Results are in for all classes at Sherborne Castle Country Fair

Results are in for all classes at Sherborne Castle Country Fair

Judging by the ticket sales, around 12,000 people braved the weather for Sherborne Castle Country Fair on Bank Holiday Monday.

And most agreed it would take more than a few rainstorms to spoil the atmosphere.

The amount of money raised at this year’s fair will be announced and distributed to all the children’s charities chosen by the fair’s committee as beneficiaries on Sunday 23rd July

Not sure this Newfoundland dog was fooling anyone

The Team Challenge for Retrievers and Spaniels

The 11th Retriever Team Challenge saw Paul Green take away the honour of Top Dog with his Labrador retriever bitch, Slipside Ebony. Conditions for the 8 competing teams became challenging with two very heavy rain squalls hitting the site. Interestingly, the rain appeared to improve scenting conditions, so important for these open class dogs. Once again the teams were most appreciative of the faultless delivery of this competition, managed for the 16th time by Mrs Caroline Macgregor for the last time. Caroline has been closely involved since the inception of the Fair in 1996 and ran the well-respected first ever International Retriever Competition in the UK at the Fair and for a further 6 years. We will miss her enthusiasm and drive. The winning team place was taken by the Wiltshire Working Gundog Society with the South Eastern Gundog Society team taking second place and the United Retriever Club (Hampshire & South West) running in 3rd. Our sponsors were Chudley’s Dog Food, the British Association for Sports and Conservation (BASC), Hi-Lost dog supplies and AW Rule Gunmakers. Altogether a fine days sport for all involved.

Gundogs showing complete concentration at Sherborne Castle Country Fair

Gun Dog Scurries results

Open Scurries

1st Lady /Handler Steven Erasmus from Cwmbran; 2nd Ellie/handler Becky Mann; 3rd Ollie/handler Ian Brothers from Devizes

Over the Bales

1st Finley/handler Katherine/2nd Jake/handler Darren Terri; 3rd Sanchez/handler Jean Burnett

Two Market Retrieves

1st Lady /handler Steven Erasmus from Cwmbran; 2nd Wigeon/handler Francesca Allen; 3rd Ellie Beckymann

Young Handler

Pick ‘n Mix Blind

1st Grace/handler Kloe Ward from Bracknel; 2nd Jake/handler Alex Harmer from Midlemarsh; 3rd Remi/handler Millie Dyer

Over the Bales

1st Remi/handler Millie Dyer; 2nd Grace/handler Kloe Ward; 3rd Peg/handler Ellis Harmer from Radstock

Two Marked Retrieves

1st Grace/handler Kloe Ward; 2nd Remi/handler Millie Dyer; 3rd Jake/handler Alex Harmer

Victor Ludorum Trophy Lady /Handler Steven Erasmus from Cwmbran

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Pedigree Classes

Any Variety Puppy (over 6 months & under 12 months on the day) Labrador Puppy ‘Freddie’ owned by Sandra Judd from Thornford

Any Variety Sporting (Hounds, Gundogs, Terriers) ‘Winnie’ Pointer owned by Ali Cuff from Kings Stag

Any Variety Non-Sporting (Working, Utility, Toy) ‘Derrick’ Boxer owned by Alice Robinson from Donhead St Mary

Any Variety Open ‘Rodney’ German shorthaired pointer owned by Mr Cox from Bryanston

Best in Show was a German Shorthaired Pointer

Reserve Best in Show Boxer

Best Puppy in Show Labrador

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Novelty Classes

Best Crossbreed ‘Millie’ owned by Katie Scorgie from Sturminster Newton

Best Rescue/Rehomed Championship Qualifier for Buckham Fair: no confirmed names as yet

Prettiest Bitch ‘ Honey’ owned by S Sedwill from Blandford

Handsome Dog ‘Dustin’ owned by Michelle Edwards from Martock

Best Veteran Dog or Bitch ‘Minnie’ owned by Anita Skinner from Exeter

Child Handler (handler aged 7-14 yrs) was Daisy Dorman from Ilchester

Waggiest Tail ‘Blossom’ a ‘Sprocker spaniel’ owned by Caroline Marsh from Weymouth

