35 Magical Unicorn Baby Shower Ideas

Throwing a baby shower is one of the most exciting occasions for a mom-to-be. It is a moment when friends, families, and loved ones come together to celebrate the expected newborn. We want this moment to be perfect, magical, and memorable. There is no better way in doing so than throwing a Unicorn baby shower theme! Whether you are throwing this party at home or a local venue, here are our top ideas for making that magical moment into reality.

Unicorn Baby Shower Decorations

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1. Stunning Rainbow Backdrop

Wow your guest with a beautiful Unicorn Baby Shower Backdrop. Take it to the next level with a fun DIY project using rainbow-colored paper streamers to add some layers. You can even get creative and use party balloons to make a rainbow!

2. Custom Welcome Baby Banner

Banners are a great addition to your already amazing and whimsical backdrop. These banners are customizable for you to input your baby’s name that will surely get your guest excited.

3. Photo Booth

People LOVE taking pictures and taking them to social media to share the special moment. Why not add a photo booth with a glittery photo backdrop to capture that magical moment. We recommend using this pink tinsel foil glittery backdrop and some Unicorn Photo booth Props too to make it even more fun.

4. Unicorn Confetti Balloons

Who doesn’t love balloons? Confetti-filled balloons are fun and come in many beautiful colors to fit your theme. You can even add accessories to make unicorn balloons.

5. Tinsel Table Skirts

Add some sparkle with these Tinsel Table Skirts. They come in many colors and options from metallic to iridescent. These are perfect for decorating your table making them photo-worthy.

6. Twinkle Lights

Ambient lighting is a perfect way to set the magical mood. There are plenty in the market that are battery-powered, can last for hours and you can easily place them anywhere for that perfect touch.

Unicorn Baby Shower Favors

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7. Unicorn Treat Boxes

These unique Unicorn Treat Boxes are cute, beautiful, and have that distinct unicorn appearance. They can be filled with your choice of snack or special treats.

8. Unicorn Cake Pops

Cake pops are increasingly popular and are a must for baby showers. Simply add colorful sprinkles or edible glitter for that wow factor.

9. Unicorn Cupcakes

Cupcakes are another great sweet alternative and are a beautiful centerpiece that will wow your guests. Customize any cupcakes using these cupcake toppers and place them on a beautiful tray.

10. Unicorn Cookie Cutters

Cookie cutters are a novelty and a great way to take home the memorable experience.

11. Unicorn Mason Jars With Colorful Candies

This makes for a fun DIY project that is easy and affordable. Simply fill up a mason jar with colorful candies and decorate them with unicorn cutouts. Who says you need to spend a fortune to make your event magical??

12. Candles

Your guests will thank you for filling up their homes with beautiful handmade baby candle favors.

13. Hand Sanitizers

Keep your guest safe and germ-free with Unicorn Custom Label Hand Sanitizers. This is a great way to write a personal message and thank them for sharing this special day.

Unicorn Baby Shower Food Ideas

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14. Unicorn Cake

Any celebration calls for a cake! Why not make it a unicorn cake?!? These Unicorn Decorating Kits will turn any cake beautiful and magical and will be a highlight of the party.

15. Rainbow Jello

This is a fun dessert that will leave your guest in awe with its vibrant and wiggly display. Click here for a simple and easy recipe.

16. Unicorn Cookies

Unicorn cookies are a fun addition to your baby shower theme. They are fun, beautiful, and highly customizable.

17. Rainbow Doughnuts

Treat your guests to these fun and tasty treats! Add some colorful sprinkles to any doughnuts of your choice.

18. Rainbow Cauliflower Crust Pizza

If you’re looking for savory options to feed your starving guests. Wow them with this rainbow cauliflower crust pizza. It’s a great way to incorporate colorful vegetables that will blow everyone away. Click here for the recipe.

19. Cotton Candy Glitter Bombs

Make a splash with this fun and easy concoction. Simply pour your choice of champagne or cider and stir in the cotton candy glitter bomb. It’s that easy! We recommend using Plastic Champagne Flutes for easy clean-up and use.

