Lovepop Cards Review

About Lovepop Cards

Greeting cards make more of an impression than you may think. Receiving a card in the mail with a simple message can completely turn around someone’s day. Lovepop is an intricate pop-up greeting card company that designs cards for every occasion.

The brand uses its trademarked technique, Slicegami, a combination of the ancient art form kirigami and slice form structure to create unique 3D designs.

The brand’s success is credited in part due to their exposure on the hit TV show, Shark Tank, where Lovepop founders, Wombi Rose and John Wise, scored a deal with Mr. Wonderful, Keven O’Leary. The brand has been showcased on Forbes, CNBC, Entrepreneur, Inc., and CNN.

This Lovepop cards review will provide an encompassing view of the company, including details on some of their bestselling cards, what customers think of the brand, and more, to help you decide if their cards are worth buying for your next special occasion.

Overview of Lovepop Cards

Lovepop founders, Wombi Rose and John Wise became best friends at Webb Institute where they were training to become naval engineers. After taking a Harvard Business School trip to Vietnam, and discovering the ancient art of kirigami, the duo took their engineering education and combined it with a modern art form to create Lovepop cards.

In 2015, The Lovepop cards Shark Tank investment deal from Kevin O’Leary enabled the brand to create hundreds of designs, as well as open their own retail locations across the US. Their cards are now widely available in hundreds of stores. Lovepop headquarters are located in Boston, MA.

Continuing the growth, Lovepop Cards has made it their mission to create one billion magical moments with their one-of-a-kind cards.

This Lovepop cards review will now present the pros and cons associated with the brand.


  • Ancient art form kirigami and slice form structure create unique 3D card designs
  • Cards for every occasion including birthdays, holidays, sympathy, etc.
  • Thousands of happy customers
  • Many retail locations throughout the US
  • International shipping to Canada, UK, Canada, Australia, France, Germany, Ireland, Japan, Mexico and Switzerland


  • Limited number of customers complain of long shipping times and poor customer service

Lovepop greeting cards are for any and every occasion you can think of, even for those just because moments. Their cards are perfect to send to loved ones overseas, or those you aren’t able to be around but still want to let them know you’re thinking of them.

Lovepop Bestsellers

Lovepop curates larger packs of cards for sale with assorted 12 packs, to make the holidays a little easier and a little more lovely. A blank note is included for each card. If you’d like to include a personalized note, Lovepop can do that for you for an additional $5.

This Lovepop cards review showcases some of their bestselling cards, ranging from elaborate, stand-alone bouquets to meaningful anniversary cards. Lovepop cards are always intricate and beautifully designed to make them extra special.

Lovepop Cards Happy Birthday Pop Up Card Review

There’s nothing better than receiving a fun and personalized birthday card. This Happy Birthday Pop Up Card makes the thoughtful message even more powerful. This design does everything but sing, combining the fun of birthday decorations and the thoughtfulness of a card.

The cover of this Lovepop birthday card reads “Wishing you a…”, and when you open the card, a festive and colorful “Happy Birthday” pop up unfolds from the inside. The card itself is 5″ wide by 7″ tall and includes a blank envelope and Lovepop note (a small note card that slides into the main card).

The Happy Birthday Pop Up Card is $13 for one or five for $50.

Lovepop Cards Christmas Candle Pop Up Card Review

The recipient of this festive card may want to make this the centerpiece of their Christmas table. The Christmas Candle Pop Up contains carefully cut, intricate detailed flora and fauna around the base, including holly, poinsettias, and pine cones, plus sparkly, gold stars. The candle features an intricate and realistic flame.

The colors displayed within this Lovepop Christmas card embody the Christmas spirit and bring with it a symbolic warmth and nostalgia. You may want to send out this breathtakingly festive card early so it can be admired the entire Christmas season.

The card itself is 5″ wide by 7″ tall and includes a blank envelope and the Lovepop card insert to add a personal message.The Christmas Candle Pop Up Card is $13 for one, or you can purchase five for $50.

