Christmas Cards

Share the magic of Christmas with unique, personalized Christmas cards from Tiny Prints. With an assortment of festive themes and luxe designs, you can find the perfect Christmas card design and customize it to further suit your style. At Tiny Prints, ordering is fast and easy, allowing you to check one more item off your to-do list as you prepare for the Christmas holiday. Whether you send a traditional Merry Christmas card or a cute or funny greeting card that makes your friends and family smile, your recipients will cherish this one-of-a-kind keepsake designed with your favorite family photos.

Beautiful, Elegant Christmas Cards

Our 2023 Christmas card collection is simply stunning, offering a wonderful array of design styles, photo options, and accents. From cards with simple, minimalist, modern designs featuring ample whitespace, clean lines, and a plethora of one photo layouts to warmer, fall-inspired cards featuring designs in brick red, coral, orange, and purple, whether with moody watercolors or glowing gold foil accents, you’ll find uncommon Christmas cards with high style. For a card with a decidedly current feel, go with one replete with dark florals, flowing, romantic, calligraphic scripts, and a monochromatic vibe, or perhaps one with polka dots, splashes of pink and blue pastels, or screen print-like color.

Other available aesthetics include preppy plaids with rich, striking variations on traditional greens and reds and, as well, Scandinavian farmhouse-inspired designs, with whites, golds, and grays and featuring botanicals and interesting patterns. Our creative templates also feature eye-catching ways to frame your photos—from arches to subtle curves to retro stripes to illustrations that extend onto the photo’s edges. Our independent designers offer you both traditional looks and those with an updated, trend-setting appeal.

Creative Photo Christmas Card Ideas

Creating your annual, DIY photo Christmas card is a ritual unto itself. Whether you stage a semi-formal shot, an annual Christmas pajama-wearing picture, or an ugly sweater photo, it’s a chance to showcase your family for all of your contacts to see. If one of the above-mentioned photo shoots appeals to you, you’re likely to go with a Christmas card template featuring a single picture. This is a great choice, as your traditional or high-concept photo will really shine on its own. On the other hand, you may want to make a year-in-review card, a kind of travelog, or a card that features photos of your dog or cat or your kids involved in various fun activities. In this case, a photo collage design template would be ideal.

How To Make the Best Christmas Cards

We know a lot of thought and love goes into your holiday cards (and New Year’s cards). Christmas cards from Tiny Prints start with the highest quality paper to make an enduring and memorable keepsake. To make a card you’ll love, choose a size—5×7 or square 5×5—and add custom flair with unique trim options. You have a choice between flat and folded formats, including luxurious trifold and gate-fold options. Of course, you’ll want to consider adding photos to your holiday card, but it’s also a great choice to create no-photo Christmas card if you prefer. One way to make your Christmas card both special and spectacular is by adding gold foil or glitter. Our foil stamped Christmas cards, personalized foil Christmas cards, and glitter Christmas cards allow you to feature your name, Christmas greeting, and other accents in premium foil. These are luxury Christmas cards bound to attract attention and admiration.