How to watch Fake or Fortune Season 11 in the US on BBC iPlayer for free

How to watch Fake or Fortune Season 11 in the US on BBC iPlayer for free
How to watch Fake or Fortune Season 11 in the US on BBC iPlayer for free

Fake or Fortune Season 11 returns with a flair on BBC iPlayer, inviting viewers into the captivating world of art intrigue. As the dynamic duo, Philip Mould and Fiona Bruce, don their investigative personas, we’re whisked away on a journey, diving deep into the enigmatic tales behind timeless artworks.

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Step-by-Steps: How to watch Fake or Fortune Season 11 in the US on BBC iPlayer for free using a VPN

Fake or Fortune Season 11 Synopsis

Fake or Fortune is a riveting British documentary where Fiona Bruce and art connoisseur Philip Mould unravel the secrets of mesmerizing artworks. Their quest? Determining the true origins and creators of renowned art pieces, establishing whether they’re priceless originals or crafty forgeries. Authentic masterpieces could fetch staggering sums, while duplicates may bring only disappointment for our expert duo.

Stationed in the heart of London’s West End Art District, the Fake or Fortune hub is a beacon for art investigation. Leveraging cutting-edge tools like GC-MS, infrared radiation, multispectral scanning, and X-ray analysis, Fiona and Philip meticulously sift through clues, unveiling the hidden stories behind each piece.

Fake or Fortune Season 11 Cast

Fake or Fortune Season 11 Presenters:Philip Mould and Fiona Bruce are the undeniable stars of Fake or Fortune. Their collaboration dates back to the show’s inception in 2011. Over the years, not only have they evolved as a team, but their bond has also grown into a genuine friendship. Philip often praises Fiona’s expertise, crediting her for imparting valuable insights that enriched his understanding.

Their camaraderie began on the sets of the Antiques Show, paving the way for their roles in Fake or Fortune. As they journeyed together, they shared many adventures, with Fiona offering a deep dive into hard-hitting journalism and Philip shedding light on the intricacies of the art realm.

When does Fake or Fortune Season 11 premiere?

Season 11 of Fake or Fortune is slated to debut on Tuesday, September 26, 2023, at 8 pm on BBC iPlayer for the UK audience.

How many episodes does Fake or Fortune Season 11 have?

Here’s a snapshot of the season’s offerings:

Season 11 Episode 1: Elisabeth Frink (September 26, 2023)Embarking on an Essex expedition, Fiona and Philip chase a potential gem by the iconic 20th-century artist, Dame Elisabeth Frink. Amanda Kirke, intrigued by a sculpture from a car boot sale, believes it aligns with Frink’s exclusive 1956 collection. Through innovative laser scanning and expert consultations, they aim to authenticate its origins. A true Frink could fetch a staggering £60,000, but a mere imitation would be worth just £10 as scrap.

Season 11 Episode 2: Joshua Reynolds (October 3, 2023)North London beckons our duo to Glyn Hopkin, an art-enthusiastic car dealer. Glyn’s gamble is a portrait he suspects to be by the illustrious 18th-century artist, Sir Joshua Reynolds, procured for £2,700 from a Monaco auction. Validating its genuineness could shoot its value up to £100,000. With the insights of Dr. Alexandra Gent and the final say of Dr. Martin Postle, the painting’s fate hangs in balance.

Season 11 Episode 3 (October 10, 2023)This episode sees Fiona and Philip exploring French terrains, focusing on works by Camille Pissarro and Paul Cézanne. Fiona’s quest in Provençal seeks a Cézanne watercolor linked to her ancestor’s acquaintance with the artist. Concurrently, Philip delves into a Pissarro sketch, previously dismissed due to questionable coloring. The stakes are paramount: a verified Pissarro might garner £50,000, while an authenticated Cézanne could fetch a cool £100,000.

Season 11 Episode 4 (October 17, 2023) – TBA

Fake or Fortune Season 11 Trailer

Regrettably, a trailer for Season 11 of Fake or Fortune is currently unavailable.

Start Watching Fake or Fortune Season 11 Now

Dive into the enchanting world of art mysteries with Fake or Fortune Season 11. Join journalist Fiona Bruce and art connoisseur Philip Mould as they journey through riveting tales, unearthing the secrets concealed within age-old canvases. This season promises captivating explorations, from the mesmerizing landscapes of Essex and North London to the picturesque terrains of France, all the while deciphering the authenticity of potentially invaluable artworks.

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