3 Antique Stores to Visit in Newburyport, MA

3 Antique Stores to Visit in Newburyport, MA

Last weekend we took a ride down the coast to Newburyport, MA. to check out a few antique and vintage stores. Newburyport is a picturesque coastal town with a downtown area of small shops and brick sidewalks…it looks like a scene out of a Hallmark movie (they did film one there a couple of years ago !!)

Mill 77 Trading Company

Before we went to downtown Newburyport we stopped at the Mill 77 Trading Company. I’ve been shopping at this place for years…when they were located at a smaller location in a neighboring town. I’ve found so many of my favorite treasures there over the years!

**Since first publishing this article Mill 77 has relocated a short distance away to tax-free North Hampton, New Hampshire on Rt 1 Layfayette Rd. Here is my visit to their new location.**

Mill 77 is a mix of new, vintage, antique, and custom-built merchandise. This place is huge and it’s so much fun just to wander around and take in all the displays.

One of my favorite vintage items to use on my porch is old kerosene lanterns. For a charming holiday look, you could put a small red berry wreath over the top of a lantern.

The one purchase I made was a wooden 3 holed sugar mold. I plan to use it in my holiday decorating to hold candles…stay tuned!!

The dreamiest piece in the store was this huge industrial cabinet…just look at all those little drawers!!! It was soooo cool!!

Do you think that the shop owners that used these cabinets back in the day had any idea how sought after they would be now??

One of my other favorite pieces in the store was a large round mirror that was framed with industrial spools. It would be such an amazing statement piece in a large entryway.

There is definitely something for everyone at Mill 77! You have to see all the custom tables they are building now, beautiful stuff!!

There are a few things that I didn’t pick up when I was there that I keep thinking about…don’t you hate that!! Like that cute little owl…

Brick molds
Lobster print
fluffy owl decor

Downtown Newburyport

If you are ever visiting Massachusetts definitely take a drive to Newburyport. It’s located north of Boston along the coast. Newburyport sits where the Merrimack River runs into the Atlantic Ocean…picture lots of boats and ocean views.

This is not too far from the vintage flea market I showed you last month.

After a quick stop to see my Mom, who lives here, we strolled from her house to downtown. It was a 70° October afternoon (which is really warm for this time of year) and there were lots of families out enjoying the sunny day.

Green Plum Vintage Goods

Located right in the center of downtown is Green Plum Vintage Goods. Every nook in the store had a pretty display that caught your eye!

There was the prettiest little corner when you enter the store. It was a combo of wood and whites with teal pops of color.

I loved the use of all the natural and dried plants and flowers in the displays. This Fall I have been drawn to using more natural elements when I was decorating my own home,

Two of the wreaths that I loved would be fun DIYs too. One was a dried wheat wreath and the other was made from dried ornamental grass plumes…I have never thought about making a wreath with them!!

Wheat Wreath
dried grass wreath

I can’t wait to see how pretty this store looks for the holidays! Stop by if you are ever in the area.

Oldies Marketplace

OK, this place is enormous!! Oldies Marketplace in a huge waterfront warehouse building and it has EVERYTHING you can think of!!

It can be a little overwhelming when you walk in…you don’t know where to go first because everything catches your eye.

This is a great antique store to find colored glass bottles. There were so many different vendor booths that has bottles when I was there.

My favorite was the purple glass…I don’t think I’ve seen it before.

colored glass bottles

When you are visiting antique stores in Massachusetts you will probably find pewter. Pewter dates back to colonial times here. If you aren’t familiar with it kind of looks like a grayer version of silver.

pewter tea set
pewter pitcher

Vintage soda crates are so useful. I have a Cott soda crate that I use in my decorating all the time.

For the holiday season, you could pop a small tree inside of one and put it out on your porch.

Oldies had quite a few New England-y vintage items that reflect our coastal life. I saw lots of nautical bells, old buoys, flags, and even a cute Nantucket basket.

I loved the basket but seriously people I do not need another basket…I have to keep telling myself that!!

brass nautical bells

Have you ever heard of Moxie?? It’s a truly New England thing. It was the original carbonated soda back in the late 1800s and was one of that cure-all drinks…I remember having a sip when I was little and that was enough for me!

But the vintage glass bottles were super cool!

After our antique shopping, we took a stroll along the waterfront before heading back home to New Hampshire (it’s not that far…only about 25 minutes from us!)

Lee & Co. (Amesbury, Ma)

A short drive from Newburyport is scenic downtown Amesbury, Ma. The downtown is lined with old brick mills turned into stores, eateries, and galleries.

That is where you will find the Lee & Co. store. If you love vintage, pretty finds this is the spot for you. Lee has an eclectic mix of goods…some old, some new.

Lee & Co Storefront Amesbury

You can see my visit to the store and all the fun things I found here.

store entrance at Lee & Co

If you are in Newburyport I suggest you take the quick ride over to Lee & Co. to shop around.

Afterward, there are a few nice spots to grab a bite to eat right out the back door.

Display in Lee & Co Store

Thrifting For Vintage With Friends

Don’t you love seeing what kind of vintage and antique goods stores have around the country? I’m always so interested in what regional items people find.

Kim of Shiplap and Shells lives on the opposite coast on Puget Sound. She is sharing one of her favorite antiquing spots today! You will love going on a tour with her.

Stacy of Bricks ‘n Blooms went to a big vintage market in Vermont. It was loaded with all kinds of goodies!

Vermont Vintage Market

I can’t wait to go see what they found!!

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