Project SEKAI Stamps Translation Compilation

Project SEKAI Stamps Translation Compilation

Here are translations for all of the stamps currently available in Project SEKAI, for your convenience! We hope that this will help you understand what each stamp means, and then you can enjoy buying and using them appropriately during multi lives! Stamps can be bought at the Stamp Shop in the Shopping Mall. You can then head to the “Stamp” part of the main menu to add the stamps you have to your inventory for use within Multi Lives. You can only have a maximum of 20 stamps in your inventory in total, so choose wisely! Which character stamps do you want to buy first?

All translations of the stamps here are unofficial.

Stamps from the stamp shop, default stamps and stamps you receive at character rank 38

(Please note that the last stamps in each image are ones you get automatically when you rank a character up to rank 38)

> Stamps are read from left to right, row by row

  • [ Virtual Singers ]Hatsune Miku
  1. [Default stamp] I look forward to playing with you (Yoroshiku)
  2. Let’s do our best! (Ganbarou!)
  3. Uwah! [shock/surprise] (Wah!)
  4. Ehehe [Happy noises, possible being snobby too]
  5. Ughh.. (Uu..)
  6. That was a fun live, wasn’t it! (Tanoshii raibu datta ne!)
  7. Thank you! (Arigatou!)
  8. I’m sorry! (Gomen nasai!)
  9. See you later! (Mata ne!)
  10. Let’s sing together! (Isshou ni utaou!)
  11. Thanks (39/Sankyuu)
  12. Star the music! (Music start!)

Kagamine Rin

  1. [Default stamp] Let’s do our best! (Ganbarou-!)
  2. Ehh!? [Surprised/shocked reaction]
  3. Yay! (Ieei!)
  4. *sniff sniff*… [sobbing] (Shiku shiku…)
  5. I’m glad! (Yokatta ne!)
  6. Thank you! (Arigatou!)
  7. I’m sorryyy! (Gomen nasa-i!)
  8. See you later! (Mata ne!)
  9. Let’s do this full of vigour / let’s do this live cheerfully, in good health etc. (Genki ni ikou!)
  10. Ehehe [happy noises, possible being snobbish too]
  11. Nice too meetcha! (Yoroshiku!)
  12. I wanna start si~ngi~ng! (Hayaku utaita~i!)

Kagamine Len

  1. [Default stamp] Eh!? [Happy but surprised]
  2. I’m looking forward to playing with you. (Yoroshiku!)
  3. Let’s do our best, alright? (Ganbarou na!)
  4. Uwah! [shocked] (Uwa!)
  5. Yay! (Ie-i)
  6. Ugh… [done with life] (Ee…)
  7. Thank you! (Sankyu!)
  8. Sorry! (Gomen!)
  9. Bye bye! (Bai bai!)
  10. Leave it to me! (Makasero!)
  11. He he
  12. I like it! (Ii ne!)
  13. I wanna start singing already (Hayaku utaitai na)

Megurine Luka

  1. [Default stamp] I’m glad (Ureshii wa)
  2. I’m looking forward to playing with you (Yoroshiku ne)
  3. Let’s do our best! (Ganbarimashou)
  4. Oh my [shocked] (Ara)
  5. Ah… [crying]
  6. We did it! (Yoku dekimashita)
  7. I’m very grateful (Kanshasuru wa)
  8. I’m sorry. (Gomennasai)
  9. Let’s see each other at some point. (Mata aeruto ii wa ne)
  10. Let’s sing together (Isshou ni utaimashou)
  11. Fufu [gentle giggle]
  12. So, how was it (Doudatta kashira)
  13. Is everyone ready? (Junbi wa ii kashira)


  1. [Default stamp] Amazing! (Sugoi ne)
  2. I look forward to playing with you (Yoroshiku ne!)
  3. Fight! / Fight your hardest to do well! (Faito!)
  4. Eh!? [Surprised/shocked reaction]
  5. Fufu [giggling cutely]
  6. *sigh*… (Haa…)
  7. Thank you! (Arigatou)
  8. Sorry about that (Gomen ne)
  9. See you later! (Jya ne!)
  10. It was fun spending time here (Tanoshii jikan datta wa ne)
  11. Let’s take a break for a moment (Hitoiki tsukimasho)
  12. Let’s begin (Hajimemasho)
  13. Thanks for your support! (Ouen arigatou)


