Village fairs in India are annual events that celebrate the art and culture of the region and are a true reflection of the local heritage. These fairs usually revolve around the religious beliefs and historical myths peculiar to the region and offer someinsight regarding the legends embedded in the rural culture of India.

Typically scheduled at the end of the harvesting season, these festivals provide an opportunity to the villagers to thank their local deities for the bountiful crops. Besides being a joyful gathering of friends and family, these events also help to improve the social and economic conditions of the locals due to a large number of visitors they attract.

A day spent at a village fair offers the best offbeat experience, owing to the wonderful medley of the colours, cuisine, and culture that are the emblems of the rural lifestyle in India.

Here are 5 irresistible reasons that make Indian fairs and festivals some of the shining gems of rural tourism.

1.Enjoy Rural Activities and Events

Lots of fun activities at farmThe inaugural functions at every village fair are unique and symbolic of that particular area’s cultural roots. Special events such as Soil wrestling competitions and Bull racing are organized at a grand level to kick off the celebrations. These activities allow the members of the farming community to unwind and display their diverse skills. The whole village assembles to cheer on the participants, creating an invigorating atmosphere. Amidst this energetic environment, you can witness some of the forgotten sports and activities that are no longer conducted elsewhere at such a scale.

2.Experience the Local Cuisine and Culture

Desi Cuisine - Pangat photoVillage fairs offer a rare chance to taste local delicacies such as tangy chutneys and pickles as well as mouth-watering sweets. The villagers erect stalls selling homemade goodies made from the locally grown ingredients. This is a great way to support the farming community by buying these delectable food items. The serenading music played by the local performers is usually based on the regional folklore and provides a glimpse of the rural traditions. With different aspects of rural lifestyle on display, these fairs are a great way to understand the native culture.

3.Explore the Regional Arts & Crafts

pottery wheelBrowse through the wonderful exhibits of the local arts and crafts, such as embroidered garments, leather items, and iron sculptures. The villagers possess excellent craftsmanship when it comes to skills like weaving, block printing, and lacquer work. You can purchase items ranging from copper bells to clothes with exceptional work. These goods are available here at very reasonable prices whereas in the cities you will be charged a hefty amount for the same. The village fairs help to keep alive these dying skills that are an integral part of the local heritage.

4.Recreation & Entertainment

Desi culture Rural IndiaThere is not a single dull moment at a village fair, thanks to the plethora of fun-filled activities ranging from thrilling rides and swings to theatrical performances. Make sure to take a ride on the Giant Wheel, to soak in the idyllic view of the landscape from the top. The magic shows and the street plays will keep you entertained all day long. You will be surprised at the acting prowess of the local artists, as they recreate scenes from famous epics on the makeshift stage. The joyful environment is capable of rejuvenating the mind and body.

5.Get together and Hang Out with Family and Friends

Strengthen family bondsA village fair is an excellent excuse to plan a family get-together and bond with relatives and friends whom you seldom meet. The urban lifestyle has forced us to live miles apart from our family, use this annual event as a way to ensure that you meet with your loved ones on a regular basis.

The rustic surroundings and festive occasion provide a great backdrop for a family reunion. Catch up with old friends while indulging in the myriad of exciting activities that the fair has to offer. You will create some memories worth cherishing for a lifetime

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