I Need $60 Now: 8 Realistic Ways to Get it

I Need $60 Now: 8 Realistic Ways to Get it
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I Need $60 Now

If you need $60 dollars now, then I’ve got you covered.

Right in this article, you’ll learn to make $60 dollars now without waiting for a long time.

These are realistically some of the best ways to make quick money, but some of them require you to have some amount of money first.

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Some other options off this list require you to have nothing.

Without much time, here are 8 ways to get it if you need $60 now.

I Need $60 Now: 8 Realistic Ways to Get it.

1. Ask for it.

One of the most realistic ways to get $60 dollars right now is to ask for it.

You could ask for it from a friend, or a guardian.

I don’t mean a guardian angel in this case, but someone who’s in charge of your welfare as a human.

This could be your uncle, aunt, mom or dad (or both), cousin – just about anybody in the right place to take care of you.

If you must get $60 now by asking, then you’ll need to have a good reason for needing the money.

Most of the time, people will give you money just because you simply asked.

So, if you need $60 now, it’s not a lot of money in reality.

And one of the simplest ways to get it is to simply ask your friends, parents, or guardians.

2. Borrow it.

I need $60 now; borrow it.


If the reason you need the money makes a lot of sense, then you can simply borrow it.

There are more ways to borrow money now especially with the use of the internet.

But then, you could go traditional and borrow it from your friends or even your own parents.

If whatever reason you need $60 right now makes sense, you could get more money than just sixty bucks.

Alternatively, you can borrow the money online using apps that allow you to borrow money in the US.

When taking a loan like this one from an app, you’d need to repay on time.

Every loan app will give you a date to repay whatever amount of money you loan from them.

If you don’t repay within that time frame, then they withdraw your privilege of taking loans.

Or maybe reduce the size of loans you can take.

$60 dollars isn’t a lot of money.

And you can get it now by borrowing.

Plus, you just need your mobile phone to access these loan apps and borrow money from them.

Thankfully, there’s more than just one loan app.

You could borrow as much money as you want from different loan apps as long as you’re able to repay all of them.

There’s also a limit to how much money you can loan from these apps, so don’t expect to loan $100k online.

You could loan a few hundred dollars, and the amount of money you’re able to loan from these apps increases as you repay before the repayment deadline.

3. Sell your items online.

Perhaps the easiest way to go about this is to sell stuff you already have that’s worth more than $60 dollars or just about the future.

If you want $60 now, then you can get it by selling your items online.

Whatever it is that you’ve got, especially gadgets and fashion items, you can flip them online for the cash value.

A place to start is Etsy.

On this platform, you can list your items and interested people get to buy them.

It’s free to list your items, and you can sell pretty much any item of your choice to get $60 dollars.

However, one of the fastest ways to get things sold online or to flip stuff online for money is to list them for a price way below their initial worth.

For example, if you’ve got a wristwatch worth $500 originally, it’ll sell off faster if you’re listing it for $300 dollars.

Something like that.

4. Use your car.

Realistically, you can get $60 bucks now just by making good use of your vehicle.

You can use it as a driver for Uber, Lyft, or to deliver items around your city for Instacart, Uber Eats, and Doordash.

Working for these service providers, you can make anywhere from $18 to $25 dollars an hour.

So let’s do the math; if you’re able to deliver items around your city four hours in a day for $18 an hour, that’s $72 dollars already.

Driving for Uber or Lyft is another really good option if you have a car.

You’ll definitely make much more than $60 bucks in a day working about 3 to 5 hours.

But then, it’s not entirely free to start working with the ride-sharing services.

Much more than just $60 dollars, you can make up to $200 bucks a day if you take this up seriously.

Whether you’re driving for a ride-sharing service like Uber or you’re delivering items around the city for services like Instacart, working more hours would mean earning more money.

So, if you’re able to work for about 10 hours in a day at $18/hour with Instacart, that’s $180 dollars.

Driving for ride-sharing services, you could make more because the amount of money you earn is determined by the distance over time for every trip.

5. Rent your space.

If there’s a free space in your house that you’re not making good use of or you don’t have a use for at all, you can rent it out on Neighbor.com.

Doing this, you’ll be making yourself more money with an empty space around your house.

Other than your own house, if you own a warehouse or a free house with no furniture or anything at all in it, you can also rent it out on Neighbor to make money.

This is one of the most realistic ways to make money online, but this won’t make you a millionaire.

Plus, it’s challenging to find people willing to rent your kind of space.

You can only list your space for lease, there’s only a high probability someone gets to rent the space.

But it’s not guaranteed.

6. Get on Airbnb.

On Airbnb, you can make money off leasing a convenient apartment for people to stay per night.

You get paid per night.

Depending on the comfortability of your apartment, you can earn up to $300/night.

So, think about it; you need $60 dollars, but you can get up to $100 dollars right now just by putting your apartment up for lease on Airbnb.

It’s free to get started and it’s usually about how convenient your apartment is.

Although there are folks on Airbnb looking for low cost apartments that aren’t extravagantly exotic.

If you need quick money, you can always make use of Airbnb.

Good or bad, there’s someone out there willing to pay you just to spend a night over at your place.

If you don’t have an apartment, you can liaise with a couple of apartment owners in your neighborhood and come to a reasonable agreement as to how you’ll make use of their vacant apartments and repay them a fee nightly.

7. Trade financial markets.

You need $60 right now?

It’s just really surprising how trading the financial markets can fetch you this amount of money in no time.

It’s not entirely free to get started with trading online if you must make any withdrawable profit.

Whether it’s Forex or stocks, you’ll need to learn how to trade the financial markets first before putting your money to actually trade live.

Again, learning to trade takes a lot of time.

And you can never gain mastery over the financial markets.

So, by trading the financial markets, you can make $60 dollars right now.

Conversely, you could lose all your investment in one blink if you rush into it as a newbie.

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8. Trade binary options.

One of the most realistic ways to make money if you need $60 right now is to trade binary options.

On the internet today, there are lots of fraudulent binary options brokers, but then if you’re trading with the legit ones, then you can make up to $60 now without stress.

Another thing, you’ll need to learn to trade the markets.

It’s not something that runs on autopilot.

It’s not passive either. You trade to make real gains.

But then, the execution of trades every time will require you to have a working strategy.

I Need $60 Now: 8 Realistic Ways to Get it – Final Words.

By asking, borrowing, trading binary options, trading financial markets, selling items online, using your car to perform services, renting out your space and renting out your apartment, you can make $60 dollars right now.

There’s a learning curve to some of these ideas to making $60 right now, and some of them come with extra risk.

But you can definitely make up to $60 bucks doing them.

The easiest way to go about getting $60 dollars right now is to ask for it.

Who knows, you might get more especially if there’s a strong reason behind your soliciting for it.