  1. [Default stamp] Ughh.. (Uuu..)
  2. I’m looking forward to playing with you (Yoroshiku)
  3. Let’s do our best! (Ganbarou!)
  4. Uwah! [shocked] (Waa!)
  5. Haha
  6. Nice! (Ii ne!)
  7. Thank you (Arigatou)
  8. Sorry! (Gomen!)
  9. See you later (Mata ne)
  10. How… (could this be?) (Sonna…)
  11. That was fun (Tanoshiikatta yo)
  12. It’s alright (Daijoubu da yo)
  13. Are you having fun? (Tanoshinde kureteru?)
  • [ Leo/need ]Hoshino Ichika
  1. [Default stamp] Thanks (Arigatou)
  2. I look forward to playing with you (Yoroshiku)
  3. Let’s do our best together (Isshou ni ganbarou)
  4. You scared me… (Bikkuri shita…)
  5. Fufu [giggling cutely]
  6. *sigh*… (Haa…)
  7. That was a good song! (Ii uta datta yo!)
  8. Sorry… / soz (Gomen…)
  9. See you next time (Mata kondo)
  10. Everyone’s amazing, aren’t they (Minna sugoi ne)
  11. I’m glad we could do this together (Isshou ni dekite yokatta)
  12. So, shall we go? (Jyaa, ikou ka?)

Tenma Saki

  1. I’m looking forward to playing with you~ (Yoroshiku ne~)
  2. It’s going to be a great Live (Ii Raibu ni naru yo)
  3. I’m shocked! [Bikkurishita!]
  4. Yay! [Yatta!]
  5. Umh… [thinking deeply] (U-n…)
  6. Great! [Sugo-i!]
  7. Thank you [Arigatou]
  8. So~rry! [Gomenne!]
  9. See you~ [Mata ne~]
  10. Tee-hee [Oops, I did something wrong (with no remorse, whatsoever) (Tehe)
  11. It was a good Live, wasn’t it! (Ii Raibu datta ne!)
  12. I am enjoying my youth as much as possible! (Takusan seishun shitai!)**This is in reference to the fact that Saki was hospitalised for quite a while before, and now she wants to make the most of the rest of her youth!

Mochizuki Honami

  1. I look forward to playing with you (Yoroshiku ne)
  2. Try your best! (Ganbare!)
  3. Uwah! [Wow, looking in awe]
  4. Fufu [giggling cutely]
  5. Ah… [slightly awkward, unsure noise]
  6. Nice nice! [emphasising how great something is by saying “great” twice] (Erai erai!)
  7. Thank you! (Arigatou)
  8. I’m sorry!) (Gomen nasai!)
  9. See you later! (Mata ne!)
  10. Well done everyone (Otsukaresama)
  11. Are you ready? (Junbi dekita?)
  12. I’m sorry… Let’s go, shall we? (Gomen… iku ne)

Hinomori Shiho

  1. Hello… (Doumo)
  2. Let’s do our best (Ganbarou)
  3. …?!
  4. That was good/that felt good (Ii kanji)
  5. Huh… (Ha…)
  6. That sounded good (Ii oto datta yo)
  7. Thanks (Arigatou)
  8. Sorry (Gomen)
  9. Laters (Jya)
  10. What do you wanna do? (Nani ga shitai no?)
  11. You can cut me some slack, right? (Yoyuu desho)
  12. Mhm, you’re getting better / we’re getting better (Un, jyoutatsu shhiteru)
  • [ More More Jump ]Hanasato Minori
  1. [Default stamp] One more time! / Let’s play one more time! (Mou ikkai!)
  2. I’m looking forward to playing with you (Yoroshiku ne)
  3. Let’s do our best! (Ganbarou!)
  4. Huh!
  5. Ehehe (awkward laughing)
  6. [crying noises] (E-n)
  7. Great job!/As expected of you (to do so well) (Sasuga!)
  8. Thank you (Arigatou)
  9. I’m sorry (Gomennasai)
  10. I want to reach you [e.g. with my singing/I want my singing/song to reach you] (Todoketai na)
  11. See you! (Mata ne!)
  12. I’m going to try even way harder! (Motto motto ganbarou yo)
  13. More and more and even more! (Motto motto mo-tto!)

