10 Free Printables For Price-Is-Right Baby Shower Game

Baby showers are joyous and emotional events for families. Games, such as the price-is-right baby shower game, add fun and excitement. The expectant couple also gets to spend precious moments before they embark on the challenging parenthood journey. A baby shower is a perfect get-together time for the close ones when they shower the mom-to-be with gifts and blessings and spend some playful times together.

Moreover, games are loved by all age groups, and they bring a lot of fun elements to an event. One such game is the price-is-right game, which is easy to organize and loaded with lots of fun.

Keep browsing to explore the right procedure to play this game and all the details you might want to know about the price-is-right game. Also included are ten free printable sheets that could help play this baby shower game. Each sheet is designed as per popular and specific baby shower themes.

What Do You Need To Play The Game?

You need only a few things to play this delightful baby shower guessing game. You would need a printable the-price-is-right baby shower game sheet, pens, a stopwatch, and that’s it! You are all set to conduct this game.

How To Play?

Now that you know what you need, let’s have a look at how you should play the game.

  • Hand out one printable sheet to each guest.
  • Ask them to write down the costs of the items listed on the sheet.
  • Instruct the guests to add up all the prices and give a total budget.
  • The person whose total is closest to the actual figure wins.

The most important thing you will need to conduct this game is a printable the-price-is-right sheet. To make it easy for you, we bring you these free and printable sheets. All you need to do is download the pdf file and print as many copies as you need.

10 The Price Is Right Baby Shower Printables

1. Nautical theme the-price-is-right sheet

If you know it’s a baby boy, a nautical theme would be just right for the baby shower entertainment. If you plan to play a game of the-price-is-right, here is a free and easy-to-download sheet.

Download Nautical Theme The-Price-is-Right

2. Elephant theme the-price-is-right sheet

Aren’t baby elephants the cutest? With their cute little trunks and tiny feet, they are always fidgety and on the go. If you have planned a baby elephant theme baby shower, here is an oh-so-cute the-price-is-right game sheet that fits the theme.

Download Elephant Theme The-Price-is-Right

3. Floral theme the-price-is-right sheet

“Happiness is fresh flowers.” If the mom-to-be loves flowers, throw her a beautiful baby shower with flowers. Bring in the floral freshness into the game, too, with this floral the-price-is-right sheet.

Download Floral Theme The-Price-is-Right

4. Jungle theme the-price-is-right sheet

A jungle theme would be both exciting and special for the mom-to-be. You can use cute miniature animal figurines to decorate the venue and use this free and printable the-price-is-right sheet to keep your guests engaged.

Download Jungle Theme The-Price-is-Right

5. Dinosaur theme the-price-is-right sheet

Here’s a the-price-is-right sheet that comes with a cute mother and baby dinosaur duo and is apt for a dinosaur theme baby shower. The colorful buntings and the festive colors on this sheet are stunning and the right fit for a baby shower.

Download Dinosaur Theme The-Price-is-Right

6. Princess theme the-price-is-right sheet

Grandeur and glamor are what define a princess theme baby shower. As the parents-to-be welcome their little princess, here is a free and printable the-price-is-right sheet to make sure your guests are kept busy.

Download Princess Theme The-Price-is-Right

7. Owl theme the-price-is-right sheet

Hoot! Hoot! Who’s having a baby shower? We all love the big, curious eyes of owls, don’t we? If you have planned an owl theme baby shower, check out this the-price-is-right sheet to organize the game effortlessly.

Download Owl Theme The-Price-is-Right

8. Farm animal theme the-price-is-right sheet

With a cluck-cluck here and a cluck-cluck there! Farmlands are busy and lively with so many adorable animals and their cute little ones. If you have planned a farm animal theme baby shower, here is a the-price-is-right sheet that is perfect for your theme.

Download Farm Animal Theme The-Price-is-Right

9. Confetti theme the-price-is-right sheet

Toss some confetti in the air and celebrate! Yes, confetti is shiny and fun. Add a little extra confetti to your baby shower with this free and printable the-price-is-right sheet.

Download Confetti Theme The-Price-is-Right

10. Rubber duck theme the-price-is-right sheet

Rubber ducks are cute and squishy, and most of us have fond memories of playing with them during bath time. These also make a great baby shower theme. If you want to bring these bright duckies to your baby shower, here is a perfect the-price-is-right’ sheet.

Download Rubber Duck Theme The-Price-is-Right

Enjoy a fun and interactive baby shower game with a unique digital twist! Play the classic Price is Right and guess the prices of adorable baby items. Exciting and memorable!