Submit Your Collectibles

Video how do you send cards to psa

It’s EASY to Submit Your Collectibles to PSA & PSA/DNA.

Simply Follow the Submission Steps Below:

Step 1: Find Your Authentication & Grading Pricing

  • PSA Pricing – For Cards, Tickets & Packs
  • PSA/DNA Pricing – For Autographed Items, Original Photos, Professional Model Bats & Professional Model Gloves
  • Return Postage

Step 2: Select Submission Method

PSA Online Submission Center:

  • Submit online for your Cards, Packs or TicketsPSA no longer accepts paper carbon copy submission forms for these services.

Print the Appropriate Submissions Form:

  • Print the Autograph Item Submission Form
  • Print the Autograph Encapsulation Submission Form
  • Print the Photograph Authentication Submission Form
  • Print the Photograph & Autograph Authentication Submission Form
  • Print the Professional Model Bat Submission Form
  • Print the Professional Model Glove Submission Form

Print out one submission form per type of service (there are unique submission numbers for each). Don’t forget to photocopy this for your records!

Please note that separate submission forms must be submitted for different grading services and service types (crossovers, regular size, tallboys, reviews) and subject to separate grading, shipping & handling charges. If a submission is received with mixed grading services or service types, PSA will automatically, and without notification, separate the items for processing according to PSA submission requirements.

A note about the declared value section and service levels: Keep in mind that your stated declared value serves to determine the service level under which you can submit that item. For example, if you declare that your item is valued $1200 in its graded form, you cannot submit at any service level other than Express or higher. Failure to properly value or submit your item under the correct service level could delay your order or subject it to necessary pricing corrections at any point in the process. For more information regarding Declared Value, refer to our FAQ section.

Step 3: Package Your Item(s) for Shipment

  • PSA strongly advises against submitting items in hard acrylic snap cases, top loaders or screw down holders due to their potential to damage the item during shipment. If items are received in such holders, PSA will accept them but reserves the right to automatically remove them from these cases and place them in Card Savers for ease of processing.
  • Place your collectible in a box large enough to prevent content shifting and damage
  • Please use a tube box for bats
  • Include two copies of your Online Submission Center confirmation page in the package.
  • Packaging guidelines for cards, tickets, and packs.
  • Packaging guidelines for autographed collectibles.
  • When packaging the items for shipment, please make sure to place the items in the same order they are listed on your confirmation page. Items not submitted in order will not be entered in to processing and will instead be shipped back to you at your expense.Note: Do not place labels, stickers, or write on the outside of each Card Saver.
  • Items with a manufacturer’s branded sticker sealing the case or Card Saver are accepted, but PSA advises submitters to remove these stickers before shipping to our facility. If an item arrives sealed in this fashion, PSA reserves the right to automatically remove the manufacturer’s seal/sticker at any point in the process, and without advance notice, for processing purposes. PSA is not liable for any devaluation of an item based on this course of action.


  • Framed Items: All items must be removed from the frame before submission to PSA/DNA
  • Heavy Items: Items that weigh over 30 lbs. are not accepted
  • Items in Holders or Shrinkwrap: Holders or shrink-wrap on items will be removed for examination from our experts. Upon completion of the authentication process, your item will be placed in its original holder. Unfortunately, we do not have the ability to wrap items again. However, in the event that the item does not have a holder, PSA/DNA will provide a protective Plexiglass holder for you at no additional charge. This feature is available for baseballs, cuts, and photographs (3×5, 5×7, 8×10).
  • Grading for Autographed Cards: Autographed sportscards submitted under the PSA Card grading and autograph authentication service must pass both autograph authentication and card grading authentication in order to be encapsulated. For example, a card that is deemed altered in any way will not be encapsulated even though the autograph may be genuine. In addition, if the card is deemed original and unaltered yet the autograph does not pass inspection, then the card may not be encapsulated.
Step 4: Ship Your Item(s) to the Appropriate Address
  • We accept USPS United States Postal Service and FedEx Federal Express.
  • We do not accept DHL, UPS or Airborne packages.
  • Do not send postage stamps, shipping materials or pre-paid postage labels for the return of your package.
  • Return Shipping Information