Best 6 Legs ‘Lucinda’ owned by Derek Spencer from Chard

Dog Most Like Owner ‘Collin’ Owned by Anita Skinner from Somerset

Judges Favourite ‘ Winnie’ a French Bulldog from Sturminster Newton

Results of the Trade Stands Judging

Food Hall: 1st Taylors Traditional Bakery/2nd Red Barn Asparagus

Open Trade Space: 1st The Farmers Market; 2nd Garden Treasures

Rural Crafts & Craft Courtyard: 1st Gold and Beeswax; 2nd Eighty-Three Designs

Outside Caterers: 1st Dorset Blue Soup; 2nd Cracking Rib Company; 3rd Hughes Fresh Fruit Ltd

Boutique Arcades: 1st Flossie’s Antiques; 2nd The Mule Company

Dragon Boat Racing Results

Adult winners: RDA Chargers in 1 min 4 secs Charity supported: RDA Milton Abbas Group

Runners up: Dragon Slayers ( Rowsell Roofing Ltd) 1min 6 secs Charity Supported Action Research

Third: Honey Badgers (Bovington Armoured Centre in 1 min 7 secs

Youth winners: Leweston School in 1min 18 secs Charity Supported Dorset Air Ambulance

Runners up: Sea Cadet Corps team 1 in 1min 19 secs Charity supported Offshore Training with SCC.

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Rare Breeds Sheep Classes

Primitive Cup to Primitive Champion: Cinderhill Neptune, Hebridean, owner CM Blumer

Ewe born in 2016: Breed Manx owner Mr CR Stacey

Portland Trophy presented to Portland Champion: Valentine Vindaloo owner Darrent Jack Rashley

Harris Rose Bowl to Best Portland owned and bred by a Dorset resident: Lewesden Hill Caraway owner Mrs Jo Stover

Longwool Classes

The Williamson Trophy to the highest placed Greyface Dartmoor: C Nugent

Downhouse Tankard for Longwood Champion: C Nugent

Shortwool Classes

Fontmell Trophy for overall Shortwool Champion: Mr and Mrs Hext for Dorset Down Breed

Corfe Cup to overall Heath/Hillbred Champion: S & C Rogers with Hill Radnor

Shetland Cup for overall Shetland Champion: Mrs Patricia Gray with Mandeville Hermione

Brewer Cup to Wool on the Hoof Champion: Thomas and Peter Nash with Coloured Ryeland

Young Handlers Sheep Classes:

Class S30 10 years and under: Thomas Nash age 7

Class S31 11-16 years: Daron Hext age 14

Young Handler cup to Champion: Thomas Nash age 7

Over all Sheep Champion: Valentino Vindaloo owner Darren and Jack Rashley, breed Portland

Reserve: C Nugent, breed Greyface Dartmoor

Overall Sheep Family Group: C Nugent, breed Greyface Dartmoor

Reserve: Mr and Mrs Hext, breed Dorset Down

Castle Trophy to Fleece Champion: Peter Yeates, breed Dorset Horn

Pig Classes

Best Oxford Sandy & Black:

Best Gloucester Old Spot: Llainehcar Princess 9 owner Dawn Stevens

Best Pig born in year of Show: Watchingwell Hilda breed British Saddleback,Owners Sharon & David Groves

Comforts Cup to Pig Champion: Owner Peter Clark, Breed Large White

Young Handler 10 yrs & Under: Leon Mathersage age 7

Young Handler 11-16 yrs: Elliott Jones age 14

Young Hanlder Champion: Elliott Jonesage 14

Kune Kune Champion: Kinecroft Sally X1V owner Dawn Stevens

Rare Breeds Champion Cattle Classes

Dexter Trophy to Dexter Campion: Burton Claire Breed Longhorn owner Martin Craggs

Lagan Farms Trophy and Champion Sash to Overall Champion: Warns Paye Breed Longhorn owner Alice Grover

It as very good weather for these guys at the 2017 Sherborne Castle Country Fair

Heavy Horse Classes

The Hennessy Cup and Champion Sashto champion: Ellen Lady May the Second Breed Shire owners C Wilton & T Batchelor

Award for Best Turned Out Horse and Wagon: Randy Hiscock with his Suffolk Punch

Light Horse and Pony Classes

Rosette to best veteran (over 15 years old): Greycott Inspiration Breed Welsh Section B owner Hannah Whitlock and Mrs R Coter

Richmond Royal Cup: Owner Samantha Wood with her Conemara, Greycroft Rollcall

NPS Silver Medal: Owner Samantha Wood with her Conemara, Greycroft Rollcall

NPS Qualifying Rosette: Owner Samantha Wood with her Conemara, Greycroft Rollcall