About Us

About Us

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Thank you for visiting StampWorld.com.StampWorld.com is a global development made by people from all over the world. The original idea was developed by a small group of stamp collectors. The results of years of work are now finally online and available to you.

Below we would like to tell you more about our plans for StampWorld.com. StampWorld.com is a place for Philatelists and stamp collectors to meet. The intention with StampWorld.com is to make stamp collecting easier. If you continue reading you will learn more about:

  • The idea with StampWorld.com.
  • Where are we today in developing StampWorld.com?
  • How will we develop StampWorld.com further in the future?

The idea with StampWorld.com.

Before we started to create StampWorld.com our original idea was to do for stamp collecting what iTunes have done in the music industry. We wanted to create the most complete online resource for stamp collectors and philatelists. We want StampWorld.com to be one website that has it all:

  • StampWorld.com is a complete online catalogue of all the stamps that has ever been made in the world.
  • Develop StampWorld.com as a meeting place where users can get to know all about stamp collecting. A place to discuss and buy/sell stamps.
  • StampWorld.com should be the number one place online to enjoy your stamp collecting hobby.
  • A place where everyone regardless of language and/or nationality can meet and connect around the Philatelic hobby.

Picture - Facebook for stamp collectors

Facebook for stamp collectors.

StampWorld.com is the Facebook for stamp collectors. This is where you can interact with other philatelists. Create new friendships from all over the world. Connect with other users who have the same hobby as you. Like Facebook you can send messages to eachother, get posts on your wall and create a friend list. This is a place where you can logon daily to check messages and updates.

Where are we today in developing StampWorld.com?

The ideas described above are what we are working towards. We appreciate we are not completely there yet. However we are working hard to reach these goals. Below you will find a list of what we have achieved so far. These are all currently implemented into StampWorld.com for your enjoyment.

Most complete online stamp catalogue.

StampWorld.com today offer the most extensive and complete online stamp catalogue in the world. You can find more than 650,000 different stamps. More stamps are added every day. Our stamp catalogue is online which provides you with some unique benefits:

  • You can create a personalised stamp catalogue with your entire stamp collection.
  • You can create a want list of all the stamps you would like to purchase.
  • Use advanced search functions to identify the stamps in your private stamp collection. This way you can quickly get an estimation of their values.
  • Translated into almost 50 languages.

Picture - Buy and sell stamps online

Buy and sell stamps.

StampWorld.com is a place for users to connect in order to buy and sell stamps from each other. You can quickly find out what stamps you need in your stamp collection. At the same time you can you can buy it. StampWorld.com is where you can hopefully find all the old and rare stamps (or maybe brand new editions) you need to finalise your stamp collection.

175,000 different stamps for sale.Currently StampWorld.com users have more than 175,000 stamps for sale and growing. These stamps are from more than 200 different countries. Every day more stamps are put for sale by our users. Our goal is to cover most of the world within 1 year.

Buy and sell stamps without speaking the same language.StampWorld.com has developed a buy and sell platform where languages do not need to be considered. You can literally buy and sell stamps from other users without speaking the language of the person you are dealing with. StampWorld.com has been translated into almost 50 languages. The buy and sell process has been developed in a way making sure you will only see text in your own (chosen) language.

Find relevant links. StampWorld.com is also the place where you can find the most relevant links for other websites. Here you will find links to local postal services, dealers, stamp clubs, stamp events and much more.

Where will we be in the future?

Above we have explained our basic concept and where we are today in achieving our goals. We are however also aware that we still have a lot to do, like creating a unique forum and stamp auctions. Below you will find more information about our goals for the future.

500,000 users in one year.

This might sound like a lot of stamp collectors. However based on the positive feedback we have gotten so far we believe it is a realistic number. Everyday we see a growing number of philatelists making use of our site, a trend we of course strive to continue.

Stamp collectors and philatelist forum.

We want to create a unique forum where you can ask all your questions and have other users answer them for you. This is the place to discuss all your stamp related issues and topics. Examples of topics in the forum could be:

  • Ask advice on valuation. How much are my stamps worth?
  • Ask dealers for specific stamps.
  • Ask area or thematic specific questions.
  • Ask any kind of question you think 500,000 users can help you with an answer for.

Picture - Connecting stamp collectors worldwide

Connecting people.

StampWorld.com would like to make it easier for stamp collectors and philatelists to connect. Our idea is that a philatelic hobby gets more fun if you have someone to discuss it with. Some of the primary tools for this are the forum and the internal messaging system where you can send messages to all other StampWorld.com users. In the future we will develop a lot of new features at StampWorld.com like; search for users near your own area of residence, search for users with similar philatelic interests as your self and so forth.