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Shipping to China might open numerous opportunities for your company. China is the most populous region in the world, as you may know. This implies that China has billions of potential business clients waiting for your products and services. Adding yourself to the Chinese market might be one of your most rewarding business choices. Shipments from the United States to China provide endless possibilities for your business growth. Our qualified staff is dedicated to shipping items to China.

The constant stream of cargo and freight transport to and from China can make it seem overwhelming to find the cheapest package shipping to China. Our crew uses years of shipping experience from and to China to provide you with the most comprehensive and cheapest shipping costs.


Many carriers can transport from the United States to China. Working with USPS, USPS, FedEx, and DHL is recommended since they are reliable and can bring your packages in a couple of days to China. Below, when delivering a package to China.


If your clients want to save money on shipping and delivery, USPS is an excellent shipping alternative. In contrast to other carriers, depending on your mail class and package weight, only you have to pay a fixed fee. You may just drop packages at a mailbox or visit a post office.


UPS is a fantastic alternative for delivery to China because it is available within 3 to 5 business days for delivery of your packages. You can pick up your packages from your warehouse in the US and send them to China in a few days using one of China’s largest logistical networks.

In contrast to USPS, picking up packages is traced via the UPS tracking system. There is no need worrying about any packages being moved to China Post.

Note that if you deliver items above 10 pounds, UPS might be a costly choice.


Because of its vast logistical system, FedEx is another fantastic choice for Chinese shipping. They may collect and deliver packages throughout the United States overnight or in a few days.

The delivery price might also be quite competitive, which means more saved money for your eCommerce, thanks to their heavy competition with UPS. They also supply eCommerce documents that can help streamline the international shipping documentation procedure.

If you transport large products for more than 10 pounds, FedEx will get expensive. If you do not expect fast delivery for your clients, USPS might be a cheaper choice for you.


DHL is regarded as the top foreign carrier and an excellent delivery choice for China. Their prices are somewhat less expensive and give the same delivery windows as UPS or FedEx. Consider DHL to be one of your first choices when inspecting shipping rates if you want to send to China.


When a shipment comes into China, a customs inspection must be carried out. The customs agency has its criteria and limits for each country. You should take a while to ensure that anything considered contraband is not shipped to China. You can do this by visiting the Chinese customs website and examining its banned list of items. Sending packages that are on this list will result in customs confiscation.

Inspecting such a large number of packages may be a difficult process. Customs invoices are used to ease the procedure.

These invoices tell you what you send. It is crucial to remember that you may lose a package indefinitely if you do not provide the right contact details on the customs invoice. In addition, customs invoices include information on why you ship your package to China. Is it intended to be sold as a personal item? These criteria are important for your import tax. Additional taxes will apply to luxury products.

For instance, if you ship jewelry to a relative, you’ll have a cheaper import tax compared to a global jeweler that sends products to the Chinese market solely for resale. Customs delays may cause all these things. Especially when millions of shipments are being transported every day to China.

Customs delays cannot be predicted and cannot thus be computed on the day of delivery. You should ship all overseas deliveries as soon as possible to avoid having a delivery arrive in China late.

This simple preventive step might be the difference between a quick delivery and a missed deadline. You should also visit the customs website to check whether other documentation or shipping procedures are necessary for what you ship.


Often, retailers ask how much it costs for a package to be sent to China from Europe. Sadly, no fixed answer. The rates depend on:

  • The weight of the parcel
  • The carrier you use to ship the parcel will depend on
  • Whether you want transport insurance
  • Whether you want to track
  • Size of the parcel (length, width, height)
  • Delivery time (e.g. expedited, non-priority, etc.)
  • Extra services (e.g. registered, climate-neutral)

Would you want to know what it takes to ship a parcel with us to China? C, the pricing calculator on our platform. With us, you can ship to China via carriers such as DHL Express and UPS.


You must understand how shipping works to your advantage while delivering a package to China. All these goods going to China mean cheaper consumer shipping costs. Our employees have years of shipping experience in China. Our shipping strategy ensures you get the cheapest shipping cost to China.

Establish a shipping strategy tailored to your needs with our helpful consultants. Shipping to China might look like a maze, but let us guide you. You must collaborate with a group of individuals that understand the complexities of Chinese customs and their specific import regulations to achieve the lowest shipping to China. The study we have carried out can save thousands of people by shipping a package to China and preventing any delays.

A monitored postal service such as DHL eCommerce or EMS Parcel Post will be the cheapest option to send to China from the US. These services are delivered to the domestic leg of travel in the USA and the local postal service in China via local carriers, such as FedEx or USPS.

Ideal for eCommerce businesses, who have to maintain the costs of delivery to a minimum, tracked mail takes longer than ordinary messaging services, and tracking updates are far less common but cheaper. Tracked mail is excellent for delivering packages to long-haul destinations that would otherwise have very expensive delivery rates for tiny and lightweight products.


We cannot answer the question of how long a package will take to get shipped from Europe US to China. This, too, depends on various factors, such as:

  • Delivery method (by airmail or sea freight)
  • Correct packaging & addressing (so package according to the rules)
  • Processing time at customs (so add the appropriate documents)

As wrap up

In the course of this article, we have discussed and provided answers to questions relating to sending packages to China. With our help, you can automate the shipping process of your online store. This will help you ship to US from China efficiently.

Couriers who ship from USA to China

Courier Service Price Delivery time USPS Priority Mail Express International $88 5 business days USPS Priority Mail International $75 5 business days UPS Worldwide Expedited $58 3 business days UPS Worldwide Saver $62 2 business days FedEx International Priority $112 5 business days FedEx International Economy $95 8 business days DHL Express Worldwide/International $49 12 business days