Ultimate List of Free Baby Samples 2023 | Free Stuff for Newborn

Ultimate List of Free Baby Samples 2023 | Free Stuff for Newborn

Have you been scouring the internet for free baby samples?

I’ve been there too!

I had my first baby before I turned 21, so I know what it’s like going through the tough times. Searching the web forfree baby stuff, samples, boxes, freebies, and discounts.

Free baby stuff is easy to get. Usually all you have to do is visit a website and fill out a short form to receive free baby samples by mail. Pretty soon, you’ll be getting free baby diapers, wipes, formula, bottles, swaddles, detergent, lotion, shampoo, and even full size breast pumps in the mail.

Before you apply for samples check out these baby money saving tips.

That’s why I want to make it easier for new moms who are going through the same thing I did as a young mother.

I will be putting all the baby freebies, samples, and discounts I can find right here on this page, so you don’t have to search far and wide.

I’ll make sure to update this page whenever I come across a new sample, so keep checking back!

How did I choose which samples to share?

When I was a young mother I had to look through dozens of site to try and find free samples for my babies.

We were dirt broke! So I wanted to take advantage of every baby sample and discount available to me.

That’s why I decided to share any and every baby sample or discount I could find in one post here. I wanted my readers to have a resource that provided all of those things on one page.

Some of these free samples do require payment for shipping. However, many of these items are still a great deal compared to the full price you would pay in-store.

Even so, there are several samples on this page that are 100% free. I even made a little table below so it would make it easier for you to sort them all out.

Since I want you all to have the best resource I’ve put in a lot of effort personally to make sure these samples are real and legit.

I hope you find some great samples on this page and are able to save money on baby essentials!

Ultimate List of Free Baby Samples 2023 | Free Stuff for Newborn
Here I am after baby #2 our first girl!

How do I get an Amazon baby box?

Getting a FREE Amazon baby box is really easy.

I’ve listed all the baby samples I know of below, but I wanted to talk a little more about the Amazon baby box (pictured below) because it’s one of the best sample boxes out there.

The Amazon box includes full size baby samples. Samples included in this box are high quality full sized samples you will actually need for your newborn baby. Some of the items I received included…

  • Diaper Rash Cream
  • Full Size Muslin Swaddle Blanket
  • Bottles
  • Diapers
  • Baby Shampoo and Body Wash
  • Baby Laundry Detergent
  • Baby Wipes
  • Storage Pouches
  • Breast Pads and Milk Storage Bags

Amazon requires you to create a baby registry to get your box, but you don’t have to be having a baby shower to do this!

Here’s how to claim your Amazon baby welcome box:

  1. Follow Amazon’s Baby Registry steps to add at least one item from each category to your baby registry.
  2. Purchase at least $10 from your registry. There are so many must have items like diapers and wipes, so this part is easy!
  3. Claim your welcome box – Don’t forget to claim your welcome box!
  4. Just like Amazon Prime this will come in a few days and is full of amazing samples for your baby!

We take a more in depth look at the pros and cons of the Amazon Baby Registry HERE and list some must have baby essentials to put on your Amazon Baby Registry.

Check out ==>>>>> Is Amazon Baby Box Worth It?

Ultimate List of Free Baby Samples 2023 | Free Stuff for Newborn

What baby stuff can I get for free?

There are so many companies that give away free baby samples. Many of the samples listed are ones I’ve applied for and received for my own babies. Make sure to carefully look through each one to see if it could benefit you or your baby.


Where else can I snag free and discounted stuff for my baby?

I love free baby boxes but, there are lots of other companies that gives out baby freebies for new and expecting mother’s as well as your infant.

Free Bobbie Formula Samples

Bobbie formula doesn’t offer a complete free sample, but you can get a canister free with their sampler pack for $26 (reg. $52)

Ultimate List of Free Baby Samples 2023 | Free Stuff for Newborn

Join Little Poppy Co’s Bow Club and get first month FREE for new mamas! {Bows from baby to big girl}

Get your first month of bows free when you sign up for email & SMS! Scroll down on the homepage to find this deal.If you subscribe to 12 months you can get last month’s bows free.

Ultimate List of Free Baby Samples 2023 | Free Stuff for Newborn

Free P&G Samples for Moms {Family Favorite Brands}

Earn free rewards, gift cards, sweepstakes entries, coupons, and samples from P&G Everyday! Great for lowering household costs when baby comes! P&G has so many popular household brands you are sure to find something to help with baby or your pregnancy!