Lovepop Cards Flower Basket Pop Up Card Review

This Flower Basket Pop Up Card looks like it was just delivered by a thoughtful grandchild, who spent the day picking flowers in grandma’s garden. Grandma took it graciously and set her favorite doily on the kitchen table before placing the basket on top to showcase her grandchild’s work.

Following the same storyline, said grandchild would have most likely grown up to be a florist, simply because this Flower Basket Pop Up Card is arranged beautifully, resting butterflies and all. This pop-up card brings feelings of the height of spring when flowers are in full bloom and greenery is lush.

The front of this card features a pale purple color, alongside a tiny arrangement. When you open the card, the flower pop up unfolds, simulating a wicker basket sitting atop a blue table. Lovepop recommends this card for Mother’s Day, but could also work as an Easter Card, for someone who simply just loves flowers and springtime.

The card is 5″ wide by 7″ tall, with an envelope and note card included. The Flower Basket Pop Up Card retails for $13 for one, or take advantage of the five for $50 deal.

Lovepop Cards Thinking of You Bouquet Pop Up Card Review

You can’t help but smile when you look at the Thinking Of You Bouquet Pop Up Card. Brightly colored flowers and a smiling sun will be sure to offer brightness and love to the special recipient. Though it’s technically a card, we like to think of it as a welcoming bouquet (with a longer life span).

The 3D flowers are cross cut, so no matter which way you display your bouquet, it looks rounded and full. Lovepop notes that these are “allergy friendly,” which is great for those who have to, unfortunately, miss out on the alluring fragrance of fresh florals. This bouquet card is portable too, which makes brightening someone’s day all that much easier.

Lovepop flowers are fitted inside a vase that reads “Thinking of you.” So, in terms of occasions, the options are endless. What else is great about Lovepop flowers? They never wilt! When unfolded, the bouquet measures 10.25″ tall, by 7.5″ wide. The flowers, when folded, are encased in a white protective sleeve that includes a notecard.

The Thinking of Your Bouquet Pop Up Card is $24. Though some may argue that the price is a bit high for a greeting card, This Lovepop cards review thinks its delicate and show-stopping design is worth every penny.

Lovepop Cards Cherry Blossom Pop Up Card Review

The Cherry Blossom Pop Up Card conveys what we already love about cherry blossom season, but allows us to enjoy their beauty for even longer. In reality, the lifespan of cherry blossoms is typically only two weeks, and only once per year. Cherry blossoms are a symbol of renewal and a reminder of life’s fleeting nature.

This card serves as a reminder to enjoy the beautiful things in life and to stay present in the moment. The Cherry Blossom Pop Up Card is a wonderful gift for those who may be experiencing feelings of stress, but also a lovely gesture for those who simply love their beauty.

The Cherry Blossom Pop Up Card includes an envelope and note card for $13.

Lovepop Cards Lovely Hummingbird Pop Up Card Review

The front of the Lovely Hummingbird Pop Up Card features a watercolor hummingbird, with the word “love” written into the infinity symbol. The color of the front is a peaceful seafoam green that reminds us of the peace and comfort we find in our life-partners or the joy and security that unconditional love brings us from a parent.

Upon opening the card, a pop-up hummingbird with textured wings and feathers emerges from the center. The bird appears with wings fully spread, simulating take off into flight.

Lovepop suggests this card for Mother’s Day, but it can definitely work for any occasion. Or, simply for a time when you just want to let someone know how much they are loved. Express your love with the Lovely Hummingbird Pop Up Card for $13.

Lovepop Cards Winter Willow Scene Pop Up Card Review

The Winter Willow Scene Pop Up Card is a romantic and meaningful card that evokes feelings of romance and the quiet nature of the winter season. The front of the card is a winter-blue color, with a white silhouette of the back of a man and woman, sitting on a bench under a willow tree.

