How Much a Book of Stamps Cost?

How Much a Book of Stamps Cost?

The price for one book of stamps differs due to their types. There are many types of stamps. Every type has a different price for one book.

A book of 20 stamps is available at $10. The rates of the stamps are the same everywhere as per the standard rates set by the USPS. So, you can buy the stamps from any Super Store such as Walmart, Amazon or Costco, etc. In the same way, you can get the stamps from any renowned pharmacy such as Rite Aid.

Price of Individual Stamp

cost of one stamp

Earlier, the rates of forever stamps were a bit lower. You could get a single Forever stamp in only $0.50. Now, the USPS has increased the prices and you can get a forever stamp in 0.55 cents. So, the people buying a few stamps will be a loss. If you buy the postage stamps in the bulk, it will give you some discount because a book of 20 stamps will be available in $10. It means, one stamp costs 0.50 cent.

First Class Stamp Price

The price of the first-class stamp varies due to the size and weight of the parcel or letter. If the weight is up to 100 gram, the first class stamp will cost you 0.67 cents. If the parcel is wide and a bit more weight than 100 gram, it will cost you $1.01.

Book of Stamps Offered by Different Sources


  • Walmart offers a book of 20 forever stamps in only $15 with free home delivery.
  • It offers the book of National Parks Forever postage stamps in $19.19. The book includes 16 stamps.
  • In the same way, the USPS Global Forever stamps of USPS are available here. The book of Global forever stamps is available in only $41.99. One book contains 20 pieces of stamps. The retail store offers free delivery for this product.
  • Walmart also offers Honoring first responders forever stamps for the users. One book of these stamps contains 20 pieces of stamps and it is available in only $18.98. You can buy these stamps from Walmart Super Store physically by visiting it or online.


Amazon stores are not only a big source to buy the books, but also a good place to buy the postage stamps. Amazon has amazing discount offers for its customers.

  • Amazon offers a book of 20 Celebrate Forever stamps in only %15.79. It offers a book of Peace Rose USPS Forever stamps in $16.50. The book contains 20 stamps.
  • If you want to buy the stamps for stamp collecting hobby, you can get the 21 used and new stamp books in only $11.99. If you want to get the stamp book for postage services, the prices vary.
  • The book of 20 pieces of Frozen Treats Postage Stamps is available in $16.95. You can get these stamps by visiting the store in your locality. You can also place an online order to get them.
  • A book of USPS US Flags Forever stamps is available in only $16.25. Remember that, these forever stamps are valid to post the first-class letter up to 1 ounce. There is a special discount on these stamps. If you buy two books of 20 stamps in each, you will get them in only $29.49.


Cost of Forever stamp

Target Super Store offers different USPS Postage Stamps for the customers.

  • A book of DYMO first-class postage stamps is available in $22.48. The book contains 20 stamps. If you place an online order up to $35, it offers free shipping of the stamps. The offer is only for online buyers. It is not available on Stores.


CVS also offers the postage stamps for its customers. Usually, there are 20 stamps in one booklet. CVS offers the non-denominational forever stamps. So, you pay the same price at CVS that is set by the USPS.

  • One book of forever stamps is available in $10. It contains 20 stamps that can be used anytime regardless of a price hike. If you want to get two or three stamps, CVS is not the right place. It offers the stamps in bulk.


Staples Retailer Store offers various postage stamps for its customers. See the details below.

  • You can buy one book of Dymo postage stamps in only $17.69. The shipment is free and it takes only 24 hours. These are Laser/inkjet stamps suitable for domestic and international posts.
  • One book of Dymo Thermal first-class postage stamps is available in only $11.49.

In short, every superstore and retailer store has a bit different rates due to some discount on the stamps. You can avail this discount if you buy the stamps in bulk. If you want to get one or two stamps, better to go to USPS because none of the above-discussed stores offers postage stamps individually.

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