How Many Stamps In A Roll? (All You Need To Know)

How Many Stamps In A Roll? (All You Need To Know)

Whether you’ve got a big birthday party, wedding, or baby shower coming up, when there is a big event with lots of invitations, you’ll need lots of stamps.

Thus, the most efficient way to purchase them is in a roll or coil. But how many stamps in a roll can you count on? The answer might surprise you, as there are a few options. See below for the details!

How Many Stamps In A Roll In 2023?

A standard roll of stamps generally comes with 100 stamps in 2023. However, post office locations and online postal stores sell rolls of 1,000 and 10,000. However, customers are less likely to find these larger rolls in other retail locations. Pricing is fairly standard, though some retailers may offer a slight discount.

To learn more about the pricing of stamps rolls or coils, whether it can be cheaper to buy by the roll, and where you can buy rolls of stamps, keep reading! I’ve got all you need to know!

How Much Is A 100 Pack Of Forever Stamps?

It’s not common for a roll of Forever stamps to cost less than the number of stamps in the coil multiplied by the current individual price of each stamp.

Certainly, the United States Postal Service does not offer any “bulk” discounts on stamps, so if you were hoping for a deal, it’s not likely.

Thus, a 100-pack, in roll or coil form, of stamps will come out to $58 before July 2022 and $60 after.

Why The Split In July 2022?

Because the USPS – an independent agency of the US government that does not receive tax dollars – will be raising prices on Forever stamps then.

Indeed, any time the price on individual Forever stamps goes up, you can expect the price on a roll of 100 to go up as well.

Still, the Penny Hoarder reports that Costco, the big box warehouse bulk chain, sells rolls for ever-so-slightly less than USPS.

Therefore, at an individual Forever stamp rate of $0.58, Costco sells a roll of 100 for just $57.75, so you can save $0.25.

Is It Cheaper To Buy A Roll Of Stamps?

It normally is not cheaper to buy a roll of stamps than to buy stamps individually.

That said, the USPS and most retailers who sell stamps sell rolls at the retail price of an individual stamp, multiplied by however many are in the roll.

However, as mentioned above, The Penny Hoarder has found that Costco was selling rolls for $0.25 less than USPS and most other retailers.

Does that make a huge difference, either short-term or in the long run? Not really.

But, if you happen to be at Costco shopping and you remember you need a lot of stamps for birthday parties or wedding invites, then why not save yourself a quarter?

How Much Are Forever Stamps Now?

How Much Are Forever Stamps Now? USPS

The price of Forever stamps affects the cost of a roll of stamps, and pre-July 2022, Forever stamps are $0.58 each.

However, post-July 2022, a Forever stamp will set you back $0.60 per stamp.

Moreover, this increase is not the biggest in recent years; that would be the increase from 2018 to 2019 when they went from $0.50 each to $0.55.

So, the cost of a roll of 100 has risen from $50 to $60 in just four years.

But, the beauty of Forever stamps is that despite the price when you buy them, they are all the postage you need to send a regular-size letter, no matter what the current retail price.

For that reason, if you are reading this pre-July 2022, and you know you will need a lot of stamps in the future, buy them now!

Additionally, if you raid your desk drawers and find old ones from previous postage purchases, know that they are still good and eligible for First-Class letter mail.

Where Can You Buy A Roll Of Stamps?

Rolls of stamps are more readily available than you might initially think.

Naturally, you can obtain them from your post office locations, but you can also purchase rolls online via the Postal Store.

Several stamp designs, ranging from lovely florals to standard American flags, offer coils (rolls) of 100, 1,000, 3,000, and even 10,000.

Also, if the post office is inconvenient and you don’t want to wait for them to be shipped, you can purchase rolls of stamps from various retailers.

For example, retail stores like Walgreens, Staples, OfficeMax, Costco, Sam’s Club, and others sell stamps, though if it’s a roll you need, you might want to call and make sure they sell them.

Further, while convenience stores and gas stations, especially mom-and-pops, may sell stamps individually or by the sheet, they might not always carry rolls.

Some banks sell stamps, too, and of those, a few even sell stamps at the ATMs.

Can you buy a roll of 100 stamps at a bank ATM? Likely not, so again, you will want to check ahead of time, as you might have to go inside during open hours.

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A roll of stamps generally consists of 100, but the post office and online postal store may sell certain Forever stamps in rolls of 1,000, 3,000, or even 10,000.

Also, USPS does not give discounts for “bulk” stamp purchases, so expect to pay whatever is the current retail price multiplied by the quantity.