Bulk Flowers: Where to Buy Wholesale Wedding Flowers Online

Bulk Flowers: Where to Buy Wholesale Wedding Flowers Online

If you’re looking for ways to save money on your wedding, one of our favorite wedding budget tips is to do things yourself for your big day. And one of the best things you could do to save your wedding budget is to buy bulk flowers online and arrange your own wedding bouquets, centerpieces, and more.

Where to Buy Wedding Flowers

If you’re considering DIYing your wedding flowers, you may have a few questions about the process. Questions like…

  • Where is the best place to purchase bulk flowers for my wedding?
  • Where to buy flowers in bulk near me?
  • Which sites have the best prices on bulk wedding flowers?
  • Are there wholesale wedding flower packages I can order online?
  • Can anyone help me put a DIY wedding flower plan together?
  • What are the most affordable wedding flowers for my budget?

Buying Wholesale Flowers for Your Wedding

Truth is, there are quite a few options available to you as a DIY bride. From local farmer’s markets to your neighborhood grocery store, many places sell fresh flowers.

But if you’re looking for quality and quantity, you’ll probably have to make a special order and buy flowers in bulk. That’s why it’s great that there are so many resources to buy wholesale flowers online for your wedding!

While it might seem convenient to shop locally, the reality is that most flower varieties are shipped from outside the country, so you’ll find the best luck by buying your wedding flowers online. Plus, many online flower companies offer prices similar to wholesalers, so you can often get a great deal on your wedding flowers by buying online.

Where to Buy Bulk Flowers Online For Your Wedding

To help all you budget-savvy and DIY-friendly brides out, we’ve put together a great guide to buying bulk flowers online. This list shares info about our favorite online sources for ordering wholesale flowers in bulk at great prices.

Whether you’re a flower arranging novice or a seasoned pro, these online flower wholesalers offer beautiful blooms on a budget for your DIY wedding arrangements. We’ve ranked them in order of who we feel are offer the best wholesale flowers and any additional services and support you can take advantage of!

Scroll down this page to see our list of reputable online flower wholesalers for DIY brides. Some of these options just offer the bulk flowers for purchase, others will assist you in crafting a full plan to make your DIY wedding flower dreams come true!

Check out these recommended resources for purchasing wholesale flowers online for your wedding!

FiftyFlowers - Where to Buy Bulk Wedding Flowers Online - Best Prices

1. FiftyFlowers.com

*Best Prices & Selection*

One popular online flower seller is FiftyFlowers. They offer wholesale flower prices as well as free shipping! They also have a 100% event date guarantee, so you can rest assured that the flowers will show up on time for your event. One of our favorite features is that you can shop their high-quality flowers by color to match them perfectly with your color scheme!

FiftyFlowers is a known and trusted name in the industry for nearly 20 years and has provided bulk flowers for countless special occasions and celebrations in that time.

Bloom Culture Flowers - Where to Buy Bulk Wedding Flowers Online - Best DIY Guidance from an Expert

2. Bloom Culture Flowers

*Best DIY Guidance*

If you’re into DIY but feel like you need some help putting together a plan, Bloom Culture Flowers is for you! Their motto is that DIY doesn’t mean doing it alone. They’ll help you get creative, stay in control of your wedding budget, and arrange and enjoy the most beautiful wedding flowers for your big day. They’ll help you make a full action plan for stress-free DIY wedding flowers with step-by-step instructions!

Don’t worry- if you’re on a budget, you can still have beautiful flowers for your wedding. You won’t be stuck only using carnations for your wedding arrangements- you’ll just need to purchase strategically. This is where calling in the experts to guide you can be helpful if you’re arranging your own flowers.

Not only will you get help with creating the vision for your arrangements, but you’ll also receive expert guidance on how much of each floral type to order. This ensures you have exactly what you need, from fresh-cut flowers to greenery. That’s the beauty of Bloom Culture- they empower you to DIY with confidence!

TheBouqs - Where to Buy Bulk Wedding Flowers Online - Most Convenient - Pre-Arranged to Your Door

3. TheBouqs.com

*Most Convenient*

We love The Bouqs because they offer eco-friendly flowers in bulk that are grown on sustainable farms on the side of an active volcano. They are known for shipping super fresh, vibrant blooms in a variety of colors straight from the growers to your doorstep. They even have wedding packages available where they offer pre-made flower arrangements like bouquets and centerpieces that they ship straight to your door!

If you love the idea of saving some cash by purchasing bulk flowers but not the idea of DIYing your arrangements, you’ll love The Bouqs!

We’ve featured Blooms by the Box so many times on The Budget Savvy Bride! They have amazing DIY tutorials, a huge assortment of blooms, and tons of resources on their website, so you have everything you need to DIY your own wedding flowers. Check out a previous review here.

Whether you’ve got your heart set on hydrangea, sunflowers, calla lilies, or tulips, Blooms by the Box has the top-notch blooms you’re after. They also have everything you need for floral arrangements, including floral supplies like snips, floral wire, floral foam, and more.

Another bulk store to consider for your wedding flowers is Costco, which offers gorgeous quality at bulk prices. Just like Sam’s Club, you can order online or in-store. Save big on bulk wedding flowers by purchasing from your favorite discount big box store. I’d also recommend checking out Costco for desserts for your big day!

Another company that helps you put your DIY flower plan together is Flower Moxie. They work directly with the DIY bride to make her Pinterest board come to life! More than just a reliable source of wedding flowers, Flower Moxie offers resources, inspiration, mood boards, packages & collections to help the DIY bride find the right flowers for her!

Bloominous has a very unique and interesting service offering for wholesale wedding flowers. They’ve created expertly curated designer collections that include all the blooms and fillers for your arrangements to make everything super simple. Their packages include step-by-step tutorials to show you exactly how to arrange your florals yourself!

You might shop there for groceries and toilet paper, but did you know that your favorite neighborhood bulk store also offers fresh flowers that are perfect for weddings? You can order them online or in-store, making Sam’s Club a super budget-savvy and convenient source for cheap wedding flowers!

Why Buy Wedding Flowers Online Instead of Locally?

  1. Ordering bulk flowers online is often cheaper than buying them from a florist. Many online flower sites offer wholesale prices because they have more customers to sell to (including professionals and event planners!)
  2. You can often find further deals and discounts. You can save even more on your wedding flowers if you can find a coupon code or look for special offers.
  3. You have access to a wider variety of flowers by shopping online. You could even order from multiple suppliers if you want!
  4. Buying in bulk means you’ll have plenty of blooms for the various arrangements you’d like to make. This is more convenient than going to a local market and buying flowers in small bunches.
  5. Online retailers often have larger customer service teams than smaller local retail florists. They often have more systems in place to replace your flower orders if a shipment goes missing or you have an issue with delivery.
  6. You can place your order for flowers well in advance of your wedding day. This gives you some peace of mind knowing you’ve checked this wedding task off your wedding checklist.

Don’t forget, if you’re ordering flowers online, you’ll need somewhere to store them before the big day. Make sure you have enough cool storage space, whether that means investing in some coolers or a spare refrigerator to keep your blooms fresh.

Happy DIY Flower Arranging!

In conclusion, there are so many wonderful options to find bulk flowers for your wedding. We hope this list of floral resources has been helpful to you in identifying the right online flower wholesaler to buy bulk flowers for your big day!

Want more help with your DIY wedding flowers? If you’ve bought a copy of my book, The Budget-Savvy Wedding Planner & Organizer, you’re eligible for the FREE bonus.

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