Ultimate List of Free Baby Samples 2023 | Free Stuff for Newborn

What registries give free baby stuff?

There are many baby registries that give free baby stuff!

Registry freebies come in many forms from free products, baby bags, baby welcome boxes, coupons, discounts, announcements, and services. Registries that offer freebies include Amazon, Babylist, Bed Bath and Beyond, Target, Walmart, and Buy Buy Baby.

As a mom who’s had 3 babies I preferred the Amazon and Babylist welcome gifts the best! But, you can look at the table below where I lay out the pros and cons of each registry.

Ultimate List of Free Baby Samples 2023 | Free Stuff for Newborn

Take a look at some of my favorite baby registries and the perks of each one below:

Oh… and here’s a more in depth look at the pros and cons of each baby registry!

Here are my favorite registries that come with free welcome kits! Amazon and Baby List both send their welcome boxes after you register online. Walmart and Target are also amazing and you can register online, then pick up your welcome box/bag in store.These registries know what the trending new baby essentials are and will often send you laundry detergent, trendy blankets and bottles, pacifiers, diapers, lotion, cream, wipes, and goodies for mom too.

More Free Baby Stuff!

If you are on the hunt for free samples make sure to check out my other lists of ways to get free samples by mail, free formula, free baby clothes, and free pregnancy and postpartum samples.

How do I get free diapers?

Ultimate List of Free Baby Samples 2023 | Free Stuff for Newborn

To get free diapers check out the list of free samples and freebies below. Sign up for as many as you can to get free diapers. I’ve gotten a lot of free diapers through registry welcome boxes and kits, so don’t miss out on those.

Check local mom groups on Facebook or Nextdoor where I often see new moms giving away free diapers that were the wrong size or no longer fit their baby.

Learn how to get diapers at a discount. There are lots of ways to get free diaper samples and lots of ways to get them for a low discount. Sign up for the newsletter with Pampers, Huggies, and The Honest Company. Some of these companies often will send coupons and freebies to their subscribers.

You may be able to qualify for free diapers through the National Diaper Bank Network. It’s definitely worth a try if you are low income.

What free stuff can I get when pregnant?

I really wish I’d known about free stuff for new moms while pregnant. It’s so cool that the company that I got my free breast pump from has started giving away free support items to pregnant and postpartum moms.

During my pregnancies I struggled with back pain and c-section recovery. So, I know how helpful compression gear can be, especially if it’s free and not just another baby related expense.

Apply at Aeroflow for your free pregnancy and postpartum support wear. You don’t have to pay shipping. Just enter your information and they send you free stuff like…

  • Compression socks
  • Lumbar Support
  • C-Section Recovery Supplies
Ultimate List of Free Baby Samples 2023 | Free Stuff for Newborn

I always shopped at Motherhood for maternity clothes when I was pregnant. The cool thing about Motherhood is you can shop online or in store and they will send you a free goodie bag full of stuff for baby and new mom!

Here is a list of just some of the things you can get free while you are pregnant.

  • Baby Diapers
  • Breast Pump
  • Breast Feeding Supplies
  • C-Section Recovery Supplies
  • Lumbar Support
  • Baby Formula
  • Breast Milk Storage Bags
  • Breast Feeding Pads
  • Baby Clothes
  • Nursing Pillows
  • Free Breast Feeding Support
  • Baby Wipes
  • Pacifiers
  • Swaddle Blankets
  • Bottles
  • Compression Socks
  • Baby Boxes
  • Household Items
  • Baby Towels
  • Baby Wash
  • Baby Lotion
  • Baby Laundry Detergent
  • Baby Books
  • Baby Shoes
  • Baby Sleep Box

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Ultimate List of Free Baby Samples 2023 | Free Stuff for Newborn
Breast is best for this mom and baby. High angle shot of a young mother breastfeeding her newborn baby at home

Free Baby Announcement and Invitation Templates

Both Picmonkey and Canva have free baby announcement and invitation templates you can use for free!

Both have very cute options, with even more options available for a small fee.

Follow the same steps to get samples at both sites:

  1. Set up a free account on Picmonkey or Canva
  2. Go to Templates
  3. Search “Baby Announcements” or “Baby Invitations”
Ultimate List of Free Baby Samples 2023 | Free Stuff for Newborn
Free Baby Announcement Templates from Picmonkey
Ultimate List of Free Baby Samples 2023 | Free Stuff for Newborn
Free Baby Announcement Templates from Canva

Need free baby clothes? Check this out!

