Sell Stamps For Cash

If you’re looking to sell your stamp collection, you’ve come to the right place. In order to sell stamps for cash the right way, there’s a few things to consider.

If you have unused modern postage stamps for sale (issued between 1930-Present) please visit this site to learn how to sell them.

How To Sell Stamps For Cash

You have a few different choices when it comes to who you should sell your stamps to. The best choice depends on the types of stamps you have, how much you’re willing to sell them for, and how fast you want payment.

Selling To A Collector

Selling directly to another stamp collector may provide you with the highest sale price for your stamps. You’ll bypass dealer and auction mark-ups. To get the most out of your stamps, you can “piece out” the collection over time to several stamp collectors.

The key word here is “time”. While this method may give you the most money in the long run, the run will be long indeed. More like a marathon. You’ll also need to invest in the countless hours to educate yourself on what you have. That way you can successfully negotiate with other stamp collecting pros.

If you’re a knowledgable stamp collector, and have a network of other collectors you can barter with, this may be a good option for you.

Selling To A Stamp Dealer

While selling to a stamp dealer may sound like you’ll be leaving money on the table, it may be your best option, depending on your goals. Stamp dealers are experts in the game, and are often hungry to add more stock to their wares.

Therefore, they may be willing to offer you a competitive price for your stamp collection in order to seal the deal. They can often provide a stamp appraisal fairly quickly, putting fast cash in your pocket.

Keep in mind that dealers have to make a living, so they will leave some wiggle room in their offer to make a few bucks. Try not to view this as leaving money on the table. Instead it’s typically a win-win, as you are able to sell your stamps quickly to a trusted source. You can then move on to other things like planning on where to spend your newly found money.

Sell your collection to a stamp dealer

Selling On Consignment

Selling on consignment means that you are paying for a professional to sell your stamps for you. Instead of offering you a lower than market value to resell, stamp consignment services will provide you with a transparent realization of what your stamps sold for. They will then collect a percentage of the sale as a commission.

This may mean that they place them in select auctions who specialize in the material you have. They may also sell to collectors and dealers in their network who trust them, resulting in a higher profit you, even when factoring in their commission.

Sell your stamps on consignment

Selling Unused Stamps For Cash

If your stamp collection is primarily made up of unused modern postage stamps, you can expect to receive a percentage of the total face value. Face value is the denomination or value presented on the stamp’s design.

Nearly all unused U.S. stamps issued after 1930 is worth face value. That is to say, it’s so common that you could use it for mailing today. However, don’t expect to get the full face value for your stamps when selling them. They typically trade in bulk between 30-70% face value, depending on the type of stamp and its condition.

There are companies that pay cash for modern unused postage stamps.

Remember, when you sell stamps for cash, the outcome of the transaction will be based on who you sell them to. There’s no right or wrong way, but there is a smart way to sell your stamp collection depending on your goals.