Where to Buy Stamps? Where Can I Buy Stamps near me?

Knowing where to buy stamps can be handy if you use the USPS services often. Below is a list of the top 16 places you can visit to purchase stamps without wasting time and effort.

#1 Local Post Office

The Post Office is your first choice to buy stamps for shipping. With 31,247 retail Post Offices across the country, it is easy to find one nearby.

You can save time by picking up stamps on your way to work. It helps you buy stamps in your local neighborhoods and avoid traveling long distances!

Please visit the Post Office during its operation hours—8.30 AM to 5 PM from Monday to Saturday. If you plan on visiting a postal outlet on Saturday, try calling ahead to inquire whether it has a half-working day!

The local Post Offices are the best place to resolve your query- where to buy stamps near me. However, you may have to wait in a long queue during specific times of the day. For instance, most people stop by the Post Office to purchase stamps before work, resulting in a demand surge between 8.30 AM to 11.30 AM.

Some major postal outlets have started self-service kiosks to address this concern. You can buy stamps using these machines without waiting in a queue, speeding up the process and controlling the crowd.

#2 USPS.com

Visit the USPS website and buy stamps online to save time and effort. The website has hundreds of options to suit your budget and requirements.

You may find the standard Forever stamps with the US flag suitable for shipping all postcards, letters, transactional mailers, etc.

Seasonal stamps are available based on the time of the year, ranging from Diwali and Kwanzaa to Thanksgiving and Halloween.

One may buy stamps matching specific themes, like landscapes, sports, music icons, weddings, flowers, etc. They help you give a creative twist to your mailing needs and make your mailpieces look attractive! Businesses sending marketing items to potential clients might use themed stamps to grab their attention and get a response.

The USPS website is convenient and quick to use, offering filtering options by color, denomination, theme, shape, and format. It helps you stop worrying about ‘where can I buy stamps’ and focus on other areas to boost your business growth.

You can visit the website 24×7 and place your orders online. Default shipping of in-stock stamps can take between three to five days. It is advisable to choose the Priority Mail Express delivery option if you want to buy stamps urgently—between one to two business days.

Try to buy stamps in bulk, say in a sheet of 20 or a coil of 100. It helps you save on postage and manage your budget better. Depending on your shipping volume, you can pay for the shipping once and get enough stamps for the whole month.

#3 Grocery Stores

At PostGrid, we came across many clients asking- how to buy stamps at grocery stores. Several national and local grocery chains sell stamps, like Walmart, Kroger, Bakers, etc.

If you ask ‘where to buy stamps near me,’ consider grocery stores near your house or office! They offer a convenient option to pick up stamps because most people visit them at least once or twice a week. You can ditch visiting the Post Office or waiting for USPS.com to ship your stamps using this alternative!

Unlike Post offices, grocery stores are open on weekends and during after-work hours. It makes purchasing stamps easier for people on a busy schedule.

You can walk to the cash register or customer service counter to buy stamps at retail prices. Please note that most grocery stores might sell booklets or coils only. Try taking the help of a staff member to inquire about the stamps they have in stock. We hope this clears your question- how to buy stamps at superstores and supermarkets.


Most grocery stores only sell stamps offline. But Walmart also helps you buy stamps through its website, making it the top choice of many people.

Once you enter a local Walmart, you can walk to the Money Center. It offers money-related services, like wire transfers, cashing checks, and stamp purchases, answering your doubt about- where to buy stamps. You may also head to the cash register if the Walmart in your locality is yet to have a Money Center.

Walmart always carries a wide selection to help you buy stamps of your choice. It has commemorative, Forever, Global Forever, geographical, and seasonal options, depending on the store you visit!

Some Walmarts are open 24×7, but many Money Centers are functional only between 6 AM to 11 PM. You may order your stamps online through Walmart’s website if you have enough time because it always has exclusive deals!

#4 Banks and ATMs

Many people asking ‘where to buy stamps near me’ know that banks carry them. You can buy stamps from a bank without having an account with it.

The only challenge is visiting it during work hours. Most banks have a limited uptime, say from 9 AM to 3 PM, restricting you from purchasing stamps conveniently!

You can find stamps at many banks, like the Bank of America, Wells Fargo, KeyBank, Fifth Third Bank, etc. These banks might sell stamps individually or in coils. You can check the availability over the teller counter or via call beforehand to purchase them accordingly.