When you open the card, the scene on the front comes to life, but this time you’re seeing them face on. The willow tree is a magnificent white, and the silhouettes of the man and woman are now a contrasting black, adorned with winter garb. The bench they are seated on is snow-covered with an icy blue river running behind them, adding those extra detailed elements that Lovepop is famous for.

As beautiful as this design is, the brand is discontinuing this option and it can be found within the Lovepop Cards The Vault section. This card makes a great anniversary, Valentine’s Day, or any occasion card, for when you want to express a little love to your partner.

The Winter Willow Scene Pop Up Card is 5″ wide by 7″tall and includes an envelope and note card for $7 (normally $13).But hurry! This beautiful card is only available while supplies last.

Lovepop Garden 12-Pack Pop Up Cards Review

The Garden 12-Pack makes it easy to show your love to multiple people on multiple occasions. The pack was originally curated for mothers, but this Lovepop cards review thinks they would be well-suited for any nature lover.

The 12 cards offer a varying selection of flowers, tree, and creatures, and include designs such as the Dragonfly, the Flower Basket, the Cherry Blossom, Hibiscus Bloom, the Jacaranda Tree, a Peach Rose Loom, the Lovely Hummingbird, Home Sweet Home, an Orange Tree Blossom, Lily Bloom, a Monarch Butterfly, and Lotus Bloom.

All of the cards measure the stand Lovepop size (5″ wide by 7″ tall) and come with accompanying envelopes. The Garden 12-Pack is $99 (a $156 value).

Lovepop Cards Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

According to our Lovepop review, most customers are happy with their cards. From their website, you can get a fair idea of this based on how favorably buyers rate some of the cards featured above:

  • Cherry Blossom Classic 3D Card: 5/5 stars out of 1,397 reviews
  • Flower Basket 3D Card: 4.9/5 stars out of 4,864 reviews
  • Winter Willow Scene 3D Card: 4.9/5 stars out of 877 reviews
  • Lovely Hummingbird 3D Card: 4.9/5 stars out of 1,763 reviews

Customers on the website appreciate the beautiful designs and describe the cards as high-quality. Many buyers note that the cards were delivered quickly and enjoyed by the people who received them. Lovepop cards are similarly rated favorably on Amazon:

  • Star Wars Darth Vader Valentine Pop Up Card: 4.9/5 stars out of 1,433 ratings
  • Cherry Blossom Classic 3D Card: 4.8/5 stars out of 6,085 ratings
  • Birthday Flower Bouquet 3D Card: 4.8/5 stars out of 3,318 ratings
  • Mother’s Day Flowers Pop Up Card: 4.7/5 stars out of 3,163 ratings

One 5-star Amazon review said, “This is the perfect gift for people that don’t need more junk in their lives. It’s really nicely made and you can’t help but smile when the card is opened.” Another Amazon customer wrote, “absolutely adorable. Fills up most of the card. Very intricate detail. Little bigger than a standard sized card.”

The biggest complaint was that the cards are small, with some reviews resembling this one: “disappointed in size. The promotion photos suggest that it is much bigger.” Some customers noted that the cards are expensive but worth the money.

On the other hand, Lovepop does not perform well on Trustpilot. On this site, 660 customers rate the brand as 3.3/5. The more negative reviews on Trustpilot report incorrect orders and shipping issues. For instance, one customer wrote:

“I ordered 10 cards for birthday and graduations. We received 6 cards within a few days as promised. What a hot mess after that. They never shipped the other 4 cards….they still have no answer where the other shipment is…they are frustrating the customers all the time.”

Though we acknowledge these negative reviews, it’s important to note that this limited number is countered by thousands of positive customer experiences.

Are Lovepop Cards Worth It?

In terms of the design and quality of the unique cards, this Lovepop cards review believes the answer is a definite yes. Customers report on the excellent quality of the cards and are pleased with the designs. Though there are some negative reviews, these are much less common.

This Lovepop cards review believes that the brand’s variety of cards are definitely worth it. While the cards are more expensive than other options, Lovepop cards are special, and their detailed craftsmanship is noticeable.

