MAS Ignition Coil Review in 2023 – A Game-Changer for Your Car

MAS Ignition Coil Review in 2023 – A Game-Changer for Your Car

MAS Ignition Coil

A bad ignition coil causes so many hassles. Hard starts, misfiring, and engine stalling are common occurrences when it goes bad. In the long term, it causes bad fuel economy. Also, it may damage the parts associated with it, for example- the spark plug.

So, as soon as you can spot that your ignition coil has gone bad, it should be replaced with a new one. While buying your next spark coil, you can try MAS. Coils from this brand are designed to ensure satisfactory performance. But just like any other product, they come with some downsides too.

In this MAS ignition coil review, you’ll find everything about it. You’ll see the benefits of using them and some downsides you must consider.

But before knowing about the products, let’s know a bit about the brand.

About MAS (Company Overview)

MAS is a dependable brand that has been offering coil packs and performance fuels for a long time, more than 27 years. In this long time, they’ve gained the trust of many regular users and vehicle enthusiasts. Quality is the most common benefit offered by MAS. Besides, it offers products at a reasonable price.

To ensure high-quality products, MAS uses unique designs with top components. Also, it focuses on manufacturing quality through advanced machines and technology. Thus, it offers some of the top coils found in the market.

MAS Ignition Coil Review: All You Need to Know

Build Materials

MAS uses high-quality materials to bring out the best performance from its products. In the coils, it uses thicker copper compared to other manufacturers so that you receive dependable performance.

Strong shock-resistant housing is used to keep it safe from outside pressure and shocks.

Thus, it uses high-quality components in each part of the coils to make them efficient.

Build Quality

MAS uses high-technology and modern techniques in its manufacturing process to ensure the best outcome.

You can depend on the build quality of MAS ignition coils as they are built through an exclusively designed manufacturing process. Almost all the work is done by robots and computers to ensure the highest accuracy. Besides, they are tested multiple times in the process to ensure quality.


These coils come in vehicle-specific models. So, you won’t have to suffer to get them installed. They are designed to fit perfectly with OE components. Perfect-fit connectors make the job smooth. Also, it is temperature resistant to ensure maximum protection of the connection.


You’ll get these spark coils at a lower price than those from top-quality brands. So, if you’re on a budget, MAS should be your pick.

In some cases, they come at almost half the price of some renowned brands. However, the price doesn’t negatively impact their performance. You’ll still get dependable performance, like coils from many well-known brands.


You’ll find MAS offering ignition coils for a lot of vehicle brands out there.

It has coils for Buick Rainier, Chevrolet (Trailblazer, Colorado), GMC (Canyon, Envoy), Isuzu (Ascender, I-250, I-280, I-290, I-370), Hummer H3, Oldsmobile Bravada, Ford (F150, F250, F350, F450, F550, Expedition, Explorer, Club Wagon, Mustang), Lincoln (Mark, Navigator, Town Car), Mercury (Mountaineer, Marquis), Jeep Grand Cherokee, Dodge (Ram, Magnum, Durango), etc., and many more.

So, finding a set of coils for your vehicle won’t be tough. You just have to spend some time on it.


When durability is a concern, MAS won’t disappoint you. Being made of high-quality material through a high-tech process, they last for a long time. High-quality ignition systems come with around 120,000 miles of durability. You can expect your MAS ignition coil to last at least 100,000 miles in most cases.

This may seem to be a bit low to you. But consider the price too. You’re getting such performance at a lower price.

Problem Solution

The aim of getting a new set of spark coils pack is to solve the ignition problems. MAS does this well. After installing it, you won’t face issues like false or late start, check engine lights, engine stalling, etc. They are efficient in what they do.

So, if you want to avoid the problems caused by your old spark coils, MAS is there for you.


Most MAS ignition coils are backed by 1-year limited warranty by the manufacturer. You may find exceptions in some cases. In most cases, you can enjoy using them for a long time without any issues.

To be sure about the warranty, discuss it with the seller. Also, ask for the terms and conditions.

Pros and Cons of MAS Ignition Coils

Reviewing My Favorite Top Ignition Coil from MAS

MAS Set of 6 Ignition Coils Pack

MAS Set of 6 Ignition Coils Pack

This coil is made to offer you a better performance compared to the OE one. Being compatible with different models of Acura and Honda, it offers the users the most satisfactory performance within a budget.

Just like other MAS coils, it is made of high-quality material to ensure strong sparks and high-electrical resistance. Thus, you can enjoy starting your car in a moment. Thicker copper wire, compared to most others in a similar price range, helps it to outperform them. The stainless steel spring at the tip ensures better conductivity.

Thus, it minimizes misfires and maximizes fuel efficiency.

Also, it is designed as corrosion and abrasion resistant to serve you for a long time without any issues. The silicone boot helps in corrosion resistance a lot. Also, it can withstand a huge temperatures to maximize durability.

You can install it fast as it is designed to fit the OE space and components without modification. A precisely designed connector keeps it connected strongly for an instant spark.

Overall, you’ll find it to be a good pick within a budget. It undoubtedly performs better than others designed for the same budget range. It outperforms the OE coil too.

Most users have rated it well as it satisfied them. For performance vehicles, you might want premium ones. But for daily drive vehicles, you won’t find many coils better than it.

How to Change Ignition Coils (DIY)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do MAS coils match Motorcraft?

MAS coils don’t match or outperform Motorcraft coils. Motorcraft offers top-notch coils at a premium price range. On the other hand, MAS is built to offer better performance in the budget range. So, in comparison to these two, Motorcraft wins.

How can I Find MAS ignition coils?

These coils are available both online and offline. Different online shops like Amazon sell them online. Also, you may find these coils offline in your nearest auto shop. Keep your eyes open, and you’ll find them.

Final Verdict: Is MAS Ignition Coil Any Good?

From the MAS ignition coil review, you can see that these coils are made to perform great. If you’re looking for coils within a budget, try MAS without any hesitation. You’ll love using them. They may not offer you performance like the ones from top-notch brands, but you’ll get better performance than the ones available in a similar price range.

Buying MAS coils gives you satisfactory performance, ease of use, almost zero ignition issues, and good durability within a budget. So, don’t miss it.

However, if budget is not an issue, you can try better brands.