Animals that Start with N

Animals that Start with N

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Welcome to Animals that Start with N.

There are many exciting animals whose spelling begins with the letter N. We’ve compiled a detailed list of these animals, including mind-blowing facts, scientific names, and locations.

north american beaver

We hope you will enjoy this article about Animals that Start with N.

Overview of Animals that Start with N

1. Natal Ghost Frog

one animal that start with n

The Natal ghost frog (Hadromophryne natalensis), is native to South Africa, Swaziland, and Lesotho. These peculiar amphibians are a frog species belonging to the family Heleophrynidae and genus Hadromophryne.

They are commonly found in mountainous areas, grasslands, and rapid-flowing streams.

Fun Fact: Natal Ghost Frogs’ larval development takes two years and thus requires permanent streams for reproduction.

2. Narwhal

Narwhal from animals that start with n

The Northern Atlantic and the Arctic Ocean are home to a special breed of whales called Narwhals (Monodon monoceros).

Its most eye-catching feature is a long spiraled tusk that projects from the fore of its head. You will be surprised that this distinctive tusk is an elongated tooth.

Fun Fact: The Narwhal’s horn was an important cultural symbol for the Vikings, English, Scottish, and Inuit. The horn was said to harness magical elements and cure.

3. Naked Mole Rat

naked mole from animals that start with n

The Naked Mole Rat (Heterocephalus glaber) is true to its name – it has sparse hair with crimped and pallid skin. They are commonly found in parts of East Africa.

These species of rodents are highly social and are known to live underground in large colonies. Each colony has a queen and a significant number of workers.

Fun Fact: The Naked mole rat can survive without oxygen for 18 minutes.

4. Newt

newt from animals that start with n

Small-sized amphibians exist, and they are called newts (Pleurodelinae). Newts are distinctive members of the salamander family.

They have been spotted in Asia, Northern Africa, North America, and Europe. Newts are mostly carnivores that prey on tadpoles, worms, slugs, and other insects.

Fun Fact: Newts can re-grow damaged limbs, eyes, and intestines—a great read from Animals that Start with N.

5. Newfoundland

dog from animals that start with n

The Newfoundland (Canis lupus) is a hardworking and talented guard dog. It took root in Newfoundland, a Canadian province, and bears its name. They were bred to rescue drowning fishermen from cold waters in and around Newfoundland.

They have characteristic webbed feet and thick fur that make them excellent swimmers.

Fun Fact: Newfoundlands were first bred by Vikings more than a thousand years ago.

6. Neanderthal

neanderthale from animals that start with n

Neanderthals (Homo neanderthalensis) are the closest species to humans. Though extinct, they came into existence about 400,000 years ago.

Neanderthal fossils were first discovered in 1829, requiring extensive research to determine their relationship to and interaction with civilized humans.

Fun Fact: Research suggests Neanderthals buried their dead, constructed and used sophisticated tools, and participated in intelligent social interactions.

7. Nematodes

worm from animals that start with n

Nematodes (from the phylum Nematoda) are parasitic microscopic organisms found virtually everywhere. They are identified by their long tubular bodies and survive by living within or on other organisms.

Nematodes are typically very long. As a case in point, nematode species that reside within sperm whales are about 13m in length.

Fun Fact: Nematodes have the highest population among animals. About 80 percent of animals are nematodes.

8. Neptune’s Cup

sponge from animals that start with n

Neptune’s cup (Poterion patera) is simply a giant sponge. Sponges are grossly underdeveloped animals without a nervous system and organs.

These sponges were once believed to be extinct, but they were recently discovered near Singapore.

Fun Fact: Though they are immobile organisms, Neptune cups can swim as larvae.

9. Nile Crocodile

crocodile from animals that start with n

Nile crocodiles (Crocodylus niloticus) are large carnivores that prey on large animals. They reside in various parts of sub-Saharan Africa, the Nile basin, and Western Madagascar.

