86 Happy 4th of July Images-(Patriotic!)

86 Happy 4th of July Images-(Patriotic!)

It may seem a bit early, but this post needed a revamp and it was long overdue! Plus I know my crafty readers that sell at shows and fairs, need to get a jump on their creations. Anyway, this is a wonderful nostalgic collection of Happy 4th of July Images. July Fourth weekend conjures up wonderful memories, and time spent with family, eating Hot Dogs at picnics, watching July fireworks at family reunions or barbecues. Some of us go to public events like concerts, carnivals, ceremonies or parades or maybe even baseball games. It’s a national holiday where we celebrate our declaration of independence in so many fun ways. This collection includes some beautiful illustrations of Lady Liberty with flags, vintage patriotic images and 4th of July photos, fun Uncle Sam images, lovely engravings with patriotic clipart elements, eagles, and girls dressed up in red, white and blue attire. These free download images are perfect for your Fourth of July or patriotic projects, including cards, tags, and digital art projects.

Happy 4th of July Images

Patriotic Images of People

Happy Fourth of July Images of Lady Liberty

Lady Liberty Images

9 Lady Liberty Happy 4th of July Pictures. This is a collection of Vintage Lady Liberty Images, showing our beautiful lady in all her glory! I have always really loved collecting these beautiful pictures. In each of these you will see Liberty dressed in red, white and blue. She is often holding an American Flag, in several of them she also has a shield like the one above. And frequently her Bald Eagle friend is by her side.

Uncle Sam

Uncle Sam Clipart

5 Uncle Sam Clipart This collection of our beloved patriotic gentleman, includes images of the traditional wise old Uncle with long beard, as well as a couple of kids that are dressed up to represent him too. There are some black and white options and some in full color pictures that you can also choose from for your Happy 4th of July crafts.

Happy 4th of July Images of Kids

Vintage Patriotic 4th of July Postcard

16 Kid Pictures This is such an adorable collection of children, many dressed in their patriotic red, white and blue outfits, to celebrate Independence day! These are all such cute 4th of July pics!

4th of July Images of Ladies

4th of July Images of Ladies

7 Happy 4th of July Lady Images. Many of these ladies are dressed in red, white and blue, one is even has a fun costume with a stars pattern! Some are holding flags and some are setting off 4th of July firecrackers. Included are vintage images and some old photos of these lovely ladies.

Men Images

4th of July Man Image

Next we have a patriotic man in uniform. He has a trumpet and a banner that says Fourth of July on it. So colorful!

Patriotic Symbols

Red, White and Blue Stars

Images of a Star Red

28 Star Images So many stars here, most are done in Red and white and Navy and white, along with Gold and Black. There are Outlines, as well some very Patriotic looking options. There are even some Frames and Borders too!

American Flags

Vintage American Flag Clipart

5 American Flag Images. These aren’t Happy 4th of July Images per say, but they definitely tie in! Of course you can use them for other Patriotic holidays as well. There are a number of different options on this post, currently all of them are black and white pictures of Flags. There are even some interesting happy 4th of July Banner Images with Flags on them.

Bald Eagles

Bald Eagle 4th of July Clipart

10 Bald Eagle Images These stately creatures are are Birds, but they are often used as a patriotic symbol. This is a nice selection of mainly black and white Bald Eagles. Such strong and regal looking birds! May of these images include shields with stars, and or stripes, and there is a very interesting looking frame image that has Flags on each side with an Eagle perched on the top.

More Happy 4th of July Images

July 4th clip art showing date

4 July 4th Clipart This is a fun set of images for Independence day! Included are several simple and colorful graphics representing Yankee Doodle, a Cannon, and a Cute looking Patriotic sticker type image as shown above. There is also a gorgeous Drums, a Horn and Fireworks!

Misc Images

Declaration of IndependenceHere is the latest addition to this collection. I don’t really have a category for this one but I think it’s great! It’s really cool postcard with the Declaration of Independence on it. I love the 1776 wax seal too!

4th of July Flag Coloring Page

4 Independence Day Coloring Pages This is a fun set of Vintage Coloring Pages to keep the family entertained! Included are the Spirit of 1776, Paul Revere’s Ride, and more!

I hope you enjoy this fun and festive Happy Independence Day USA collection! You might also like our favorite Vintage Halloween Images HERE.

Happy 4th of July Images