If you live in North America, visiting a Lovepop retail location may be your best bet if you have any reservations. Or, order with plenty of lead time to ensure you receive your cards before your desired date to send them out.

Lovepop Cards Promotions & Discounts

This Lovepop cards review found there are actually many different ways that you can save with Lovepop. The company always offers a mix and match promotion, where any five eligible cards are $10 each, totalling $50.

When you choose the eligible cards, the Lovepop discount code is automatically applied at checkout. The brand also offers curated packs of 3, 5, 7, and 12, where you can save up to $50.

Since the brand offers multiple designs, and with new designs added each month, they chose to retire some of their less popular cards. Of course, these cards are still epically beautiful, and they’re available in the Lovepop The Vault until they are sold out.This Lovepop cards review notes that the sale prices are typically around $7.

Other Lovepop deals include the following Lovepop promo codes: LP-Bulk20 for purchases of 20 to 49 cards, LP-Bulk50 for purchases of 50 to 249 cards, and LP-Bulk250 for purchases of 250 cards or more.

Where to Buy Lovepop Cards

The entire collection is available on, as well as through the Lovepop Amazon store. They also have locations all over the United States. Use the Store Locator on the website to find a location nearest you. Other places to shop Lovepop cards include:

  • Kohl’s
  • Hallmark
  • Walmart


Who owns Lovepop Cards?

Wombi Rose and John Wise are the founders and creators of Lovepop. John Wise also holds a seat on the Board of Directors.

Are Lovepop Cards sold in stores?

Lovepop cards are sold in numerous Lovepop retail locations, in addition to hundreds of other retailers across North America.

Do Lovepop Cards need extra postage?

Some Lovepop cards are bigger and heavier than normal cards, so they do require extra postage. Of course, rates vary by carrier. For USPS, this Lovepop cards review will list the postage that is recommended:

  • Classic (5″ x 7″): 2 stamps
  • Standard (5.9″ x 8 ¼”): 2 stamps
  • Gift Card Holder (5 x 3”): 1 stamp
  • Notecards (3.75 x 5.125″): 1 stamp
  • Flower Bouquet cards weigh 6 ounces, check with your local postal carrier for shipping rates

Where do Lovepop Cards ship from?

Orders placed on ship from their distribution centers in either Massachusetts or California, whichever is closer to your delivery location.

What is Lovepop Cards’ Shipping Policy?

Below are the Lovepop shipping options with prospective shipping times:

  1. USPS Standard: 3-8 business days Free
  2. Expedited: 2 business days $15
  3. Overnight: 1 business day $25

Lovepop also offers international shipping, Lovepop Canada orders, and Lovepop UK orders. Lovepop can also ship to Australia, France, Germany, Ireland, Japan, Mexico, and Switzerland. The company does not currently offer to ship to other international locations not mentioned above. The company offers standard shipping on all international orders. Delivery time is typically 7 business days.

For all orders, Lovepop ships out orders the same day if it is placed before 2:30 pm EST, Monday to Friday. All orders ship from the US in either Massachusetts or California. The brand uses Pitney Bowes and TrakPak to provide tracking services for customers.

This Lovepop cards review will note that due to partnership contracts, a lot of their licensed products (i.e. Despicable Me pop-up cards) cannot be bought or shipped outside of the US and its territories.

What is Lovepop Cards’ Return Policy?

This Lovepop cards review found that if you need to return your Lovepop order for any reason, the company accepts returns within 30 days of purchase for most orders. You’ll need to have your receipt, and the items must be in original condition with the original packaging.

Contact their Happiness Team at [email protected] to start a return. If your card was damaged when it arrived, be sure to reach out and their team will make it right.

How to Contact Lovepop Cards

If you need to get in contact with Lovepop customer service for any other information that this Lovepop review did not contain, or if you have questions about their cards, call (888) 687-9589, email [email protected], or contact them via their Contact Form on the website.

The brand’s headquarters are located at: 125 Lincoln Street, Boston, MA, 02111

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