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I met Margaret Haas in person for the first time on November 11, 2015. I was visiting Los Angeles doing research for what would become Mail More Love and I booked an appointment at Paper Pastries to shop and pick Margaret’s brain about being the owner of a stationery store. She was pregnant with my now pal and pen pal Ellis Rose #swoon and we ended up chatting for like ever. We had so many touch points in the conversation and I knew immediately we would be friends for like ever.

That day when I stepped into the former Paper Pastries location that was in Downtown Los Angeles in the historic Spring Arts Tower, I felt as though I was stepping into the 1950’s and heaven all at the same time. It was a magical place filled with the most amazing collection on stationery I had ever laid eyes on. My budget died that day! But I gained a parter and friend for like els.


I shopped my face off and chatted with Margaret and soon learned that we both have loved rubber stamping for our whole lives! We’ve been ardent pen pals ever since and each trip I make west, we are sure to have one or more play dates.

IMG_5732Fast forward a few months when I started strategizing Mail More Love, Margaret was my sounding board for everything. She gave her feedback on logos, designs and which stamps to make. And when the USPS tried to shut down my little business, she consoled me and gave me the pep talk I need to dust my self off and get back to business. She also signed on to produce all of the rubber stamps that were part of the subscription box.

Margaret was also my cheerleader and inspiration in starting the New York City Letter Writers Society. I had been toying with the idea of a letter writing group but was turned off my the entertaining aspect of holding a monthly meeting. I did research for months on letter writing groups in NYC in the 1800’s and once I had all the info I needed, I bounced all my ideas off of her.


But outside of all of this Margaret is my stamping muse. When I buy a new stamp or sit down to try a new design on an envelope, it is usually because she has inspired me or because I am making something I want to show her… these bunnies….this bunny stamp is from my first visit to her shop and it has a special place in my heart.


Margaret and I are both obsessed with color theory and I’m always coming up with new combos to thrill her. Clearly, I am her biggest fan, so I thought it would be cool to tell you all about how she inspired me and let you know that many of the Mail More Love rubber stamps are available at Paper Pastries.

Margaret’s nickname for me is The PostMistress so I will sign off for now with this beautiful custom stamp that she name for me! All your rubber stamp dreams can come true at Paper Pastries. Hop on over there now! Until the next note, Rhea