Kiritani Haruka

  1. I’m looking forward to playing with you (Yoroshiku)
  2. Let’s do our best! (Ganbarimashou)
  3. I’m surprised (Odoita)
  4. Fufu
  5. I see… (Sou…)
  6. We did it (Yoku dekitane)
  7. Thank you (Arigatou)
  8. I’m so sorry… (Sumimasen…)
  9. Goodbye (Sayounara)
  10. Cute…! (Kawaii…!)
  11. I’d better practice (Renshuushinai to)
  12. Hope for everyone! (Kibou wo minna ni)

Momoi Airi

  1. I look forward to playing with you (Yoroshiku ne)
  2. Fight! (Fight your hardest to do well) (Faito!)
  3. Uwah! [shock/surprise]
  4. Ehehe [happy noises, possible being snobby too]
  5. *sulking* (Mumumu)
  6. Not bad! (Yaru ja nai!)
  7. Thanks! (Arigatou ne)
  8. Sorry! (Gomen!)
  9. Let’s sing together again! (Mata isshou ni utaimasho)
  10. Aim for the top! (Mezase teppen!)
  11. Leave it to me! (Makasenasai!)
  12. We’d better give this our all! (Zenryoku de yaranakucha!)

Hinomori Shizuku

  1. I look forward to playing with you (Yoroshiku ne)
  2. Let’s do our best (Ganbarimashou)
  3. Oh my… (Ara…)
  4. Fufu [giggling cutely]
  5. That can’t be… (Sonna…)
  6. I’m so glad (Yokatta wa)
  7. You saved me (Tasukarimashita)
  8. I’m sorry (Gomennasai)
  9. Well then, see you later (Sore jya, mata)
  10. I wonder if I sung well (Umaku utaeta kashira)
  11. It was all thanks to you (Anata no okage yoo)
  • [Vivid BAD SQUAD]Azusawa Kohane
  1. [Default stamp] Sorry…! (Gomen ne..!)
  2. H-hello (K-konnichiwa)
  3. Try your best! (Ganbatte)
  4. We did it, huh (Yatta ne)
  5. Hya! (Shocked noise)
  6. Ughh.. (Uu..)
  7. W-wow! (S-sugoi)
  8. Thank you (Arigatou)
  9. Let’s sing (Utaou ne)
  10. W-what should I do… (D-dou shiyou…)
  11. My heart is pounding…! (Doki doki suru…!)
  12. *trembling* (gata gata)
  13. Let’s sing! (Utaou yo!)

Shiraishi An

  1. Yoohoo! (Yahho-!)
  2. Let’s do our best together! (Ishhou ni ganbarou ne!)
  3. Woah!? [happy/surprised]
  4. Good, eh? (Ii jyan)
  5. No way…! (Sonna…!)
  6. Nice! (Ii ne)
  7. Thanks! (Arigatou!)
  8. Sorry! (Gomen!)
  9. Laters! (Jyaa ne)
  10. You can count on me! (Tayotte ii kara ne!)
  11. Hnn? (Heh)
  12. You’re the best partner! (Saikou no aibou da yo!)

Shinonome Akito

  1. Yo
  2. That’s it/That’s how it’s done! (Yaruzo!)
  3. Huh?!
  4. Hahaha
  5. Crap… (Kuso…)
  6. I got a lil better at it (I went over the song a little / I practised it a bit and improved)) (Chotto minaoshitazo)
  7. Thank you (Sankyu-)
  8. My bad… (Warui…)
  9. See ya (Jya na)
  10. How interesting (said in a kind of evil way) (Omoshirouzojyan)
  11. Let’s get this party started! (Moriagarouze!)
  12. I said it was necessary! (Hitsuyou datte iteru!)

