6 places where can i buy single stamps near me/buy one individual and single stamp

6 places where can i buy single stamps near me/buy one individual and single stamp

Are you looking for where to buy just one stamp on it own just to mail one important document, ticket or gift or Christmas card? The this post will be of great help to you.6 places where can i buy single stamps near me/buy one individual and single stamp

Can you just buy one stamp? Who sells single stamps? Can you buy single envelopes at the post office?

We understand that not everyone can afford a book of stamps of 10,12,20 or even 6. If you are in need of just one stamp then read on

Yes we know you can get stamps at most 7-11, wholegrain and even at some banks, but most of all this places where you can get stamps near you don’t sell a single stamp, they are likely to sell a book of forever stamps which might not what you are looking for.

The Cost of a Single Stamp 2018

First lets discuss about the price or cost of a stamp, first we will based our yardstick with what is obtainable in post offices around.

The cost of stamps as at 2018 is just $ 0.49 that’s approximately half a cent. Although there was an increase in the price stamp were sold because it was far less expensive as it use to be now. Find out more here USPS prices

where can i buy single or individual stamps near me

TRY your local post office :

post offices are supposed to sell a single stamps in short they do sell single stamps. Post offices has many stamps in sheet if you make a demand they will simply tear off just a single stamp for you

but we have got reports of some post offices who wouldn’t want to sell single stamps reason best known to them. There are some reported cases in which they try to make one buy book or collection of stamps but this is not really fair So if you have tried your local post office without a major breakthrough then consider the following places i will mention below.


I don’t know where you reside be you in United State of America or in Europe just check your local library, I know what am saying as i have gotten a single stamps in a library here in the states.

Offices :

if you work in an office or you have a sibling that work in one big organization like that just tell him to get you a stamp in their office… Hey please take permission before taking anything so you won’t get your self in trouble.

convenience stores :

not all convenience store will sell a single stamps as most i know do sell a book of stamps of 20 and 10 . I have listed some places where you can get stamps here check out some convenience stores i mentioned here

List of convenience stors that sells single stamp

buy single stamp Winco

winco is a convenience store located in the United States with majority of their stores located in the urban center like Arizona, California, Idaho, Nevada, Oregon, Texas, Utah, and Washington, you can find a list of their shops closer to you here

Buy single stamp at Wegmans

you can still find single stamps at Wegmans but they might be a little way expensive with what you get at the post office but what makes me like Wegmans is because of their flexibility and 24/7 services. Wegmans supper center can be located in most major cities in the US such as Massachusetts, Maryland, Virginia, New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania. Check out more stores here


Now that we have listed where you can buy single stamp you might as well still try to get a book of forever stamps and save your self the stress of looking for where to buy single stamps.

Forever stamp will last you for many years to come and you won’t have to pay additional fees if there is a hick in prices of stamps, considering the mad queue at the post office the you will be discourage.

Because if you calculate the cost of just to fuel your car just to travel long distance to get a single stamp you will see the disadvantage you ate doing your self.

One of the importance of buying a book of stamps it is because it will serve as for a long period of time and also will be cheaper in the long run as against buying stamps in pieces.

Nevertheless a lot of folks might still find it a waste of time getting stamps in bulk after all they just wanna send just this mail