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With Fancypost Plugin, You can build your own professional blog, magazine, recipe, travel, fashion, portfolio blog or whatever you want.

No coding skills are required! Work with any themes, Try FancyPost for free! No credit card is required. Free download here 100% Free.

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Also, The FancyPost Pro plugin has 10+ layouts variations. We arrange the Post Block, Post Group, Post Trisec, Grid hover, Post slider and Post Carousel. You can easily create any layout by this plugin.

🔥 #1 Best Post Grid Plugin For WordPress.

Fancypost is the top #1 Gutenberg Blocks plugin for creating fully customizable grid layouts, post layouts, and advanced post grids. In addition to offering a post grid block, we also provide a wide range of smaller blocks such as Post Block, Post Group, Post Trisec, Grid Hover, Post Slider, Post Carousel, and many others, all with extensive flexibility.


✅ Personal Blog ✅ Magazine ✅ Blog Post Grid ✅ Magazine ✅ News ✅ Food Blog ✅ Blog Post Grid ✅ Blog Post Listing ✅ Dynamic Post Slider ✅ Post Carousel ✅ Grid Display, Category Grid, Post Filter, Post Layout and much more.


These Gutenberg post blocks come with a lot of key features.

  • Fully responsive and mobile friendly.
  • 4 Gutenberg Blocks (Each Blog Have 6 Layout)
  • Generate Unlimited grid.
  • Shortcode Generator
  • Best Gutenberg page builder
  • Pre-Designed Templates (Explore Gutenberg Templates )
  • Post group Option
  • Post Grid Option
  • Advanced Post Grid Option
  • Typography Customization
  • You can add featured posts
  • Display posts by any Taxonomy like category(s), tag(s), author(s), keyword(s)
  • You can add featured slider
  • Display image size (thumbnail, medium, large, full)
  • Primary and Button Color control.
  • Enable/Disable Pagination.
  • Feature image Enable/Disable option
  • Advanced color options with the color palette from your theme.
  • Gutenberg Post Blocks Compatible Within Shortcode
  • Post grid Support for elementor
  • Post grid plugin for Other builder
  • Best post grid plugin for elementor

🏆 Amazing Gutenberg Advanced Post Blocks!

FancyPost is a top-notch plugin that provides you with 10 fantastic and customizable layouts. These layouts are perfect for organizing your website’s posts and showcasing them on different pages like the Home Page and Archive Pages such as Category Pages, Tag Pages, Search Pages, and Date pages. Once you’ve added the blocks, you can easily tailor them to your specific needs using the settings options available for all Gutenberg Blocks in FancyPost .

🏆 Get Started with Ready-to-Use Block Designs!

If you prefer a hassle-free approach and don’t want to spend time on extensive configurations or settings, FancyPost has got you covered. We offer more than 6 pre-designed layouts that you can import with just a few clicks. This means you can quickly set up your blocks without diving into the settings section. However, if you’d like to personalize the pre-made designs, you’re always welcome to do so.

🏆WHY DO YOU USE FancyPost Plugin on Your WordPress Website?

This Gutenberg post blocks plugin is one of the most comprehensive as well as easy-to-customize plugins to add WP Ultimate Post Grid. it includes all the notable features that you will need to effortlessly create beautiful posts for your site.

It supports post meta, post button, category, pagination alignment, custom taxonomy, and post layout, along with dynamic Post Grid and Filter Ultimate, which are customization ready. You can use this plugin conveniently to create news, review articles, different types of blogs, magazines, etc., with your creativity.

This WordPress plugin is well-optimized, so you don’t have to worry about speed and performance issues with your site. In fact, if you are a beginner and do not have any specialization in coding, then this plugin is perfectly suitable for you. Since no coding skills are required to use it all you have to do is install and activate this plugin. Then a few mouse clicks will be required to customize the settings as your need, and the rest will come to you intuitively.