You may inquire at your bank- where can I buy stamps near me from the ATM? Some ATMs, like Wells Fargo, dispense stamps 24×7 all days of the week on paying the retail fee using your bank accounts. Select ‘Buy Stamps’ under the ‘More Options’ button, where you get some choices.

Please remember the bank may charge a small convenience fee each time you purchase stamps from its ATM. It primarily applies to non-customers, so it makes more sense to visit an ATM where you have an account.

#5 Gas Stations

It is better to buy stamps at gas stations than at a Post Office or bank. They are operational for more hours, helping you purchase stamps flexibly.

Not all gas stations carry stamps, so you may need to drive to a different stop to find them. Most stations sell stamps behind the counter, allowing you to buy them while paying for gas.

Please note that not all gas stations always carry stamps. So if you buy stamps from them once, it does not indicate the gas station has stamps daily. The reason is franchising! It is up to the owners whether they want to sell stamps, making their availability uncertain.

You can buy stamps from Meijer, KwikTrip, and QuikTrip gas stations on some days only. Other times, you can visit other stations, like ARCO, American Gas, GasAmerica, Kwik Fill, Valero, etc.

Wawa and Pilot Flying J never sell stamps, so avoid visiting them to restock your stamps.

If you want to skip traveling to gas stations, banks, grocery stores, etc., use our direct mail API. It helps you send your postcards, letters, invoices, documents, etc., at all-inclusive rates.

PostGrid assists you every step of the way, from creating your mailers to distributing them to the intended recipients.

#6 Amazon

Amazon is one of the largest marketplaces nationally and globally. If you want to determine where to buy stamps near me, consider this option!

It allows you to check available stamps on your smartphone, iPhone, or computer device. You can create an account, add the items you like to your cart, make the payment, and checkout.

Enter the correct address and select a shipping option to enable Amazon to pack and ship your order.

Most Amazon deliveries help you buy stamps and get them to your address within five days. But remember to check the delivery standards of the vendor you buy from to expect arrival accordingly.

You can only buy stamps in coils of 100 or sheets of 12 to 50 pieces. The shipping costs can be a bummer, but you can use Amazon if you like the convenience of getting the stamps shipped to your house.

#7 Stamps.com

Stamps.com helps you buy stamps online and print them using your home or office printer. It is a DIY process that encourages you to save time and avoid trips to the Post Offices or other stores.

But is it cost-effective?

You must pay a monthly service fee to use Stamps.com. Please note that this fee differs from the postage you pay for purchasing stamps.

Sign up for the free trial if you want to know ‘where to buy stamps’ and come across Stamps.com. It is excellent for one-time use for urgently shipping an envelope or parcel.

Stamps.com offers many shipping-related services, like weighing your items on its 5 lb digital scale and calculating the postage.

If you want a better option to buy stamps or save overall on your shipping expenses, try PostGrid. Our direct mail services help you draft your mailpieces, print them, and ship them at your fingertips. You can complete your mailing task without worrying about- where to buy stamps. PostGrid automates everything, helping you eliminate manual effort!

#8 Pharmacies

Rite Aid, Duane Reade, Walgreens, CVS, and other pharmacies help you buy stamps near you! If you want to get an answer for ‘where to buy stamps,’ try visiting these nationally-popular chains. They carry a wide variety, ranging from themed to holiday-special stamps.

Most chains only sell stamps in books or coils of 100. It is advisable to call the stores you plan on visiting before heading out.


Only some Walgreens stores enable you to buy stamps in fewer volumes. Others only sell them in booklets or coils, which you can find over the counter. Or you can ask a staff member to help you visit the stamps section and choose the ones you like.

Walgreens operates 9,021 stores across 50 US states! Thus, you can rely on this fast-growing pharmaceutical chain to resolve your query- where can I buy stamps?

Some people think it is expensive to buy stamps at Walgreen, which is a myth. Their stores only sell stamps at retail prices, allowing you to save money and stock them while on a prescription run.

You can purchase stamps online on the Walgreens website, but it only offers in-person pickups. However, it is an excellent way to browse the entire collection on your screens beforehand and save time by ordering stamps ahead of time.

The ‘my Walgreens’ rewards program allows you to buy stamps and earn points. You may redeem these points for future purchases. Walgreens offers a 1% cashback on purchasing stamps under this loyalty program. If you buy at these stores often, apply for a ‘my Walgreens’ credit card that enables you to get more points faster!