Aoyagi Touya

  1. Hello. [A pretty done way of saying “hello” back… if you use it as a first stamp] / You’re welcome. [After playing] / Thanks. (Doumo)
  2. I hope for the best (Umakuikuto ii na)
  3. …!
  4. …what a relief. (…yokatta)
  5. … (troubled silence)
  6. It thought that was good / that’s fine (Ii to omou)
  7. Thank you (Arigatou)
  8. My bad (Waruikatta)
  9. …see you (…jya)
  10. He went too far (looking at Akito) / (they overworked themselves, e.g. by playing the game too vigorously) (Yarisugida)
  11. Shall we sing together? (Isshou ni utauka?)
  12. I like singing (the most) (Utau no ga suki da)
  • [ Wonderlands x Showtime ]Tenma Tsukasa
  1. [Default stamp] I’ll/you’ll definitely get a full combo! / Of course I/you got a full combo! (Mochiron furukon da na!)
  2. It’s me! (Ore da!)
  3. We can definitely do it! (Kitto dekiru darou!)
  4. Woah!? [surprise]
  5. Hahaha!
  6. *sigh of relief* (Ku…)
  7. That was a good one, wasn’t it! (Ii choushi jya nai ka!)
  8. You have my gratitude! / Thanks for that (Kansha suru)
  9. My bad… (Suman…)
  10. Farewell! (Saraba!)
  11. It’s time for the show! (Shou no jikan da!)
  12. Oi! (Oiii!!)
  13. It’s all thanks to you guys being here [that we were able to achieve this] (Aitsura ga ita kara da)

Ootori Emu

  1. I look forward to playing with you! (Yoroshiku ne!)
  2. Ay Ay ohhh! [A kind of chant in Japanese which is meant to rile you up] (Ei! Ei! O-!)
  3. Hu-h!? / Ee!? [shocked]
  4. Ahaha! (Wahaha!)
  5. This is hard~ (Komatta na~)
  6. Nice nice! [emphasising how great something is by saying “great” twice] (Erai erai!)
  7. That was fun, wasn’t it! (Tanoshikatta ne!)
  8. Sowwy! (Gomennasai!)
  9. Laters! (Mata ne!)
  10. Yay! Yay! [a sound representing cheering in Japanese] (Wai wai!)
  11. Wonderhoi! [her catchphrase, there’s no real meaning to it, I don’t think…]
  12. You, promised me didn’t you (Yakusoke, shite kureta yo ne)

Kusanagi Nene

  1. …what? (…nani?)
  2. We can do it (Yarerudeshou)
  3. Eh… [sort of surprised]
  4. Fufu [snickering]
  5. Mm… [thinking/vaguely interacting]
  6. That’s a good song (Ii utadatta)
  7. …thanks. [very blunt thanks] (…arigato)
  8. Sorry… (Gomen…)
  9. See you… (Jyaa ne)
  10. …hnn. [blank stare/sort of interacting] (…fu—n)
  11. [That one is self-explanatory enough. Use it to scare others.]
  12. Any objections?(Nanka monku an no?)

Kamishiro Rui

  1. I’m looking forward to playing with you (Yoroshiku)
  2. Oh? (Oya?)
  3. Fufufu
  4. Hnn… / Su—re… (Fu—n)
  5. Isn’t it wonderful! (Subarashii ne!)
  6. Thank you (Arigatou)
  7. My bad (Warukatta ne)
  8. Let’s meet again! (Mata oaishiyou!)
  9. It’s showtime (Shoutaimu da)
  10. See ya! (Jyaa ne!)
  11. Let’s go together! (tomo ni ikou!)
  12. Wonderful (Subarashii)
  • [ 25-ji Night Code de ]Yoisaki Kanade
  1. [Default stamp] …laters (toned down, not as excited as the other characters) (Jya…)
  2. … I look forward to playing with you [toned down, not as excited as others] (…yoroshiku)
  3. Let’s do our best (Ganbatte)
  4. …eh [shocked]
  5. …nice one (…ii ne)
  6. …sure/I see (…sou)
  7. That sounded good (Ii oto dattayo)
  8. Thank you (Arigatou)…
  9. …sorry (…gomen)
  10. 9. I’d better work on composing a song… (Kyoku, tsuranaito…)
  11. 10. … [nomming on cup ramen, ignoring everyone else]
  12. Just a little more… (Mou sukoshii…)
  13. I’d better start composing (Watashi ga tsukuranakucha)

Asahina Mafuyu

  1. I look forward to playing with you (Yoroshiku ne)
  2. Let’s do our best together! (Isshou ni ganbarou ne!)
  3. Kyaa! [shocked noise]
  4. That makes me happy (Ureshii na)
  5. Oh… (Ah….)
  6. I’m glad! (Yokatta ne!)
  7. Thank you! (Arigatou)
  8. I’m sorry (Gomen nasai)
  9. See you later! (Mata ne!)
  10. I want to be alone… (Hitori ni naritai…)
  11. They’re a good kid, aren’t they… (Ii ko, ne…)

