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You can save money and valuable time by printing your Postage from your PC and ship your parcels without ever going to the Post Office!

  • A great solution for small and medium-sizes businesses, home businesses, charities and special causes, even households that do a lot of mailing.
  • Savings up to 80% compared to the cost of a postage meter. Because you use your own equipment, you don’t pay the premium for specialty inks and other unnecessary costs associated with a postage meter.
  • Have all the versatility of a Postage meter… You can choose the mail class: send Bulk Mail, Priority, Express and Certified. You can even get Insurance and Delivery Confirmation®!
  • Print on Envelopes, Labels or Plain Paper. Easy-to-use software makes printing shipping labels, addressing envelopes and printing postage a snap!
  • Create USPS-approved postage that works for shipping any foreign or domestic parcel.
  • Give your letters and packages a more professional look and save time with a more efficient system.
  • Easy to manage mailing lists and to track your exact postage expenditures for tax purposes.
  • Use online USPS forms and batch processing to save yourself hours of time.
  • Works with most popular database management and word processing software to save you time and effort.
  • System can be set up to automatically pull order data and post back shipping details for business that receive orders through Amazon, Yahoo!, EBay, and many other sellers.
  • Service tiers available for larger businesses.
  • No annoying rental contracts or commitments. Start with a no-risk 4 week trial from®, a leader in online postage!
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Quit wasting your time and money buying books of stamps and going to the Post Office!

Whether you are mailing for your business, a charity or even your own household, you can think of better things to do than stand in line at the Post Office right? Time to make shipping move at your pace and skip those unnecessary trips!®’s solution includes everything you’d need to send letters and parcels. You get a postage scale that plugs into your computer and an easy-to-manage account online that automatically calculates the postage rate for any parcel you want to send. Then just print your postage (and a shipping label if you like) and call for a pickup and that’s it! Skip the line.

This convenient solution was developed in cooperation with the United States Postal Service. The® postage you print at home (with your regular printer and printer ink) is accepted as legitimate U.S. postage for both domestic and international shipping. You can print postage directly onto envelopes, sticky labels or just use plan paper.

You can enjoy the peace-of-mind of knowing you’re not overpaying for postage, and can choose mail classes for your every need. You can even get features like delivery confirmation, which used to require a trip to the Post Office, all through the easy-to-use software. You can simply import your address book files to create shipping labels quickly without re-entering the information, create new mailing lists, and keep track of all your shipping costs within your account. Your® account can import databases from Quickbooks, Microsoft Outlook and many other popular programs.

Why do people still use Postage Meters? We think it may be because people just don’t know any better. It was a very common solution that is now pretty out-dated, inefficient and expensive, especially for medium to smaller scale enterprises. Leasing an unnecessary machine and paying for expensive specialty inks, that just doesn’t make sense any more. If you have a machine that can run windows, a regular ink-jet printer and an internet connection, you can use® instead.

Not only is the® system much cheaper than using a postage meter, you can also get postage discounts. These are discounts off even what you’d pay at the Post Office. Save money on sending all kinds of mail: Priority, Express, International, Express International and mail using Delivery Confirmation® and Mail Insurance. All this without leaving your home or office!

What is included in the 4 week no-risk trial?

You can try out the system to see if it works for you. You get:

  • The ability to set up and use your own® account
  • Access to information and customer support on any individual needs or questions
  • A free digital scale (you pay only for the shipping and handling) 5 lb capacity *upgradable
  • $5 in free postage (if you keep your subscription you’ll get an additional $20)
  • $25 in postage coupons
  • Supplies kit including free postage labels (you can get started without them)

If you cancel your subscription within the 4 week time period, you are charged nothing. If you love it (like you probably will) continue using it, the cost is only $15.99 per month and you can cancel at any time.® is a quick and simple postage solution perfect for small businesses, working professionals and anyone else who has something better to do than wait in a line for postage. Print your own from your home and office and say goodbye to those delays when you sign up with® now!

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