  • Astra
  • Divi
  • OceanWP
  • Ultra
  • Spencer
  • Indigo
  • Parallax
  • Neve
  • Pro
  • Veni, and many more

ADVANTAGE Features – Amazing WordPress Gutenberg blocks

✅ Post Grid System

This block provides stunning options for showcasing your posts on the Gutenberg block mode. It offers taxonomy controls to choose categories. You will also get predefined controls for every part of the post like Excerpt, author, thumbnails, post button, date, comments, etc.

✅ Post Group

Post group is another great feature of this plugin, which enables you to create a post group for similar blocks on your page or post. In fact, if you want, you can create more than one group on your site using this feature. It will allow you to select multiple categories for your group post, a group image, enable or disable custom height, etc.

✅ Advanced Post Query

You can easily create a complex query for your post grid using the query customization options of the Gutenberg Post Blocks plugin. Anyone can create complex questions and post orders for each block without writing a single line of code.

✅ No Coding Required

This plugin doesn’t require you to do a single line of coding. All you need to do is install this plugin, then activate it, and then customize the setting as you require.

✅ Regular Updates

We keep adding new features to our plugin, so you can make the best use of it on your website. You just have to update the plugin to get all the new features. Just one click, and your plugin will be ready to serve you with all the updates.

✅ High-Quality Code

The Gutenberg post block plugin’s code has been uncompromisingly optimized to guarantee you a fantastic user experience as well as website speed and performance. No slow load times and no single security vulnerability.

✅ Premium Support

We are available 24/7 for you. Contact us on our Support Page for any questions or support. To answer your question, we have a dedicated team of WordPress experts who are providing regular support throughout the year to our users.

Pre-Designed Gutenberg Templates (Pro)

FancyPost offers pre-designed templates as a premium feature, allowing users to customize their post blocks without the need for coding. These templates provide ready-to-use designs that can be easily imported with just a few clicks, saving valuable development time. By choosing from a variety of templates, users can quickly set up their post blocks and personalize them to suit their specific needs. This feature provides users with a hassle-free approach to designing their post blocks, ensuring a professional and visually appealing look for their content.

Advanced Post Grid Query (Pro)

With the advanced post query feature, FancyPost empowers users to have more control over arranging their posts. Users can set categories, define the post order, apply post queries, and more. This feature enables users to create dynamic and organized post grids, ensuring that the right content is displayed in the right place. Whether it’s arranging posts by specific categories, ordering them based on custom criteria, or implementing complex queries, the advanced post query feature allows users to curate their content effectively and present it in a structured and meaningful way. With this level of customization, users can ensure that their post blocks showcase the most relevant and engaging content to their audience.

Typography & Google Fonts (Pro)

FancyPost provides a premium feature for Typography & Google Fonts customization. Users have the ability to customize various aspects of their post blocks, including the post title, meta information, description, button styles, and category labels. With advanced typography options, users can choose from a wide range of fonts, sizes, and styles, allowing them to create a consistent and visually appealing typography throughout their posts. The integration of Google Fonts further expands the font selection, providing users with an extensive library of high-quality fonts to choose from. This premium feature empowers users to create a unique and visually captivating typographic style that aligns with their branding and enhances the overall aesthetics of their post blocks.

Hybrid Layouts (Pro)

FancyPost offers Hybrid layouts as a premium feature, enabling users to showcase their posts in a visually striking manner. The Hybrid layouts include the Group and Trisect layouts. The Group layout allows users to display similar posts within specific category group blocks, providing a visually cohesive presentation of related content. Users can create unlimited group blocks and customize them to suit their preferences, allowing for flexible and targeted content organization. The Trisect layout showcases posts in responsive 3-column blocks, maximizing the use of available space and creating an appealing visual arrangement. Users have control over the responsive height of the blocks, ensuring that the display adapts well to different screen sizes. With the Hybrid layouts, users can elevate the visual impact of their post blocks and create engaging and captivating layouts for their audience.