Looking for free baby clothes? Newborns can go through several outfits a day.

I’ve had those days as a mother with all the spit ups and blow outs, just wishing I had a pile of more clean clothes for my baby.Luckily I’ve written a whole other post about how to get free baby clothes! Hopefully this is a good resource for you to find free onesies, swaddles, and more. Let me know your results in the comments below!

Free Baby and Pregnancy Apps for Moms

You’ll find a lot of free baby apps available to help you with being a new mom, knowing your babies milestones, and helping you track your pregnancy.

Baby Center Pregnancy Tracker

Track your baby’s development, pregnancy symptoms, and get tips and tricks for new moms in this free app. There is also a community for new moms.

Love this app. I love how it has the birth club feature where you can ask questions/advice and hear all different answers from other mamas that are in the same time frame as you or even some that are further along or just more experienced moms.


Find it on IOS or GooglePlay

Ultimate List of Free Baby Samples 2023 | Free Stuff for Newborn

Pregnancy & Baby Tracker

A pregnancy tracker from What to Expect that is based on your baby’s due date or birthday. Personalized to your baby’s development while your pregnant and postpartum.

I’ve been using this app since I first found out I was pregnant. I love being able to know how big she is, what’s going on with her growth and inside the womb and what’s going on with my growing bump as well!

Amber B3

Find it on IOS or GooglePlay

Ultimate List of Free Baby Samples 2023 | Free Stuff for Newborn

Pampers Club Rewards and Deals

Earn Pampers Cash for exclusive Pampers coupons and rewards! This app also offers parenting and baby development tips.

This app is great and easy to use. As someone who only uses Pampers products for my little ones, it’s great to have a loyalty rewards program.


Find it on IOS or GooglePlay

Ultimate List of Free Baby Samples 2023 | Free Stuff for Newborn

Contraction Timer and Counter

Simple to use contraction timer. The app helps you track your contractions, so you know when it’s time to go to the hospital.

I’m always weary of these apps with perfect scores, but this no frills app worked great for timing my wife’s contractions and got us to the hospital just in time. Healthy baby was delivered 5 hours after it told us to leave for the hospital.


Find it on IOS or GooglePlay

The Bump Pregnancy Tracker

Baby tracker for first-time moms with a planner to prepare for doctor appointments. 3D visualization of baby’s growth. Pregnancy and parenting tips and advice.

I downloaded a few different pregnancy apps to help me through my first pregnancy and this one was my favorite. It’s by far the nicest app to look at and has really cute and interactive graphics. The weekly updates and articles are extremely informative too.


Find it on IOS or GooglePlay

Ultimate List of Free Baby Samples 2023 | Free Stuff for Newborn

Interesting Ideas to Get Free Baby Essentials (For Low Income Families Too)

It’s great that all the companies listed above make it easy to claim free baby stuff online. But, there are some outside the box ways to get baby freebies that you may not have thought about.

