How to preorder the Galaxy Note 7 on T-Mobile, AT&T, Verizon and Sprint

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The Galaxy Note 7 was made official Tuesday morning, introducing an iris scanner, curved edges (a la Galaxy S7 Edge) and Corning’s new Gorilla Glass 5. It also comes with water and dust resistance, a bigger battery and a brand-new color called coral blue.

One of the Galaxy Note’s defining features, the S Pen, has been updated as well. It’s more sensitive and accurate, water resistant, doesn’t get stuck if you insert it the wrong way, and it can even make GIFs.

All these features come at a premium, however. The full retail price of the Galaxy Note 7 is a staggering $850, making it one of the most expensive phones on the market today. That said, retailers and wireless providers across the board have a host of preorder deals which can help temper the price.

Here’s how to reserve yours.

How to preorder the Galaxy Note 7

All the major networks and retailers in the US have announced that preorders will begin today, and the device will officially launch August 19. Starting today, you can also place an advance order with Amazon, Best Buy, Car Toys, Sam’s Club, Target and select Walmart stores.

Best Buy is said to be offering either a Gear Fit 2 or 256GB microSD card with a preorder and tells BGR it’s “the only place” where customers will walk out with a free Samsung item with a preorder. It’s likely that other retailers will offer a similar choice in free items, but you will have to wait to receive your that item with the Galaxy Note 7.

You will also be able to order ahead of time with major wireless providers, each of which have their own advance order deals.


With T-Mobile, you can preorder the Galaxy Note 7 online, by phone or in a T-Mobile retail location starting today. It will be available in coral blue, black onyx and silver titanium and will cost either $850 or $70 down and $32.50 per month for 24 months.

Preorders of the Galaxy Note 7 come with your choice of a full year of Netflix, a Samsung Gear Fit 2 or a 256GB microSD card.


Verizon’s preorders started today at 12 a.m. ET. These orders are online-only and Verizon is waiving $20 activation fees and offering up to $300 for select device trade-ins.

The Galaxy Note 7 through Verizon will set you back either $36.00 per month for 24 months or $864.00 at full retail.

Note that you can place a preorder for a Verizon Samsung Galaxy Note 7 at Best Buy and still receive either a free Gear Fit 2 or 256GB memory card. Or if you purchased directly through Verizon, you will need to follow the instructions below to redeem your free item.


Preorders for the Galaxy Note 7 on AT&T begin today, and it is available in blue coral, black onyx and silver titanium. It will cost $29.34 per month for 30 months with AT&T Next and $36.67 for 24 months with AT&T Next Every Year.

Paired with AT&T preorders of the Galaxy Note 7 are a Gear S2 for free and a Galaxy Tab E for $1 with a two-year agreement. With a Galaxy Note 7 preorder, you can also get a second Galaxy smartphone with AT&T Next to receive $695 in bill credits over 30 months.


Sprint’s preorders will also begin online on August 3. Once again, advance orders come with a choice of a free Gear Fit 2 or a 256GB memory card. Those who sign up for Samsung Pay will also get a $20 Samsung Rewards Visa card with their first purchase.

Through Sprint, the Galaxy Note 7 will cost $0.00 down with 24 monthly installments of $35.42, $349.99 with a mail-in rebate and 24-month contract or $849.99 at full retail.

How to get a free Gear Fit 2 or 256GB memory card

As you may have noticed, nearly all the preorders of the Galaxy Note 7 come with the choice of a Gear Fit 2 (or a Gear S2 through AT&T) or a 256GB memory card. Some retailers are throwing their own spin on it. T-Mobile and Costco, for instance, offer a choice of one year of Netflix in lieu of the other freebies.

If you preordered a Galaxy Note 7 from a carrier or retailer who did not offer a selection of free devices, while supplies last, you can redeem either a Gear Fit 2 or 256GB microSD EVO+ from Samsung. The offer runs from August 3 to August 28 and includes advance orders of the Galaxy Note 7 or Galaxy S7 Edge. To redeem your free stuff:

  • Go to the Samsung Galaxy Offer landing page or install the Samsung Pay app.
  • Choose your carrier from the first dropdown menu.
  • Select where you purchased your phone from in the second dropdown menu.
  • Fill out the necessary forms and follow the prompts. You will also need proof of purchase, such as a receipt, to redeem the offer.

If you ordered through Best Buy, you can go to a store and show the cashier your receipt to redeem your free item. If you ordered online, your free item will ship with your order.

Otherwise, the item you selected will ship separately from your order and should arrive within 12 weeks. You can check the status of your submission with Samsung here.

Editors’ note: This post was originally published August 2, 2016 and has most recently been updated to reflect how the Samsung Galaxy Offer promotion works, as well as updated pricing and promotional details for carrier-specific orders.