25 Wedding Post Box Ideas For Cards – So Stylish & Unique

25 Wedding Post Box Ideas For Cards - So Stylish & Unique

There are so many little touches to consider when it comes to planning a wedding. Right? And one of those is the wedding post box.

If you think your guests will be generous enough to bring a card along to your day to wish you well. Then these wedding post box ideas for cards are going to be ideal! No matter your budget or style, you’ll be sure to find the perfect wedding card storage holder.

Wedding Post Box Card Ideas Joshua Rhys Photography Photo: Joshua Rhys Photography via Old Barn Wedding

Unique & Stylish Wedding Post Box Ideas

Let’s take a look at some unique ideas. From DIY post boxes to budget-friendly boxes and modern card storage, I’ve got them all.

Stylish, practical and relevant ideas for every couple and wedding style. Yes!

1. Wooden Crates

Wooden crates are beautifully rustic, but can also be picked up fairly cheaply. If you are lucky you may even find one for free! Add flowers and cute decor items that tie into your wedding theme too.

Wedding Post Box Card Crates Lauren May Photos Photo: Lauren May Photos via Yew Tree Farm Wedding

2. Mini Ottoman

For the perfect keepsake post-wedding, a custom mini ottoman card box is perfect. You could always make your own too, but upholstering a plain box and adding a lid with hinges. So cute!

Wedding Card Post Box Idea Mini Ottoman James and Kerrie Photography Photo: James and Kerrie Photography via Holbrook Manor Wedding Card Box: Sparrow and Plumb

3. Wooden Campervan

This couple made their own mini campervan from wood. You could also source this style of post box to hire or buy if you aren’t a dab hand with a saw.

Wedding Post Box Card Idea Mini Campervan Daniel Lightening Photography Photo: Daniel Lightening Photography via Farmyard Wedding

4. Traditional Post Box

Go traditional and buy or rent a wedding post box. Personalise with a sign sharing your name and wedding date too.

Wedding Post Box Idea Traditional Firewood Film Photo: Firewood Film via Fun Colourful Barn Wedding

5. Terrarium

You can pick up this classy white terrarium from IKEA. Simple, stylish and sure to fit with any wedding decorations. It’s also ideal to keep and grow plants inside post-wedding.

Wedding Post Box Cards Idea Terrarium Terri & Lori Photo and Film Photo: Terri & Lori Photo and Film via Boho Rustic Barn Wedding

6. Wooden Barrel Table

Think outside of the box with your card table, such as using a wooden barrel.

Wedding Card Post Box Idea Gold Glass Martin Venherm Photography Photo: Martin Venherm Photography via Falside Mill Wedding Styling & Props: Fifty Six Events

7. Mailbox

This metal mailbox is from my own wedding! We spray painted our hands, alongside our children’s as well as our surname to personalise. We’re planning to display it in our garden or home too.

Wedding Post Box Idea Mail Metal Alexa Loy Photo: Alexa Loy via Our Wedding Reception

8. Vintage Suitcase

Search your loft or local charity shops for a cool vintage suitcase to hold cards.

Wedding Post Box Cards Idea Suitcase Bloom Weddings Photo: Bloom Weddings via Animal Lovers Wedding

9. Wooden House

How adorable is this simple wedding post box made from wood?

Wedding Post Box Idea Birdbox Wooden House Lisa-Marie Halliday Photography Photo: Lisa-Marie Halliday Photography via Beauvale Priory Wedding

10. Painted Post Box

DIY your own cardboard box and paint it with your wedding colours.

Wedding Post Box Bright Painted The Dignums Photo: The Dignums via Birtsmorton Court Wedding

11. Cardboard Box

Simple and pretty, this cardboard box is likely to be inexpensive and looks great. You could also try making your own.

Wedding Card Post Box Cardboard Bloom Weddings Photo: Bloom Weddings via The Barns East Yorkshire Wedding

12. Wicker Basket

A wicker basket with a lid could be something you already own. It will definitely get used after your celebrations too for a sustainable card box idea.

Wedding Card Post Box Basket Hamper Emma Adamson Photography Photo: Emma Adamson Photography via Whinstone View Barn Wedding

13. Wooden Drawer

Have a lovely piece of furniture at home? Bring along one of its drawers and pop on a sign. Free and cute!

Wooden Post Box Card Idea Wedding Drawer Photography34 Photo: Photography34 via Industrial Cool Museum Wedding

14. Metal Bucket

Get yourself a pretty metal bucket, which can then be used for keeping drinks cold on your wedding anniversary!

