Freedom Forever

Prior to the panels being installed they were in relatively constant communication. After they get installed, that’s when the communication stops. My issues started in March of 2022 after they were installed. I had a go live date of roughly June 2022, that day came and went. I made numerous calls into the support and finally got someone that elaborated on the issue. Turns out the inspectors for the city of Nampa ID wanted to verify the brackets used for the panels which is apparently common. They ended up removing several panels on a Thursday and leaned them up against my house outside my fence, the inspection was on a Monday. I think the worst part about this was that a single guy was doing the removal/reinstall, so he hauled those heavy panels up/down the ladder on his own, not safe. I finally got PTO 8/23/22, their portal tells you someone will call to walk you through powering it on. After a couple days there was no call so I called in, apparently this is not the case, no one will call the customer, the customer must call in. Finally got it activated on 9/26/22, and it was humming along until 10/3 when it just stopped working. I’m glad I was looking at it daily otherwise who knows how long it would have gone without being noticed. Called in when I noticed it, the rep opened a ticket with their monitoring team to investigate. I called in the next day to get an update, apparently the inverter was bad and needed to be replaced but with supply chain issues I was looking at 1-2 months, I requested a tech come out and verify the issue; they said no, not without the inverter in hand. Throughout October and November I called in numerous times to get updates on the status, every time it was the same thing “no update on the replacement, and no we won’t send a tech without having the inverter”. I requested multiple times to speak to a supervisor/manager, they said someone would call me back in 24-48 hours. I never received a callback. I finally got someone that ended up giving me more info than he probably should have, but he told me the inverter was never ordered because a tech had not come out to verify the issue first. I’ll be honest I was dumbfounded at that point but I requested a supervisor and refused to wait their usual 24-48 hours. The call ended up “dropping” so I just gave up on customer service at that point as I didn’t want to wait another hour or so to speak to someone. I then posted an update on their Facebook page, while also posting a review to the BBB about my experience so far. Turns out you get a response rather quickly when you do one or both of these things. I was eventually assigned a case owner and we communicated via email and a few calls. As an FYI though they will hide any negative feedback on their Facebook page but this route seems to be the quickest way to get something going. A tech finally came out in late December and verified that the inverter was hooked up incorrectly so it ended up getting fried. It was replaced about a week later and has been producing power ever since. I was advised I would get reimbursed for my loss of service, but we’ll see how that goes as it’s a power generation guarantee and based on their quoted yearly MWh production. I was guaranteed to produce 10 MWh per year, I’m currently at 9.48 MWh lifetime. This has to be initiated by you and is a 12 month rolling window from when you start producing power. This of course requires the customer to call in or maybe an email to support to initiate this and apparently can be done yearly. Lastly I will say when it works it works, you just have to deal with a lot of BS along the way, and if you have any issues and need to call into support be prepared for a long tedious battle.

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