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Hello everyone! 🙂

Welcome to ‘Bradley’s Basement’ blog and I’m Tim Bradley!

Well, I had an amazing, exciting time last weekend at the ‘York Unleashed’ event (also known as ‘York Unleashed the Third’) at the York Racecourse in York itself! This was ‘York’s Own Comic-Con’ and they’ve been having it for a few years now! I greatly enjoyed attending and seeing what’s there!

The highlight of the weekend for me was seeing Peter Davison and Sarah Sutton, my favourite TARDIS duo from ‘Doctor Who’. They played the Fifth Doctor and Nyssa in the ‘Doctor Who’ TV series and are currently playing them in the Big Finish audios. I’ve met these two a number of times!

Here are some of the highlights of how the weekend went for me! The event wasn’t busy as the ‘London Film and Comic Con’ last time. But there was still plenty of people there and lots to see! I enjoyed looking around the stalls of merchandise available as well as seeing my two favourite stars!

It was great to see Peter and Sarah, who remembered me of course! Both were very kind and friendly to me. I enjoyed chatting to them during the signing sessions and having the items I wanted signed by them. I’m very pleased to have met these two, as they embraced my love for ‘Doctor Who’.

Peter Davison was great to meet, as he’s my favourite Doctor. I enjoyed chatting to him about the ‘Doctor Who’ stories he did. He signed the DVD covers of ‘Arc of Infinity’, ‘Snakedance’ and ‘Mawdryn Undead’ for me. Peter loved ‘Arc of Infinity’ because of Amsterdam and playing Omega.

I asked Peter about a recent project he was doing with Christopher Timothy, who he worked with in ‘All Creatures Great and Small’. Peter and Chris Timothy will be starring in a documentary called ‘Vintage Roads’ that looks at vehicles from the 1930s. This is expected to be shown in the New Year!

It was lovely to see Sarah Sutton again, who I had plenty of chats with during signings at the event. The biggest highlight for me with Sarah was conducting an interview with her on her top five favourite Nyssa audio dramas in ‘Doctor Who’. Check out the YouTube video for the interview below!

During the signings, I managed to ask Sarah about her garden which she mentioned in her latest Big Finish podcast interview last weekend. Sarah even showed me some of her photos of her garden on her tablet, which I was pleased to see. We also chatted about Deborah Watling who we dearly miss.

I also managed to chat with Peter and Sarah about Jodie Whittaker as the new Doctor for the TV series. Both agreed with my thoughts on the casting and how optimistic I should be when the new series came back. I also chatted to Peter about the late Robert Hardy who he reunited with last year.

I managed to take some photos of the exhibits and cosplayers at the event. These include the balloon ghost exhibit from ‘Ghostbusters’ and a Dalek who wanted people to donate money for a children’s hospital. It was funny when the Dalek said, “DONATE!!! OR YOU WILL BE EXTERMINATED!”

I also took some photos of Iron Man costumes on display at the event. I also had some selfie photos with two ‘Spider-Men’ and an Adam West ‘Batman’ at the event. From the event, I purchased some Cybermen merchandise including a new series Cyberman action figure and an audio book of ‘Doctor Who – The Invasion’ by Ian Marter. This has been added to my review list for ‘Bradley’s Basement’.

As well as having selfie photos with Peter and Sarah at the event, I also had some professional photo shoots taken with Peter and Sarah by the photographer, Doctor Bell. I’m very pleased with the photos I had with Peter and Sarah. It’s the TARDIS team – the Fifth Doctor, Nyssa and Billy again! 😀

By the way, unbeknown to me, I had a photo taken of me chatting to Sarah during a signing session that day by another Peter/Sarah fan, Thomas Light. Like me, he had a great time seeing Peter and Sarah at the convention too. I’m very pleased he took this photo of me with Sarah. With kind permission, he’s allowed me to use this photo of his for this convention report on my blog.

‘York Unleashed’ was a successful day for me as a ‘Doctor Who’ fan. I enjoyed seeing Peter Davison and Sarah Sutton again and having great chats with them as well as having photos with them. I always get sad when events like this come to an end, as I know I’ve been happy and had a good time!

I hope it won’t be long before I see Peter and Sarah again at another ‘Doctor Who’ convention soon!

By the way, I’ve updated some ‘Doctor Who’ reviews with new signed CD/DVD covers and photos with the stars. As well as ‘Arc of Infinity’, ‘Snakedance’ and ‘Mawdryn Undead’, there’s also ‘Empire of Death’, ‘Cobwebs’, ‘The Whispering Forest’ and ‘The Cradle of the Snake’.

I told Peter and Sarah how much I enjoyed their Mara-possessed performances as the Doctor and Nyssa in ‘The Cradle of the Snake’ 😀

Also a random note, Sarah Sutton likes Gene Wilder as Willy Wonka! 😀

Thanks for reading!

Bye for now!

Tim. 🙂