Shinonome Ena

  1. I look forward to playing with you! (Yoroshiku ne!)
  2. Shall we go easy on ourselves? [Let’s not try TOO hard and destroy our fingers] (Hodohodo ganbarou?)
  3. Kyaa! [shocked noise]
  4. Ehehe [happy noises, possible being snobby too]
  5. Mm… [pouting, not happy noises] (Un…)
  6. I’m glad! (Yokatta ne!)
  7. Thank you! (Arigatou!)
  8. …I SAID I’m sorry (…gomen tte ba)
  9. See you later~ (Mata ne~)
  10. I’m tired… (Nemui…)
  11. *selfie*
  12. I’ll give it a “like” (e.g. a photo someone posted on social media) (Iine tsuiteru)

Akiyama Mizuki

  1. Let’s play nicely together~ (Yoroshiku~)
  2. Let’s start it shall we? (Ikeruyone?)
  3. Heh! [very positively surprised] (he!)
  4. Fufu
  5. No way… (Sonna…)
  6. Nice! / I like it! (Ii ne!)
  7. That was fun, wasn’t it
  8. Sooorrry! (Gomenne!)
  9. See you~ (Jyaa ne~)
  10. Cute, huh? (Kawaii deshou?)
  11. Just wait a second! (Chotto-!)
  12. This is who I’ve always been (Boku wa zutto boku da yo)

Event stamps

These stamps are acquired by watching the “after live” shows when an event finishes. We’ll make sure to update this section every time a new event stamp is revealed!

Please note that not all events will have an after live and stamp: certain multi-unit events, such as KAMIKOU FESTIVAL or the Sekai’s Happy New Year events had no after live, and therefore no stamps.

1 . Stella after the rain (雨上がりの一番星 / Ameagari no ichibanhoshi):Tenma Saki: Good work! (Otsukaresama!)

2 . Captive Marionette (囚われのマリオネット / Toraware no marionetto):Asahina Mafuyu: I don’t really get it (Yoku wakaranai)

3 . Full Force! WonderHalloween! (全力!ワンダーハロウィン!, Zenryoku! WonderHalloween!):Kamishiro Rui: Let’s do this as extravagantly as possible! (Hade ni ikou)

4 . Let’s RE:START From Here! (ここからRE:START!, Koko Kara RE:START!):Momoi Airi: Let’s start from here! / we’re starting from here! (Koko kara start yo!)

5 . Someday, with Our Back-to-Back Lyrics (いつか、背中あわせのリリックを / Itsuka, senaka awase no lyric wo):Shiraishi An: I believe in you! (Shinjiru yo)

6 . On A Holy Night, This Singing Voice (聖なる夜に、この歌声を):Kusanagi Nene: I’m having the most fun! (Watashi ga ichiban tanoshimou!)

7. Though Wavering, You Continue Moving Forward (揺れるまま、でも君は前へ):Mochizuki Honami: Give it your all! (Zenryoku wo tsukushimasu!)

8 . Color of Myself!:Hinomori Shizuku: I’ll meet your expectations (Kitai ni kotaeru)

9 . Period of NOCTURNE:Aoyagi Touya: I’ll choose the path I want to lead (Ore wa ore no michi wo susumu)

10 . Unsatisfying Pale Colour (満たされないペイルカラー):Shinonome Ena: I don’t want to give up just yet (Mada akirametakunai)

11 . Smile of DreamerOotori Emu: “So warm and cozy!” (Poka poka uru yo)

12. The Tenma Household’s Hinamatsuri (天馬さんちのひな祭り)Tenma Saki: Uwahh!

13. Let’s Deliver! HOPEFUL STAGE ♪ (届け!HOPEFUL STAGE♪)Hanasato Minori: This is the first time I’ve seen [something like this]…! (Hajimete Mita…!)

14. Singing With You in A World Where Cherry Blossoms Dance (君と歌う、桜舞う世界で) Hoshino Ichika: I want to sing even more! (Motto utatteitai na)

15. Secret Distance (シークレット・ディスタンス)Akiyama Mizuki: …Awh

16. Resonate with You Hinomori Shiho: I’m not sure if I really regret it (Koukai shitemo shiranai yo)

17. Stray Bad Dog Shinonome Akito: Let’s do this, guys! (Iku zo, omaera!)


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