Wedding Card Post Box Metal Bucket Grace Elizabeth Photography Photo: Grace Elizabeth Photography via Iridescent Sequin Wedding Dress

15. Guitar Case

Guitarist? Bring along your case for a music-inspired wedding post box idea.

Wedding Post Box Idea Guitar Case Thyme Lane Photography Photo: Thyme Lane Photography via Barn Norfolk Wedding

16. Drum

If a guitar isn’t your thing, how about a drum?

Wedding Card Post Box Drum Ayesha Photography Photo: Ayesha Photography via Elsecar Heritage Centre Wedding

17. Glass House

Isn’t this glass house with scrabble tile decoration lovely?

Wedding Card Post Box Glass House Wooden Amy Lou Photography Photo: Amy Lou Photography via Wylam Brewery Wedding

18. Doll’s House

Craft or buy a doll’s house for the most adorable card box. This is perfect if you have kids or are planning to. Imagine them being able to play with it in years to come.

Wedding Card Post Box Dolls House Hannah Dornford-May Photography Photo: Hannah Dornford-May Photography via Whimsical Floral Lodge Wedding

19. Birdbox

Pick up an inexpensive birdbox (or DIY one) before accessorising. It’ll feel good to know you’ll be giving a bird a home in the future too.

Wedding Post Box Card Idea Birdbox James Grist Photography Photo: James Grist Photography via Crafty Tea Wedding

20. Shopping Trolley

An alternative card box idea has to be a decorated shopping trolley! So fun.

Wedding Post Box Card Holder Shopping Trolley Pete Cranston Photo: Pete Cranston via Alternative Creative Budget Wedding

21. Picnic Hamper

Who doesn’t love a picnic? Bring along your picnic hamper to use for a quaint style.

Wedding Card Post Box Picnic Hamper Story & Colour Photo: Story & Colour via Homespun Fun Country Barn Wedding

22. Wire Basket

Wire baskets are readily available to pick up from many stores and will do the job perfectly.

Wedding Post Box Wire Basket Idea Two D Photography Photo: Two D Photography via Raw Industrial Barn Wedding Ideas Styling: Songbird Weddings and Events

23. Rope Card Box

Decorate your card box with rope for a nautical style.

Wedding Post Box Rope Idea Cards Michelle Huggleston Photo: Michelle Huggleston via Relaxed Fun Beach DIY Wedding

24. Round Boxes

I love how these stacked round boxes look like a wedding cake.

Wedding Card Post Box Round Cake Cornelia Lietz Photo: Cornelia Lietz via Cool Summer Germany Wedding

25. Paper File

The simplest of items can be the most ingenious. Scour your local stationery store or car boot sales for inspiration.

Wedding Post Box Card Idea File Samantha Ward Photography Photo: Samantha Ward Photography

How Do You Collect Wedding Cards On The Day?

To collect wedding cards, the best way to do so is to create a card table or post box. That way guests know exactly where to leave their cards or gifts and they can be kept safe.

How Do You Display A Card Box At A Wedding?

The best way to display a wedding card box is to give it a table! You can pop your post box alongside other similar details such as your guest book. Be sure to place your wedding post box table in a visible location so guests can spot it. Keep the table area with plenty of space for guests to walk around it.

Do consider keeping your card or gift table in a safe, secure place where your venue or a loved one can keep an eye on it. It’s best to keep it further back from the exit if you have high-value items and the general public is able to access the table. You could also ask someone to take away cards and gifts at intervals to store them securely during the day/evening festivities.

It’s also a good idea to think about possible damage from drinks, so it may be useful to keep cards and gifts away from the bar area.

Do You Need A Wedding Card Box?

There are no rules when it comes to wedding planning. You definitely do not need a wedding card box. If you aren’t expecting cards and gifts or have asked not to have them, feel free not to have one.

It is an important thought to think about where guests will put cards and gifts if you don’t provide a box or table. Will they hand them to you directly, and will you have somewhere to put them? Perhaps you won’t want to be sorting this during the dancefloor action or in the middle of your drinks reception.

The great thing about a wedding post box is it’s pretty much self-service.

What Can You Do With A Wedding Card Box After The Day?

If you don’t hire your wedding card box from a wedding decor hire company, then it’s a great idea to consider it’s future home. Here are some ideas on what to do with your box after the wedding:

  • Sell it to another couple.
  • Give it away to someone you know getting married.
  • Reuse it in your home/garden as storage.
  • Display it in your home/garden as decor.

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This feature was originally written by intern Anna and has since been updated by Lou to ensure it’s full of fresh ideas and content to inspire your day.