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Welcome to The Antique Toy Collectors of America!

The Antique Toy Collectors of America, Inc. (ATCA) invites you to learn more about our mission, our members, and of course, antique toys. We are dedicated to the history, beauty, and preservation of the toys of yesteryear.

On our website you can View Toy Chests . We continually add catalogs that are available for free viewing for your reference needs. Check out the Reading Room for articles about all sorts of toys written by our members and invited guest authors. We add to it frequently. Don’t miss the Links and Lists for toy museums, toy manufacturers, authors, and links to other helpful toy collecting websites. We continually update information about antique toys to share with others as we seek to encourage the collecting and preserving of this important part of our culture and heritage.

Please use Contact Us with your comments and suggestions as we constantly strive to improve our website as a teaching tool for toy collectors of all kinds.

Want to Create Fellowship and Friendship through the Common Bond of Owning and Sharing Your Passion for Collecting Antique Toys? You Can When You Become a Member of the ATCA.

Here Are Three Good Reasons to Join:

  • The ATCA is about knowledge.

Our members constantly seek to learn more, and in the process, elevate the knowledge of their fellow members. We do this through seminars and lectures, and at our twice-yearly conventions. Many of our members are authors of some of the most important books ever written on toy collecting. Our toy catalogs collection is one of the best available and for our members only are fully downloadable for free. We publish a twice-a-year newsletter, the Toy Chest where you will find articles about all kinds of toys written by fellow members as well as from other experts in the field of collecting—from museum curators to auction house experts. Many of our members have collections that go beyond toys and they are always eager to share their knowledge of these collections as well as all things toys.

  • The ATCA is about camaraderie.

At our twice-yearly conventions, you get to meet and greet old friends. Here you can share stories and boast about your latest acquisition, and get to view collections that are often unavailable to the public. At these conventions, bonds form that continue throughout the year and often for a lifetime. An ATCA membership is also an excellent source for locating hard to find toys to complete your collection; you will never find a more passionate group of collectors who love getting together and quite often know where those hidden “gems” are.

  • The ATCA is about all things toys.

There are many toy collecting clubs that are interest-specific, such as the MBCA or the W. Britain Club. The ATCA is about ALL antique toys. Our members collect toys from automatons to zeppelins and from hand-crafted to mass-produced. Collections range in value from pennies to thousands of dollars and beyond. If you want to be part of a group that understands your passion and if you want to share your knowledge with others then you should join the ATCA. If you have five toys in your collection that are more than 50 years old, you are already on your way to being a member. Click on the link “Do You Have What It Takes to Become an ATCA Member?” to find out more about joining our remarkable organization.