Budget Friendly Ideas for a Winter Woodland Baby Shower

Budget Friendly Ideas for a Winter Woodland Baby Shower

The December day was crisp, cold, and misty outside as the fire crackled under the red stockings hung on the mantle. It was the perfect atmosphere for a warm winter woodland baby shower surrounded by the people that we love. From the pine cone covered desserts, adventure bear cookies, to the forest themed dinner table filled with delightful eats. My mom absolutely nailed this winter woodland theme baby shower to celebrate our little guy’s future arrival. Here is all the tips and inspiration that she did to make this winter woodland dream come to true while also staying on budget!

The Dessert Table

This table was the centerpiece of the party! From the gold and white balloon arch, pine cone covered cake, to the adventure themed cookies. I brought some of the decor items from the Woodland Nursery for my mom to use for this table. My aunt knew of a wonderful lady in her hometown of Waco who was able to make the delicious sugar cookies and to-die-for cake! Since our baby’s nursery theme was also Woodland, we pulled a couple of decor items from his room to use. Adding some jars with lights, pine cones, and little trees is a sure way to interweave this theme throughout the delicious desserts!

Dessert Table Decor

Hobby Lobby Items:Antler Decorative Sphere

White wash wood R hobby lobby

Pine cone spruce tree

Hot Cocoa Bar

The hot cocoa bar was a great idea to warm guests up on a cold day + make it feel like a real wonderland! This hot chocolate recipe was a must-have and easy to whip up in a crock pot. My mom got creative with the toppings…next to whipped cream and marshmallows, there was also mini chocolate chips, crushed graham crackers, and chocolate sprinkles!


Click here for this life changing Homemade hot choc recipe!

Dinner Table

At the dinner table we had forest berries, “deer droppings”, and acorns. She used ideas of different animals in the forest and thought of ways to incorporate them throughout the food choices. Another touch that made it special was intertwining greenery throughout the table. For food there was chicken salad croissants, veggies, and fruit.

Dinner Table Decor

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My husband’s sisters (aka my sis-in-laws) came up with some unique and creative games that I hadn’t seen before! One way they nailed the theme was making woodland themed game cards. The first game each person had to taste different baby food and write down what they thought it was, the person with the most accurate guesses got a prize. The second game you had to match on a card the scientific baby name of an animal with the proper animal, for example, matching the word “foal” (which means baby horse) with “horse”. The last game we played, they brought up a couple people at a time to compete against each other in guessing the name of a song after a piece of it was played, all the songs had the word “baby” in it! At the end they brought up all the winners to compete against each other for one last round to claim the ultimate winner.


Invitations are a wonderful way to kick off the theme for your guests! There are so many options for what kind of invitations you can do. I simply made some graphic art for my mom to put in a baby shower “Event” on Facebook and invite people through that. There is also several websites like Etsy and Zazzle that have Woodland & Adventure themed baby shower cards.

Woodland Invitations + Game Cards

Overall, it was such a simple, beautiful, and whimsical day that I will never forget. My mom did a wonderful job at making every detail count to make it a winter woodland themed masterpiece! I believe that there is a way to have have a beautiful baby shower while also not breaking the bank. There is nothing that truly compares to being surrounded by the family and friends you love, celebrating the arrival of your baby. I walked away knowing just how loved baby Ryder would be, and already was:)

Additional woodland themed decor ideas