CVS Pharmacy

CVS pharmacies open early morning (between 6 AM and 8 AM) and close at 10 PM. These lengthy uptimes make CVS one of the best places on your list if you ask- where can I buy stamps?

You can visit them to refill your prescriptions and pick up stamps simultaneously. CVS stores ensure their products are always in stock, allowing you to buy stamps and other items whenever required.

Try calling their staff beforehand to redirect your trip to a different store if they run out of stamps.

If you want to know ‘how to buy stamps at CVS pharmacy,’ you can check their website. Locate the nearest store and visit them during their work hours. You can ask the cashier for stamps according to your preferences and pay the fee upfront through cash or other methods. Voila!

CVS pharmacies allow you to weigh your letters for free. They also help you cash checks and send money orders!

#9 Rebate Sites

Rebate websites help you buy stamps and earn cashback. These sites enable you to compare the most profitable deals and choose the best vendor selling stamps online.

Check the fine print to check whether stamps come under the list of products offering cashback. If yes, rebate websites help you find the perfect place to buy stamps without going anywhere.

Some examples include Cashbackholic, Rakuten, and Swagbucks. They have several online office supply stores and other retailers on their websites to help you browse your preferred stamp types.

Rebate websites are one of the best places to consider if you want to find the answer to where to buy stamps. Or you can integrate PostGrid’s direct mail API into your CRM and automate your mailing campaigns. Our solutions let you send high-quality mail pieces without spending time and money purchasing and affixing stamps.

#10 Convenience Stores

Your local convenience stores enable customers to buy stamps while purchasing other items. Unlike supermarkets, convenience stores charge extra because the staff helps you speedily get the products you need.

You can visit these shops when you want only to pick up a few things fast. They sell many products, like toiletries, dairy products, beverages, packaged snacks, etc. Some stores also sell postage stamps, helping you avoid standing in another queue at the Post Office.


7-Eleven helps you buy stamps at the counter at the same prices as the Post Office. But convenience stores like 7-Eleven carry limited choices only. Try visiting another store or calling and confirming in advance to prevent hassles.

You can visit their website if you want to know how to buy stamps at 7-Eleven and where to find the address to the nearest store.

#11 Office Supplies Stores and Bookstores

Office supply stores started selling stamps later than the other places. Yet, they are one of the best places if you ask- where to buy stamps near me.

These stores have been selling several materials for mailing envelopes and packages, including packaging tape, pencils, pens, envelopes, labels, stickers, etc. Thus, selling stamps with these items was the need of the hour!

You can visit any bookstore or shop selling office supplies to buy stamps locally. Some examples are Office Max and Office Depot. Most university or high school bookstores also carry them at retail prices.


Staples is an excellent choice if you want to buy stamps with a couple of other stationery items. It has a broad selection of specialty stamps, helping you select according to your preferences. Staples also accepts orders on the phone and offers free deliveries on qualifying orders.

#12 Departmental Stores and Other Retailers

Departmental stores are large, selling everything from apparel to electronics. It can be surprising to know they also help you with your ‘where to buy stamps’ question. Yes! Their customer service desks sell stamps at retail rates to customers. But it would be best if you bought them in bulk because they carry rolls, booklets, or coils.

One good example is Costco, a multinational retail company allowing you to buy stamps in batches of 100. You can only get them at their offline stores for affordable rates.


If you remember the last time you went to a Target store, you may recall seeing hundreds of items. Most people have a trip to these stores several times a month, making it one of their finest choices if they ask- where can I buy stamps?

Target stores are operational from 7 AM to 10 PM, five days a week. You can find multiple varieties, including international, Forever, specialty, and commemorative stamps.

Target has an easy-to-use website that enables customers to buy stamps speedily. You can pick them up from a nearby store after 2 hours of ordering or opt for same-day delivery to your address.

#13 Other Places to Buy Stamps

eBay and the UPS store are more places you can visit if you think about- where to buy stamps online. Or you can purchase them offline at a warehouse club.

Some warehouse clubs, like Sam’s Club and BJs, offer several high-quality stamps at discounted prices. For instance, at the BJs wholesale club, you can get a 6% discount on a pack of 100 stamps. You can buy stamps in 40-piece booklets during the holidays. These holiday-themed stamps are creative, appealing, and affordable, drawing up the best deal for you!

eBay hosts many auction-style sales to help you buy stamps at the lowest rates you can grab. These auctions help you get unused stamps in a roll of 100 pieces. You also get face-value stamps on eBay, so remember to select ‘auction’ to get the best bids.

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