Easy Pop Up Birthday Card DIY

Video pop up bday cards

We love homemade cards, when I was younger and to a degree still now, I used to make ALL birthday cards I sent myself. I think DIY birthday cards are the best! Today we have a super fun and easy pop up birthday card for you to learn how to make!

Today we share a fun 3d Cake Card – this can also be made as pop up Wedding Cake card (as shared in my new Paper Crafts book!) and can be customised with colours and decorations to suit anyone’s interests! Birthday gifts, with handmade cards with a personalized message are simply the best!

We have MANY greeting cards that kids can make for you to be inspired by, as well as special collection of f Pop Up Card Projects?

On to today’s Birthday Pop Up Card! I love the cake design, complete with sprinkles and birthday cake candles. So cute.

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3D Birthday Card Cake – Supplies needed:

The supplies needed to make this birthday card, really are quite basic! In essence it is some cardstock and scrap paper in different colors. But as with all our makes, I encourage you to work with what you have and have a good rummage in your craft box, you can easily add washi tape, glitter paper, stickers, ribbons and even lace to your “happy birthday card” design!

  • A6 Card Stock (or a piece of A5 card folded in half)
  • White paper (or paper of choice)
  • Contrasting paper (or you can use markers/ pencils/ crayons to decorate)
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick

Pop Up Birthday Card Cake – How To

Lets learn how to maek this handmade birthday card!!

As per usual, we have a fantastic HOW TO video to share with you on autoplay – but first have some step by step written instructions that you may prefer! But the video does show you how quick and easy it is to make this fun and easy Pop Up Birthday Cake Card.

Note: you don’t have to use “pretty pattern paper/ sprinkles paper” like I have here.. but you can also decorate the “white cake” with pens or things like washi tape. Have a look at what you have already and work with what you have got! A word of warning though… this pop up birthday card DIY is so easy, that you will want to make more and more and more… so why not make a batch and have them handy for up coming birthdays throughout the year? Make a white one, with a little bride and groom and you have the perfect Wedding Cake Card too!

Your birthday candles or cake toppers

Start with your cake toppers, as they will influence the measurements of the rest of the cake below.

Think about your cake toppers – will they be candles or a little bride and groom. Keep it simple, the result will look great and you don’t have to be an artist to create details. Cut our your candles or bride and groom and have them ready!

Prepping your homemade birthday card

Using your card stock as a guide, cut your A5 sheet of white paper down a little – so that when it is inside the card you have a nice frame!

Fold in half and put aside.

Measuring your birthday cake’s tiers

Take your candles, line them up with your folded paper and roughly measure out the top of cake and the bottom of the cake.

Divide this cake space into three equal parts along the spine.

The bottom rung of the cake should be approximately half the length of the card.

Cutting your pop up cake’s tiers & pop up them out

Make 4 cuts: 2 long cuts (approx. 5cm) one medium cut (approx. 3.5cm) and one small cut (approx. 2cm)

Creating the cake pop ups

Make a need folds along these cuts.

Fold open the paper and “reverse the crease”!

Assembling your handmade card

Glue your paper into your cardstock. One side at a time and press down to secure.

Your basic pop up cake is FINISHED! It is now time to decorate to your hearts content.

We used pretty patterned paper to make the pop up birthday cake layers and add our candles. But you can use any paper and just decorate it using markers, washi tape, stickers, glitter, ribbons, lace or even buttons! A great way to customise this easy DIY Birthday card to suit what you have at home.

Now it is time to write your birthday message inside! If you can also draw some birthday balloons in the background of your card! This makes a lovely birthday card for a mum, dad, grany, grandpa or a good friend! The recipient will love it and it will be a lovely way to add to the celebrations on their special day.

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DIY Pop Up Cake Card for Birthdays – Video Tutorial:

For this type of craft, I really do think the video is easier to watch – and shows you how very easy it is to make these fabulous pop up birthday cards! Enjoy! This is the long video voice over version also available on YouTube.