A mature Nile crocodile is about 20 feet long.

Fun Fact: A female Nile crocodile protects her young from predators by hiding them in a special pouch in her throat.

10. Nicobar Pigeon

pigeon from animals that start with n

The Nicobar pigeon is the only existing member of the Caloenas genus. It is also believed to be the only surviving relative of the poor dodo.

They are commonly identified by their spectacular glittery feathers and gem-like gizzard stone.

Fun Fact: The bird’s gizzard stone is hard enough to grind the hardest nuts!

11. Nightingale

nightindale from animals that start with n

One of the most admired birds, the Nightingale has a melodious voice like no other. The typical Nightingale bird is native to Europe, Asia, and Africa.

They are revered in artistic creations and books.

Fun Fact: Nightingales are commonly believed to sing at night. However, only the unpaired males sing at night.

12. Nigerian Goat

nigerian goat from animals that start with n

The Nigerian goat (Capra aegagrus hircus) is a minor goat species descendant from West African Dwarf goat breeds.

The American breed (commonly found in the United States) was developed for use as a small-scale dairy goat.

Fun Fact: It is one of the most expensive goat species in the world.

13. North American Beaver

beaber from animals that start with n

The North American Beaver (Castor Canadensis) is a large rodent native to North America.

It is the world’s third-largest rodent. They favor aquatic environments and are famous for their beaver dams.

Fun Fact: North American Beavers provide a secure environment for other animals and help prevent soil erosion and flooding. Fantastic knowledge from Animals that Start with N.

14. Northern Leaf-Tailed Gecko

gecko from animals that start with n

Saltuarius cornutus, the Northern leaf-tailed gecko, is commonly found in Australia. It is an arboreal animal that resides on trees.

Though it lacks adhesive pads, its clawed toes are suited for tree climbing. Great to have it on the list for animals that start with n.

Fun Fact: It is the most giant gecko in Australia

15. Northern Night Monkey

monkey from animals that start with n

The Northern night monkey (Aotus trivirgatus) is a type of night monkey found in northern Brazil and Venezuela.

They are also known as “owl monkeys” and can see in low-light conditions.

Fun Fact: Night monkeys have intriguing colored faces and are active only at night.

16. Norwegian Elkhound

dog from animals that start with n

Norwegian Elkhounds (Canis lupus) are one of the oldest dogs in Europe. They are adventurous and remarkably agile.

Elkhounds are also committed watchdogs in addition to being friendly companions.

Fun Fact: They were the Vikings’ favorite travel dogs

17. Norwegian Buhund

dogs from animals that start with n

The Norwegian Buhund doubles as a farming and herding dog with its roots in Norway. It has some history with the Vikings.

Its distinctive feature is its thick double fur coat with white markings around the body.

Fun Fact: The Norwegian Buhund was once employed in Nurse homesteads

18. Norwich Terrier

dogo from animals that start with n

The Norwich terrier (Canis lupus) is a miniature dog with an impressive personality. They originated in England in the late 19th century.

These dog species were primarily bred to eliminate rodents. Another great animal that starts with n.

Fun Fact: They are small but feisty animals!

19. Nubian Goat

goats from animals that start with n

Nubian goats (Capra aegagrus hircus) are goat species descendants from Africa, the Middle East, and Britain. They are mixed-breed and domestic.

Nubian goats are well known for their rich milk, long ears, and gracious personality.

Fun Fact: Nubian goats are highly fertile and maintain fertility for their entire lives.

20. Nurse Shark

shark from animals that start with n

Nurse sharks (Ginglymostoma cirratum) are large and unproblematic fish found in the bottom of oceans and shallow waters.

They hunt only at night and doze during the day. Nurse sharks are mostly harmless and are gentle to a fault.

Fun Fact: Nurse Sharks have the smoothest skin among shark species.

Full List of Animals With Letter N

Summary for Animals That Start With N

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