Amazon sell stamps and deliver them to you, while others only let you select the stamps you need, which you must pick up at their location.

USPS Website

Visit USPS.com and click Buy Stamps & Shop to choose from their variety of stamps. Another option is to select the Click-N-Ship tab to print postage for mailing parcels online.

Currently, USPS First-Class stamps cost 66 cents from 63 cents last year.


If you don’t know where to buy cheap stamps in bulk or you’re an ecommerce store owner who sends invoices and letters frequently, consider getting your stamps from Stamps.com.

Stamps.com is a website that allows you to print discounted stamps, up to 84% less than the USPS and UPS rates.

Stamps.com offers free postage worth $5 during the first month, which is a four-week trial period. However, the site charges a monthly fee.

This type of services is better for businesses that ship items regularly.

The website also offers an online calculator that allows you to buy the exact USPS-approved stamps for letters and packages.


You can find sheets of 20 Forever stamps at Amazon that cost between $10 and $30. The online marketplace is probably the best place to buy stamps in terms of variety.

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If you ever wonder where to buy USPS stamps at a discount, Costco.com is arguably the best online retailer.

If you’re an ecommerce store owner who sends invoices and small parcels frequently, Costco.com is a great place to buy cheap stamps sold in packs of 100.

The online retailer sells a 100-pack of First-Class Mail Forever stamps at $57.75, lower than the USPS rates.

You can use First-Class Mail stamps at any time, regardless of price increases in the future.


Walmart.com offers a wide selection of stamps, usually in bundles of 10, 20, and 100. The average price of its one sheet of 20 stamps is $20-$23.

Factors To Consider Before Buying Stamps

Whether To Buy in Cheap Stamps in Bulk

Buying a bulk of stamps to get a minimal discount is not practical unless you’re an ecommerce business owner who needs to send invoices, parcels, and letters regularly.

If you need to buy in bulk, consider getting it from Costco, which sells packs of 100 non-refundable First-Class Mail Forever stamps at a discount.

Getting them from Stamps.com is another great option if you need to stock stamps in bulk.

Your Budget

Most grocery stores, pharmacies, convenience stores, banks, and postal offices have reasonably priced stamps.

Costco is also a convenient option if you’re an ecommerce store owner who wants to save money when buying stamps in bulk.

However, stores usually sell stamps in a roll, sheet, or books. If you only need one, it’s not economical to buy from these options.

Whether To Buy In-Store or Online

If you don’t mind waiting a few days and paying for shipping costs to get your stamps, Amazon, eBay, and USPS.com are worth considering.

On the other hand, popular retailers like Costco, Target, and Walmart are great options if you need stamps immediately.

How You’ll Use Your Stamps

1- You need a single Forever stamp to send off most standard mail items that weigh an ounce (28 grams) or less and measure 11.5 x 5 inches (29 x 13 cm). Anything larger requires extra postage.

In other words, you need Forever stamps for mailing letters, paper items, and greeting cards weighing less than an ounce.

Meanwhile, you’ll need a Global Forever stamp if you’re mailing a standard commercial envelope outside the country.

2- If you’re using an envelope or a package larger than the standard size, you need to find its length and width using a ruler or measuring tape. For bulkier envelopes, ensure to include their thickness as well.

(Note: In general, you don’t use stamps for larger packages because couriers ship them through the post office rather than via mail.

3- If your envelope contains photos, gifts, or other extras, you must find its weight. You can use ordinary kitchen scales for envelopes and small parcels.

Another option is to take your item to your local post office, where they can weigh and ship it for you.

4- Select the class of item you’re mailing. The ideal mail class (e.g., Ground, Priority, and First Class) depends on the item’s weight and how fast you need it to arrive at its destination address.

Using a postage price calculator at your post office, enter the destination address and postal code, the class of your envelope or parcel, your address and postal code, and the time and date of shipment.

You can also use an online postage price calculator by visiting the USPS website.

Once you enter the info, you’ll receive the mailing cost and the number of stamps you need.

5- Place the stamps in the top right-hand corner of your envelope. If you use multiple stamps in one or two rows, ensure they don’t overlap.

6- You must take overstuffed envelopes and larger packages weighing more than 13 ounces or 370 grams to the post office because they can’t go through a residential mailbox.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are Stamps Free at the Post Office?

No. You must buy stamps from the post office or other retailers to mail a letter or envelope for domestic and international routes.

How Much Is a Book of 20 Stamps?

  • The retail price for 20 USPS Forever Stamps is $13.20

  • The retail price of Global Forever stamps is $15.

  • The retail price of Postcard stamps is $10.20

Does Walgreens Have Forever Stamps?

Yes. You can buy Forever stamp booklets at Walgreens. Currently priced at $11.60, you’ll need them for your standard letter weighing less than an ounce.

Can I Buy One Stamp at CVS?

No. You can’t buy single stamps from CVS. You can only buy stamps in booklets, sheets, and coils.

Where Can I Buy Stamps Besides the Post Office?

Aside from the post office, you can also buy them from grocery stores, pharmacies, banks, bookstores, department stores, credit unions, and online retailers.

Where Do I Buy Global Stamps in the US?

You can buy global stamps from post offices and most retailers like big boxes and pharmacies. You can also purchase them online.

Is It Cheaper to Buy Stamps Online or In Person?

Buying stamps online costs the same as purchasing them from the post office; the only difference is you must pay a shipping fee.

However, you may find discounted USPS stamps in warehouse clubs, Amazon, or eBay.

In short, the cheapest way to buy stamps actually depends on your location and whether it can help you save time.

How Do I Get All of My Postage Stamps for Free?

You may get free postage stamps from online platforms like Craigslist and Freecycle. Another option is to ask your family members and friends to save the stamps they receive in the mail for you.

While there are many ways to get free postage stamps, you can’t use them for sending mail because they are either collector editions with no legal value or they have already been used.

The Bottom Line

When it comes to buying stamps, the prices are quite the same from different retailers. So, it may not be worth the effort to travel long distances for minimal savings. In other words, the cheapest place to buy stamps is to go to the nearest retailer that sells them.