  1. Apply for more free samples by mail! Check out this other list we’ve put together full of free samples. Accept these aren’t all just for baby. Save money on household items and things you would by for yourself and apply those savings to buy the baby things you need.
  2. Ask your baby’s pediatrician or your OBGYN if they have any free baby samples. Many times baby companies will send samples to doctors to help spread the word. You can usually get free formula, diaper, and baby ointment samples from the doctor to name a few.
  3. Email the company to ask for samples. Have you ever wanted to try out a baby food or formula, but didn’t want to spend money just to have it not work out? Send an email to the customer service of the baby product you want to try asking if they have any free samples. I’ve gotten free baby samples and coupons for a large discount this way.
  4. Yard sales and estate sales are great for getting baby stuff for free or dirt cheap. Sometimes people just want to be rid of their old baby gear, so they will sell a box of baby stuff for fifty cents or give it away for free. You can also find cheap cribs, high chairs, and strollers this way. Just make sure they are up to date on safety before you claim them.
  5. Facebook Mom Groups– Reach out in a local or Facebook mom group to see if anyone has the baby item you need. The moms in these groups are supportive and happy to help. This is a great way to find free items like baby strollers that another mom just didn’t need anymore. You can even make an ISO post to say you are “in search of” a baby stroller or other baby item and see who has the items you need. Sometimes moms are looking to swap baby items in these groups as well.I just heard about Buy Nothing Facebook groups, where people give away everything for free! Just search Buy Nothing “Your City” in the Facebook search bar and you will most likely have a group. In our local group there were lots of moms giving away baby gear including furniture, strollers, high chairs, cribs, formula, diapers, and other baby essentials.
  6. Online sale sites– Just like yard sales; sites like Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, Nextdoor and OfferUp are great places to look for baby gear for free or dirt cheap. Many of these sites have a free items section that make it even easier to find the free baby stuff.
  7. Swap Meets– You can find really cheap baby items at the swap meet and many times can haggle down the price even more. Getting a box or bag of baby clothes this way, many times, means that you are getting most of them for free.
  8. Friends and Family– Put out a call to friends and family to see if anyone has used baby gear or clothes laying around. Friends and family are most likely to give these items to you for free. Especially if they are being stored away and unused. If you know someone with a baby a bit older than yours reach out. My sister has a son who is one year older than mine so she often gives me his shoes and clothes that don’t fit him anymore.
  9. Government Aid and Nonprofits– If you are really struggling and need baby supplies check what is available in your community. You can do a Google search for baby support in your area or ask your baby’s pediatrician if they know of any support in the area. There is usually assistance, like WIC available for new moms to help with diapers, formula, and basic supplies you would otherwise not be able to buy on your own.
  10. Get paid doing surveys and playing games online with Inbox Dollars. (free to join), Kashkick, MyPoints, and LifePoints are other sites where you can get paid taking surveys and quizzes.Some of these sites pay cash or give points you can redeem for gift cards, baby gear, magazines, travel or household items.Use this side hustle money for baby supplies! As a young mom I took all the surveys and made money doing it. I even got selected for some baby focus groups that provided free diapers and other baby essentials.
  11. Warehouse Samples– Are you a member at a warehouse store like Costco or Sam’s Club? Visit on high sample days to see if they are giving free baby products. I’ve gotten free diapers and wipes this way. Not to mention free snacks and laundry detergent that helps me curb the cost of doing laundry and feeding the older kids.
  12. BOGO Sales– Search for “Baby BOGO Sales” to see if you can get additional baby essentials for free on top of what you already need to buy. You can also find coupons to buy one get one on baby gear you need to buy anyways like diapers and formula. Join my Facebook Deals Group for updated sales.
  13. Participate in Giveaway Contests– Many companies and organizations host baby-related giveaway contests on their social media pages or websites. You can increase your chances of winning by following them, liking and sharing their posts, and signing up for their newsletters. Additionally, some organizations may offer free samples or coupons for baby products, which can add up to significant savings over time.
Ultimate List of Free Baby Samples 2023 | Free Stuff for Newborn

Baby Discounts for New Moms

Don’t miss the best baby deals, you can really use these to save on your overall baby budget. Rakuten and Ibotta alone are great for items you are already purchasing. You can earn cash back rewards to put back into your baby budget.

Ultimate List of Free Baby Samples 2023 | Free Stuff for Newborn
  • Rakuten – Just look above at all the money I’ve earned back from Rakuten on things I was already shopping for online. You just click through Rakuten to the store and earn cash back. I’m always bummed when I forget to use Rakuten because I’m missing out on money back. It’s always so exciting when they deposit real cash into your Paypal account.
  • Ibotta – Scan your coupons for frequently bought items at several popular stores and earn cash back. Sign up today to see all the things you can get cash back on! I love the money back from Ibotta, just have to remember to use it.
  • Sign up and receive FREE Month Trial of Hooked on Phonics for $1.
Ultimate List of Free Baby Samples 2023 | Free Stuff for Newborn

How much money can I actually save getting free baby stuff?

You may not think you can save much money taking advantage of free baby samples. But, when you take the time to apply for all or most of the samples listed in this post it can actually save you thousands of dollars.

Qualifying for a free high quality breast pump and supplies alone is saving you at least $500 on baby costs. Signing up for formula welcome packs and baby registry welcome packs are also saving you hundreds.

Baby companies WANT to give you free samples because it brings awareness to their brand. It may even help you as a mom finding products that actually work for your baby.

When I was a young mom my baby wouldn’t eat any baby food until I found Beech Nut through a sample. It was so great to finally be able to find something my baby would eat.

What baby sample was your favorite on the list? Let me know in the comments below! If you like this list make sure to share on social or with other expecting moms you think might find it helpful!

Baby Samples FAQ

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Babies grow so fast it’s hard to keep up. They also can go through several onesies and outfits a day with blowouts and spit ups. Sometimes you’ll need 5 outfit changes before the day is over. How can you get baby clothes for free?

Ultimate List of Free Baby Samples 2023 | Free Stuff for Newborn