Book of Stamps vs Roll of Stamps: Which is The Cheapest Way to Buy?

What does a roll of postcard stamps cost in 2023?

On some holidays you want to send some postcards to your family and friends to convey the joy of the holiday, so buying postcard stamps directly will be more cost-effective than buying standard first-class stamps.

51 cents per postcard stamp in 2023. You can buy a roll of 100 postcard stamps from USPS for $51, or choose from as few as 20 postcard stamps. However, these should only be used on postcards and should not be placed on standard letters.

Postcard stamps were previously 44 cents, an increase of 7 cents from before and a bigger increase than first-class stamps. However, they’re still economical and a better option if you’re just sending postcards.

Is it cheaper to buy stamps by the roll or is it cheaper to buy stamps by booklet?

Buying a roll of stamps or even subscribing to a roll is often the most convenient option if you need to mail letters regularly and in bulk. If you buy stamps from, no matter what form you buy, it’s not the cheapest because it’s based on the type and quantity of stamps you buy, not the form. If you run a business, buying stamps by roll saves you time and effort and ensures you always have stamps on hand.

Some tips on how to subscribe to USPS stamp rolls

To subscribe to USPS stamp rolls, all you need to do is go to the online USPS store and from there you can go to their “Stamp Rolls” section. Here you should find options to buy stamp subscriptions as well as one-time purchases of stamp rolls.

Choose a stamp roll subscription from four options (monthly or twice a month, six months, or twelve months) and add it to your cart. There is nothing special about this, you can decide to send monthly or twice monthly subscriptions depending on your needs. You decide the duration of your subscription, choosing between six or twelve months. Whichever you choose, you can ship twice a month, or once a month.

Remember that your subscription will be automatically charged to your card each month, so you must ensure you have sufficient funds in the appropriate account to cover this cost.

The costs of the forever stamp of 2023 are calculated as follows:

Monthly subscription for 6 months for $396 ($66 per month)

Two monthly subscriptions for 6 months for $792 ($132 per month)

Monthly subscription for 12 months for $792 ($66 per month)

Two monthly subscriptions for 12 months for $1584 ($132 per month)

Please note that the stamp subscription is only for the convenience of regular stamp delivery, which is the same as the ordinary magazine subscription. If the stamp price increases during your subscription period, your subscription price will be updated to reflect this. You cannot hold stamps for a fixed price by creating a subscription. So you still need to pay attention to the price of stamps in time. Be sure to cancel or modify your subscription when your demand for stamps decreases, otherwise it will be a big non-essential expense.