20. Rainbow Hawaiian Chicken Kabobs

Whip out the grill and make these tasty rainbow Hawaiin chicken kabobs! These hors d’oeuvres are great, especially during the warm sun-kissed season. Click here for the recipe.

21. Unicorn Smoothie

Everyone was obsessed when Starbucks came out with the unicorn frappuccino. Now you can make your own version right at home with this delicious, vibrant, and healthy recipe.

Unicorn Baby Shower Games

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22. Bingo

If you’re looking for fun and simple activities or games to play, we have several ideas for you. Everyone enjoys a good game of bingo. Each guest will customize their own unique set of unicorn baby shower bingo cards of what they think the mom-to-be will receive. Every time the mom-to-be opens a present. Guests can mark off those items. This a fun game that will leave everyone on the edge of their seat. You can even change the winning word to “Unicorn!”

23. Predictions & Advice

This activity will allow guests to make predictions such as; baby’s date of birth, weight, height, hair color, etc. They can also give parenting advice which makes for a perfect keepsake for new parents.

24. Pin The Horn On The Unicorn

This is a fun twist of the traditional pin the tail on the donkey. This game is great for all ages and everyone will get a good laugh seeing where the horn is pinned.

25. Guess The Size Of The Mom’s Waist

Guests will have to cut a piece of yarn (we suggest using pink, blue, or purple) guessing the size of the mom’s baby bump. The guest who comes closest to the size wins a prize!

26. Don’t Say “Baby”

Did someone say, “DaBaby?!?” The instructions are simple. Upon your guest’s arrival, pin 4-5 clothespin on them and tell them they cannot say the word “baby”. Guests will have to keep their ears open throughout the party. If they hear someone say “baby”, they get to take away that person’s pin. At the end of the party, the guest with the most clothespin wins a price. Try using colorful clothespin such as blue, pink, and lilac to keep with the theme.

Unicorn Baby Shower Party Supplies

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27. Unicorn Party Supply Set

To help keep the magical theme alive, we recommend this biodegradable unicorn party supply set. It comes with everything you need such as plates, napkins, and table covers with unicorn patterns on them.

28. Unicorn Cups

These plastic Unicorn Cups with paper straws are a perfect addition to your tableware. Each cup is designed with a unicorn and can be filled up with your favorite drink.

29. Unicorn Cupcake Wrapper With Picks

These Unicorn Cupcake Wrappers with Picks add iridescent awesomeness to your tasty dessert. This is a must-have if you are serving cupcakes.

30. Unicorn Cutlery Bags

These unicorn cutlery bags add an extravagant touch to your unicorn-themed shower. Your guests will appreciate the small details.

31. Serving Trays and Platter

Serve up your delicious food in these colorful serving tray platters. They fit perfectly with the theme and will highlight your food and desserts.

It is important that you stay organized and have a plan before you go out and purchase all your supplies. We recommend that you download our checklist template as well as a budget tracker to make your planning fast and easy!

Unicorn Baby Shower Invitations

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Invitations are an integral part of any party. Not only do they let the guests know of the upcoming event, they also give a glimpse of what to expect! We recommend that you include a gift registry so your guests will know what to bring. Not sure what to include? Here are some ideas for the best mommy gifts.

32. Magical Unicorn Invitation Set (Gender Neutral)

This rainbow magical unicorn invitation set is perfect for a boy or a girl. It is simple and super customizable. It also comes with an option for digital download so you can send them straight away!

33. Invitations For Baby Girl

If you’re looking for another option specifically for a girl. This invitation is also fully customizable and comes with a digital download.

34. Rainbow Baby Shower Invitation (Gender Neutral)

This rainbow baby shower invitation is simple and gender neutral. Give your guests a glimpse of the magic to come.

35. Rainbow Glitter Baby Shower Invitation (Gender Neutral)

Soft pastel colors with a touch of glittery magic. Fully customizable and instant download.

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Planning for a baby shower can be super stressful as there are plenty of details and steps that come into preparation. We hope that these ideas for throwing a unicorn baby shower can help ease that stress and get you excited for that magical moment that you, your partner, and your guest will remember for a lifetime. Check out our other great baby shower ideas or themes that everyone will love!

Written by Royce Legaspi