Anniversary eCards

Happy Anniversary eCards

While we have many types of ecards for a range of events and occasions, our anniversary ecards are particularly special. This is because they are a simple and direct way to share how much you love someone or to honor a special couple in your life. For your spouse, our ecards give you the ability to send your partner a cute note showing how happy you are that you married them. For the great couples in your life, we have sweet, and funny ecards to send them a happy note and tell them you are thinking about them. Below you will find a bit more inspiration about who you could be sending those anniversary ecards to, and what cards you may want to send.

The Perfect Card for Everyone

When someone is celebrating a milestone event, you shouldn’t hold back! Whether it is you and your spouse or long-term partner, or another couple in your life who is celebrating their big day, make sure to send them an ecard to show that you are thinking about them.

  • For Your Husband – Want to find a sweet way to say “I love you” to your husband? Our selection of anniversary ecards for him allows you to slip a happy little note into your spouse’s email inbox. Even if you typically have trouble knowing what to get for your husband, an ecard is a loving and smart way to surprise him. Imagine, as he is digging through his inbox trying to wade through all of the work emails that came in when suddenly he opens your ecard. Sending your husband an unexpected smile is a great way to start out your anniversary and set the tone for your memorable day.
  • For Your Wife – Your wife is your loving companion. Each day, she stands with you and helps bring you joy in the good times and comfort when things get tough. It is very important to show her how much she means to you with an anniversary ecard. With all of the daily distractions, it can be difficult sometimes to communicate just how much she means to you. Do not let this occasion pass without letting her know that you are so thankful that you married her both on your anniversary and each and every day!
  • For Your Parents – Remembering your parent’s big day is always a great surprise and an ecard anniversary parents certainly won’t soon forget! Your parents loved you, raised you, and made sure you had the best upbringing they could provide. Show them how much you cherish their love by sending them an ecard for their anniversary. If your parents have separate email accounts, why not send them each an ecard? It is a sweet way to show them each individually that you appreciate their devotion to each other and the family they raised.
  • For Your Grandparents – While you were growing up, you likely watched in awe as your grandparents had been a couple for what seemed like an unfathomable amount of time. Now that you are older and wiser, you know the strength and devotion that it takes to remain so united and so loving year after year. Sending your grandparents a sweet ecard to celebrate their anniversary will help you to show them that you understand how significant their love is in your life. They presented you with an outstanding relationship template to strive for in your own life; they absolutely deserve thanks and recognition for all that they have done for you!
  • For Your Friends – Your friends who are in committed relationships deserve to be recognized for the joy and happiness they jointly bring to your life. This is especially true if you were involved in their wedding festivities as either a member of a wedding party or as an attendee. Show the couple you remember their big day fondly with an anniversary ecard. After all, they put so much effort into hosting a great event to share their love with their family and friends! If you want to send them a laugh on this lovely occasion, consider sending one of our funny anniversary ecards. Bring a smile to their faces and remind them of all of the fun you have together with a silly ecard they will laugh about throughout the whole day.

A Kind Gesture

By sending a free ecard anniversary celebrations will seem even more special! We also have a range of premium options to give your ecard’s recipient the ability to view the ecard ad-free and open it whenever they desire. No matter which sending option you select, you can rest assured that a loving message wrapped in a beautiful ecard will be waiting in their inbox whenever they check their email!