#9 Envelopes

#9 Envelope Printing: Because You Mean Business

Make sure your mail stands out from the rest with #9 envelope printing. Custom-printed #9 envelopes look more official and noticeable compared to a stark white envelope. It also prevents your important letters from being mistaken for junk mail and ending up in the trash can.

#9 envelopes are perfect for sending invoices, billing statements, and other important documents.

The Perfect Reply Envelope

A #9 envelope isn’t just another letter holder. Yes, its 3.875” x 8.875” size can hold your typical trifolded 8 ½” x 11″ documents. But do you know this envelope also does double duty as a reply envelope?

#9 return envelopes fit perfectly into #10 envelopes for return mailings. This encourages your recipients to respond faster, and also saves them the hassle of looking for an envelope to send back to you. If your company sends out mail that needs a response, this is the envelope for you.

What else makes #9 envelope printing special from all the others?

  • 70 lb. uncoated white opaque paper shows off your custom design well.
  • Full-color printing allows for endless design possibilities.
  • Two envelope style options allow for more diverse applications.
  • It is compatible with both inkjet and laser printers.
  • The gum seal on the envelope flap seals securely and quickly.

Note: Full-color printing only applies to your design. The envelope itself remains white.

When Style Equals Function

The flap styles of #9 envelopes aren’t just for looks:

#9 Commercial Envelope

This style features diagonal seams and a pointed or triangular-shaped flap.

  • Commonly used for mailing a z-folded 8.5” x 11” standard brochure or letter, flyers, checks, or invitations.
  • This envelope style can be used on an automated inserted machine

Square Flap Envelope With Side Seams

As the name suggest, this feature a square flap and comes in 1.5” and 2” flap sizes.

  • Square shape offers more printing surface.
  • Perfect choice for envelope designs with image or text along the flap.
  • Adds a contemporary flair to your mail

Mail Like a Pro

Custom #9 envelope printing can be a showstopper – if you know how to maximize its potential.

Here’s how:

  • Increase Visibility. Create interesting and eye-catching artwork that represents your business and your message.
  • Proactive Marketing. Put your logo on the front for instant recognition and gives an idea of what is inside the mail.
  • Make It Official. Complete your company stationery set by adding #9 envelopes with your company logo and artwork. This makes you look more professional and legitimate.

Use our downloadable templates and save on time.Once you’ve uploaded your file to our site, sit back and relax – we’ll take care of the rest. Our quick print turnaround time guarantees you’ll get your high quality custom #9 envelope printing in a matter of days.

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What is “printing turnaround”?

This refers to the number of days needed to produce your order. This starts once your approved artwork has been uploaded to our site. All turnaround days are based on working days, so holidays, weekends, and transit time are not included.

What do you mean by full-color printing?

“Full-color printing” means your design can be printed on both the exterior front and exterior back of the envelope. This does not apply to the interior side of the envelope, which remains a crisp white.

What is a gum seal?

A “gum seal” is a thin layer of adhesive that is found on the edge of your envelope flap. You need to lightly moisten the gum layer in order to seal the envelope.