Events Trader Information

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Pitch sizes available

Standard Space – 3m wide x 3 deep

Large Space – 4.5m wide x 3m deep

Double Space – 6m wide x 3m deep

If you require more space than this, please contact us to discuss – extra space is charged per metre depending on category of goods.

What needs to fit within a pitch?

  • Equipment
  • All stock
  • Any generators
  • Any BBQ’s or grills
  • Tow bars
  • Space required to open trailer doors
  • All staff

Please ensure you choose a big enough trading space for your needs. If you stray out of the boundary of your pitch you will be taking up space booked by another trader.

Trading Fees

Fees are charged according to which of three categories your goods fit into. If you are unsure which category your goods fall into, please contact the Events Team to discuss. If you sell products that fall into two categories, you will be charged the higher of the two prices. The Events Team will have the final say on which fee you will be charged.

C1 – crafts, non-food gifts, clothing, jewellery, toys

C2 – food/drink gifts, sweets, hampers, meats, cheese, jams, bread, olives, cakes, novelty lights

C3 – hot food, drinks for on-site consumption, drinks, ice cream, sushi, hot desserts, salads


Traders whose businesses are registered within St Albans District, as well as regular traders on the Farmers’ or Charter Markets will be eligible for a 15% discount.

Charity pitches (which are all 3m x 3m) are available for any non-profit organisations and will be allocated at the discretion of the event organisers.

  1. Standard space – 3m x 3m

C1 £80 (£68 with discount)

C2 £107 (£91 with discount)

C3 £133 (£113 with discount)

  1. Large space – 4.5m x 3m

C1 £117 (£99 with discount)

C2 £155 (£132 with discount)

C3 £194 (£165 with discount)

  1. Double space – 6m x 3m

C1 £160 (£136 with discount)

C2 £181 (£183 with discount)

C3 £266 (£228 with discount)

  1. Extra frontage, per metre

C1 £27 (£23)

C2 £36 (£30)

C3 £44 (£38)

For information on payment terms and cancellations, please refer to sections five and six of the Street Event Trading Policy.

Priority booking

The Priority Booking scheme is open to all traders. The fee is £60 per event. Traders can opt in by selecting this option on the application form and choosing their two preferred trading zones from the list.

The £60 fee per event will be added to the fee only if the trader is allocated one of their first or second choice of locations.

Traders who do not take part in the Priority Booking scheme will be allocated a trading position, which will be non-negotiable.

Power Pitches

There will be a limited number of pitches available with access to power either from SADC/Markets supply or from a shared generator. Access to this will cost £50 (tbc) but cannot be guaranteed to all those who apply. You may bring your own silent generator, but it must be compliant with our generator policy (linked below). Traders who do not adhere to the policy or have a non-compliant generator will be instructed to turn off the generator and may be asked to cease trading. Traders not adhering to the policy will not have their pitch fee refunded and may not be allocated trading space at future events.

Application deadlines and pitch allocation dates

This application form will be available until Monday 2 October at 9am. The cut-off dates for applications for each event are as follows:

Alban Festival: Monday 8 May, 9am

St Albans Feastival Monday 7 August, 9am

St Albans Christmas Cracker Monday 2 October, 9am

Traders will be notified as to whether they have been allocated a pitch on the following dates:

Alban Festival: week commencing Monday 15 May

St Albans Feastival: week commencing Monday 14 August

St Albans Christmas Cracker: week commencing Monday 9 October

(if you have not heard from us by this deadline please check the Events Trader Information website where we will post updates or changes.)

Payment deadline for each event are as follows:

Alban Festival: Mon 5 June, 9am

St Albans Feastival: Mon 4 September, 9am

St Albans Christmas Cracker: Mon 30 October, 9am

Details of pitch locations will be emailed along with access information one week before the event.

  • 2023 Generator Policy ( docx – 575.35 KB )